Top 10 K-dramas of 2023

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Enter the enchanting world of Korean dramas, where captivating stories unfold. South Korea’s entertainment industry has garnered international acclaim, fueled by the far-reaching influence of K-pop, Korean movies, and television series. Embracing the term “Korean drama” or Kdrama, these fictional TV shows originate from South Korea and offer an eclectic mix of subjects and genres, ranging from heartwarming romance and thrilling sci-fi to spine-chilling horror and beyond. Top 10 K-dramas of 2023. K-dramas.

Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing narratives that await you in this fascinating realm of entertainment. Drawing inspiration from webcomics, a narrative form akin to comics with roots in South Korea, many of these series boast imaginative storytelling, further adding to their allure.

The storylines of Korean dramas often feature unconventional and imaginative premises, which contribute to their unique appeal. Embracing the extraordinary and unexpected aspects is essential to fully enjoy the experience as you delve into their enthralling narratives. In this article, we will see the list of Top 10 K-dramas.

Top 10 K-dramas:


Oasis Korean Drama p1

_image source: asianwiki

Oasis, a captivating Korean drama, unfolds in the backdrop of South Korea during the 1980s and 1990s, a period marked by significant political unrest. The show centres around the intertwined lives of Lee Du-hak (Jang) and Choi Cheol-woong (Choo), who were once close childhood friends but have now become rivals.

While Du-hak comes from a humble background, he’s taught not to overshadow the wealthy Cheol-wrong. Initially, Cheol-Woong is fine with his friend’s achievements, but soon a fierce competition emerges between them. Amidst the turmoil, Lee finds himself falling for Oh Jung-shin (Seol), a new transfer student, only to face further complications when Cheol-woong also develops feelings for her. It is one of the best K-dramas.

  • Release date: 6 March 2023
  • Directed by: Han Hee
  • Cast: Jang Dong-yoon, Seol In-a, Choo Yeong-woo, Do Sang-woo, Seunghee
  • IMDb rating: 8.7

The Glory, Part 2:

The Glory Part 2 mp1

_image source : asianwiki.

“The Glory” is an absorbing psychological thriller that made its much-anticipated debut on Netflix in 2022. This mesmerizing series delves into the life of a tenacious woman who confronted relentless bullying throughout her school years, resulting in lasting imprints on her mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

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Enduring years of anguish and torment, she now meticulously crafts a vengeful scheme to confront and hold accountable those who were responsible for her excruciating past. Seamlessly continuing the gripping narrative from its predecessor, the second instalment of this show delves even deeper into the enigmatic and dramatic themes, making it an absolute must-see for enthusiasts of immersive psychological thrillers.

  • Release date: 10 March 2023
  • Directed by: Ahn Gil Ho
  • Cast: Song Hye-Kyo, Lim Ji-Yeon, Lee Do-hyun
  • IMDb rating: 8.1

Crash Course in Romance:

Crash Course in Romance

_image source: Wikipedia

Nam Haeng-Sun (Jeon), once a prominent national-level athlete, now gracefully juggles motherhood and running a thriving side-dish store. Her vibrant energy and optimistic aura light up every room she enters. Driven by the desire to ensure her daughter’s academic success, she ventures into the private education sector.

In stark contrast stands Choi Chi-yeol (Jung), hailed as the most renowned and favoured instructor in the education domain. Despite his widespread popularity and reputation, he occasionally displays arrogance towards both his students and colleagues. It is one of the top K-dramas.

  • Release date: 14 January
  • Directed by: Yoo Jae-Won
  • Cast: Jeon Do-yeon, Jung Kyung-ho
  • IMDb rating: 7.9

Love To Hate You:

Love to Hate You poster

_image source: Wikipedia

Yeo Mi-ran (Kim) is a highly skilled and ambitious legal professional working at the prominent Gilmu Law Firm, renowned for handling cases in the nation’s entertainment industry. Her focus is entirely on her career, with no inclination towards pursuing romantic involvements.

Similarly, Nam Gang-Ho (Yoo), a charismatic and widely adored actor, shares a similar viewpoint regarding love and harbours reservations about trusting women. As their paths intertwine and they develop a closer bond, how might their respective beliefs evolve?

  • Release Date: 10 February
  • Directed by: Kim Jeong-Kwon and Choi Soo-young
  • Cast: Kim Ok-vin, Yoo Teo, Kim Ji-hun, Go Won-hee
  • IMDb rating: 7.9

Divorce Attorney Shin:

Sacred Divorce

_image source: Wikipedia

Divorce Attorney Shin draws its inspiration from the webcomic “Shinsunghan, Yihon” (2019) created by Kang Tae-kyung. The story revolves around Shin Sung-Han (Cho), a music professor based at a German university.

However, upon returning to South Korea, he becomes a proficient divorce lawyer, dedicated to assisting quirky clients in their pursuit of justice. The mystery of his return to Korea and the underlying motives behind his transformation adds an intriguing element that makes this series a captivating watch. It is one of the most amazing K-dramas.

  • Release date: 4 March
  • Directed by: Lee Jae-hoon
  • Cast: Cho Seung-woo, Han Hye-jin, Kim Sung-kyun, Jung Moon-sung
  • IMDb rating: 7.6
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Call It Love:

Call It Love poster

_image source: Wikipedia

Call It Love, another beloved K-drama from 2023, centres around the vulnerable Sim Woo-joo (Lee) who finds herself evicted from her home by her father’s mistress following his passing.

Determined to seek justice, Sim seeks out Han Dong-jin (Kim), the son of her father’s former mistress. Han, a dedicated workaholic, leads a solitary life. When their paths intersect, life takes an unforeseen and transformative journey for both of them.

  • Release date: 22 February
  • Directed by: Lee Kwang-young
  • Cast: Harrison Xu, Kim Young-kwang and Lee Sung-kyoung
  • IMDb rating: 8.2


Agency TV series

_image source: Wikipedia

Go A-in (Lee) puts in a relentless effort to achieve her dream of becoming the first female executive in her advertising agency. This captivating office drama delves into the intricacies of office politics, showcasing various facets of corporate life.

As one of the top K-dramas of 2023, it skillfully portrays Go A-in’s colleagues and her modest upbringing, serving as a significant backdrop that highlights her remarkable journey in ascending the corporate hierarchy.

  • Release date: 7 January
  • Directed by: Lee Chang-min
  • Cast: Lee Bo-young, Jo Sung-ha, Son Na-Eun, Han Jun-woo, Jeon Hye-jin
  • IMDb rating: 8

Pandora: Beneath The Paradise:

2wr6v7 4f

_image source : mydramalist

Hong Tae-ra (Lee) enjoys a joyful and fulfilling life alongside her caring husband, Pyo Jae-hyun (Lee Sang-Yoon), and their young daughter. Despite the apparent harmony, Tae-ra’s past remains a mystery, until unsettling memories resurface one day.

Now, driven by the recollection of distressing events, she embarks on a journey to become Korea’s first lady, determined to shield her family and seek retribution against those accountable for the hardships of her past.

  • Release date: 11 March
  • Directed by: Choi Hyeong-Hun
  • Cast: Lee Ji-ah, Lee Sang-yoon, Jang Hee-jin, Park Ki-woong, Bong Tae-gyu
  • IMDb rating: 8.1

Delivery Man:

Delivery Man Korean Drama p2

_image source: asianwiki.

With a delightful blend of comedy, romance, and fantasy, this 2023 Genie TV original K-drama adds a unique twist to the genre. The story revolves around Seo Young-min (Yoon), a young and ordinary taxi driver, gifted with the extraordinary ability to see and communicate with ghosts. Destiny takes a curious turn as he starts ferrying ghost passengers, helping them fulfil their lingering desires.

During one such ride, he encounters Kang Ji-Hyun (Bang), a female ghost with no recollection of her past life. Intriguingly, she finds herself unable to leave the taxi, leading her to join Seo in his mission of granting wishes. Together, they embark on an adventure, even chasing down a serial killer in their pursuit to unravel the mysterious events surrounding them.

  • Release date: 1 March
  • Directed by: Kang Sol and Park Dae-hee
  • Cast: Yoon Chan-young, Bang Min-ah, Kim Min-suk
  • IMDb rating: 8
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Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938:

Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938

_image source: Wikipedia

Two years ago, Tale of the Nine-Tailed made its debut on television, eliciting mixed reactions from viewers. In 1938, the story follows Lee Yeon (Lee Dong-Wook), an immortal nine-tailed fox, also known as a gumiho, who finds himself thrust back into the midst of the drama, now set in the titular year of 1938.

Here, he becomes entangled in a complex tapestry of human politics, spiritual realm laws, and the tensions between Japanese officials and Korea during a tumultuous era of imperialism and colonization. 1938 ventures boldly into fantasy, melodrama, horror, comedy, and profound contemplations about humanity, effectively redeeming any shortcomings of its predecessor. It is one of the most amazing K-dramas.

  • First episode date: 6 May 2023
  • Directed by: : Kang Shin-hyo; Jo Nam-hyung.
  • Cast: Lee Dong-Wook, Kim So-Yeon, Kim Bum, Ryu Kyung-soo.
  • IMDb rating: 7.9


Which is the longest K drama?

  • Taejo Wang Geon.

Who is the most popular KDrama star?

  • Lee Byung-hun.

Which is the shortest K-drama to watch?

  • Romance Written Differently. Episodes: 8. 
  • Squid Game. Episodes: 9. 
  • Kissable Lips. Episodes: 8. 
  • Nevertheless. Episodes: 10. 
  • Sweet Home. Episodes: 10. 
  • My Name. Episodes: 8. 
  • Tracer. Episodes: 8.

Who is the cutest kdrama actor?

  • Lee Min Ho. 
  • Song Joong Ki. 
  • Gong Yoo. 
  • Ji Chang Wook. 
  • Kim Soo Hyun. 
  • Park Seo Joon. 
  • Kim Seon Ho.

Which kdrama is trending now 2023?

  • Oasis 
  • Call It Love.
  • Pandora: Beneath The Paradise.
  • The Glory.
  • Delivery Man.
  • Crash Course In Romance.
  • Love To Hate You.
  • Divorce Attorney Shin.

When was K drama first made?

  • May 1956.

What are the disadvantages of Korean drama?

  • Addictive. 
  • Language Barrier. 
  • Illusions. 
  • Cliche. 
  • Same storyline. 
  • Character developments.

Which Korean actor has the most fans?

  • Cha EunWoo – 37.6 million.


From imaginative fantasies to heartwarming romances, these dramas showcased the brilliance of Korean storytelling, affirming K-drama’s global popularity and its ability to touch hearts and minds beyond borders. As viewers eagerly anticipate what the future holds, the legacy of these exceptional K-dramas of 2023 will continue to shine bright in the annals of television history.

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