It’s Time to Plan a Pool for Summer

It's Time to Plan a Pool for Summer

This post was most recently updated on May 17th, 2023

As summer draws near, it’s the best time to prepare your pool for the festive minute. Unfortunately, waiting for the last-minute rush often results in a shoddy job with lots of makeshift installations. For instance, you might need more time to balance pool chemicals, and the water could irritate swimmers’ eyes and skin.

If you want to save yourself from such embarrassment, here are valuable tips for planning a pool for summer

Gather the Right Equipment

Gathering the right equipment is the first step to preparing your Pool Fencing Gold Coast. You might have the best ideas but need the proper equipment to execute them. 

You’ll need a water test kit, brushes, and a vacuum to keep the pool clean and functional. 

Clean without Draining the Water

Experts recommend against emptying your pool before cleaning, especially if it sits on a high water table. Draining the pool during the wet months when the table is closest to the surface can cause the structure to lift off the ground. If you want to avoid incurring reconstruction costs, leave the water to anchor the pool.

Start cleaning by sweeping the deck. Then, remove the pool cover and use skim leaves and other floating debris. 

After removing leaves, turn on the vacuum to suck dirt from the walls and floor. Use baking soda and a soft-bristled brush to remove stubborn stains. 

Check the Technical Equipment 

Once the water is clean, shift focus to the technical equipment. These include the filter, pump, and heater.

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Begin with a backwash of the pool filter. The recommended frequency for filter inspection is once weekly to prevent clogging. When backwashing, switch off the pump and set it to the ‘waste’ option. 

Rinse the filter and turn on the pump to confirm its working condition. The filter and pump are functional if the water flows freely for at least an hour. 

Lastly, turn on the heater. If the water gets warm, it’s good. Otherwise, you’ll need to call a technician.

Test and Balance the Pool Water

Next, you’ll need to evaluate the chemical composition of the pool water. Maintaining the right balance is crucial to making your pool comfortable for swimmers. For instance, too much chlorine causes eye reddening and skin irritation. On the other hand, excessive alkalinity turns the water foamy. 

You’ll need a reliable test kit to check the water’s chemical balance. Typical evaluation kits include test strips, liquid reagents, and digitised testers. 

Disinfect Using Salt Electrolysis

Salt electrolysis is an improvement of chlorine-based disinfection, which has risks like eye and skin irritation. An electrode splits salt into sodium and chlorine ions, where sodium binds the water while chlorine disinfects it. Once you remove the electrode, the chlorine ions react with sodium ions to re-form salt. 

Besides mitigating the effects of chlorine, salt electrolysis saves money because you can reuse the salt as much as you want. 

Conduct a Comprehensive Safety Check

Safety is the most crucial element to every pool owner. Having the right safety features reduces the risk of accidents from unauthorised pool usage.

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Ensure the pool drains have safety-compliant covers. Next, install a four-foot-high fence with a self-closing gate around the pool. Lastly, add security lights around the pool to make it usable after sunset.

Wrapping Up

One of the best summer experiences is taking a dip to cool yourself on hot afternoons. It’s relaxing and exciting. However, preparing your pool for use at least a month before the season would be best. Then, use the tips mentioned above to get your backyard oasis in pristine condition and all set to host a poolside party for the ages. 

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