Licensed Public Adjuster Michigan | Loss Adjuster

Public Adjuster Michigan is an experienced and known Public Adjuster firm for help with insurance claim services for residential and commercial property holders. We are a professional firm dealing with insurance claims on behalf of the policyholders. Our services could be availed in many areas of Michigan.

Among the services that we provide include hail damage, water damage, lightning damage, mold damage, wind damage, roof damage, and fire damage. Wind and hail are the most frequent types of damage that affect the properties of people in the state of Michigan. Other frequent damage incidents that occur include fire and lightning damage. Every year, there are millions of dollars’ worth of property damage recorded.

The incidence of damage to the property is extremely worrisome for the property owners. Not only their property is damaged but also their lives are disturbed. The people living or working under the property might have to move out depending on the severity of the damage.

It is essential that the property owners understand the insurance policy before filing any insurance claim for damage. The state has provided rights to the insured and proper knowledge about them could save you from a lot of problems that could arise otherwise.

The insurance company sends an adjuster to your property when there is an incident that results in damage to the property. The adjuster hired by the insurance company works for the best interests of the company and will present the terms and conditions that best suit the company and are beneficial for them. In such circumstances, it is important for the property owners to have a professional Public Adjuster by their side that could help them with the precise estimation of the damage. Moreover, they will guide and assist you throughout the process of insurance claim from the beginning to the end.

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The devastated property either due to natural calamity or some accident makes the situation worse for the property owners. Without any prior knowledge or experience of the insurance claim, they might end up having a rejected or underpaid insurance claim settlement. Public Adjuster Michigan will help the property owners by taking care of all the matters related to the insurance claim so that their stress is reduced.  

Our team will quickly navigate the damage and meticulously document it. Sometimes there is hidden damage that might get ignored but our experienced team has knowledge about the possibilities of hidden as well as possible further damages.

After documenting the damage and comprehensively going through the insurance policy to understand the terms and conditions, we will prepare the paperwork and file an insurance claim

We will negotiate with the adjuster that represents the insurance company and get the best possible outcome for you as your representative. We will get the maximum settlement claim amount for you.

Our priority is to always provide our best service whether the settlement claim amount is big or small. Our policy is to serve all the clients with equal attention and importance. We believe in the strengthening of relationships with our clients, empathy, continuous feedback to and from the clients, and transparency. We the success of cases we previously handled to our team that worked their best for every single case until they won the best interest of the client. Contact us for a hassle-free insurance claim for your property damage.