Top 10 Longest Six in Cricket History

Longest Six in Cricket History
Longest Six in Cricket History
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In the electrifying world of cricket, where bat meets ball and moments of glory unfold, there exists a category of shots that transcends boundaries – the mighty six. These are not your ordinary sixes; these are colossal hits that defy the laws of physics and leave spectators in awe. Top 10 Longest Six in Cricket History. Longest Six in Cricket History.

Let’s embark on a journey to discover the Top 10 Longest Six in Cricket History, where the boundary becomes a mere suggestion, and the ball soars into the realms of sporting legend.

Here are the Top 10 Longest Six in Cricket History:

Shahid Afridi | 153m six vs South Africa, 2013:

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Shahid Afridi‘s name consistently features in top-tier lists, and it’s hardly surprising given that he holds the record for the longest six in international cricket. The six he smashed off Ryan McLaren stands out as one of the most iconic moments in cricket history, primarily for the staggering distance it covered.

While some debate the actual distance, Shahid Afridi undeniably recorded a six that soared an impressive 153 meters in Johannesburg. This remarkable feat occurred when McLaren delivered a length ball in the 35th over of the run chase, and Afridi ruthlessly launched it out of the Wanderers, securing the title of the biggest six in the entire match.

Brett Lee | 130m six vs West Indies, 2005:

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In the array of impressive sixes highlighted in this list, few are as warmly recalled as Brett Lee‘s colossal strike against West Indies—an unexpected source of power. Playing at the Gabba, Lee contributed 47 runs for the home team in this particular game, but it’s his singular six in this innings that remains etched in memory.

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Darren Powell pitched a well-placed length delivery, providing the perfect opportunity for the Australian speedster to unleash his swing, sending the ball soaring many miles away. This remarkable hit is acknowledged as the largest six ever recorded at the Gabba, one of the most expansive grounds globally, and stands as the biggest six in Test cricket history.

Martin Guptill | 127m six vs South Africa, 2012:

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A familiar presence in this compilation, New Zealand opener Martin Guptill has consistently captivated cricket enthusiasts with his remarkable power-hitting prowess. One standout moment occurred in 2012 when he unleashed what might be deemed the most significant six of his career against Lonwabo Tsotsobe during a T20I clash against South Africa.

Guptill fiercely smashed the ball over the mid-wicket boundary, propelling it with such force that it struck the roof of the stand before gracefully descending back to the ground. This colossal hit stands as one of the largest six ever recorded in Test matches.

Liam Livingstone | 122m six vs Pakistan, 2021:


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Liam Livingstone, a highly esteemed cricketer in England’s shorter formats, has consistently showcased his exceptional skills. In the 2nd T20I against Pakistan at Headingley,2021, Livingstone left a lasting impression by smashing a colossal six, measuring an impressive 122 meters, off Haris Rauf—an extraordinary feat that saw the ball soaring out of the stadium.

During the 16th over of the first innings, Rauf delivered a full-paced delivery, and Livingstone, quick to capitalize, unleashed his mighty power, sending the ball thundering down the ground. The impact was so substantial that it’s believed the ball landed on the Rugby pitch, well beyond the newly built Emerald Stand.

Corey Anderson | 122m vs India, 2014:

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Corey Anderson‘s remarkable performances during his peak in 2014 are etched in the memory of every cricket fan. In the midst of his incredible form, he briefly held the record for the fastest ODI century. One iconic moment occurred during the 1st ODI against India in 2014 when Anderson marked his place in cricket history with one of the most massive sixes.

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Mohammed Shami delivered a good length ball, providing Corey Anderson with the perfect opportunity for a full swing.

The result was a colossal hit that sent the ball soaring way beyond the confines of the Napier Cricket Ground. Anderson’s explosive innings of 40-ball 68 significantly contributed to his team’s victory by 24 runs in that memorable game.

Mark Waugh | 120m vs New Zealand, 1997:

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Mark Waugh, often overshadowed by his brother, stands as one of the most underrated cricketers in the formidable Australian team. Despite lingering in the shadows, he consistently delivered memorable exploits.

In a notable moment during New Zealand’s 1997 tour of Australia, Mark Waugh took on Daniel Vettori. Boldly striding down the track, he unleashed a mighty shot that traveled an impressive 120 meters down the ground at the WACA. This impactful performance played a role in Australia’s victory in that Test match, securing a win by an innings and 70 runs.

Yuvraj Singh | 119m vs Australia, 2007:


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Yuvraj Singh recognized as one of cricket’s most gifted stroke masters, left an indelible mark with his explosive innings of 70 in 30 deliveries against Australia during the ICC T20 World Cup 2007. Yuvraj initiated his onslaught with an iconic flick, solidifying his position in the record books for hitting the biggest six by an Indian batter.

Facing a delivery from Brett Lee, clocking in at over 90 miles an hour, the left-handed maestro effortlessly flicked the ball over square leg, sending it sailing for an astounding 119 meters. His spectacular innings played a pivotal role in guiding the Indian team to a remarkable victory, propelling them to the final.

MS Dhoni | 118m six vs New Zealand, 2009:


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Mahendra Singh Dhoni, recognized as one of ODI cricket’s most exceptional finishers, holds the second-highest number of international sixes among Indian cricketers. In a notable display during the third ODI of India’s tour to New Zealand in 2009, the Indian skipper unleashed a colossal 118m six in the 44th over.

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Executing a stellar short-arm jab, Dhoni sent the ball soaring over the boundary. This moment marked yet another occasion in his illustrious career where the World Cup-winning captain left spectators in awe, dropping plenty of jaws with his extraordinary batting prowess.

Chris Gayle | 116m six vs India, 2010:

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Few in the cricketing realm have wielded a more potent bat than Chris Gayle. The erstwhile West Indies skipper not only clinches the world record for the highest number of sixes but has also unleashed some of the most prodigious sixes witnessed in the sport.

In a gripping ICC T20 World Cup group stage clash against India, Chris Gayle showcased his colossal hitting ability by dispatching Yusuf Pathan for an impressive 116m six. With a ruthless strike over long-on, he propelled the ball out of the park at the Kensington Oval, etching another monumental moment in his remarkable career.

Ijaz Ahmed | 115m six vs India, 1999:


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Ijaz Ahmed, a retired Pakistani cricketer, surprised many by delivering one of the longest sixes in a match at Mohali, even in a scenario that didn’t demand a tense chase.

He smashed Virender Sehwag for an impressive 115m six, conquering the vast expanse of one of the largest grounds in India. The visitors asserted their dominance throughout the game, causing havoc for the Indian bowlers, and secured a memorable victory that played a crucial role in Pakistan’s pursuit of the Pepsi Cup.


Who hit the longest six in cricket history?

  • Shahid Afridi.

Who is the sixth king in cricket history?

  • Rohit Sharma.

What is the longest six in the IPL?

  • Albie Morkel – 125 meters

Who hit the first six in cricket history?

  • Australian batsman Joe Darling in 1898.

Who hit the longest six in cricket history from India?

  • Yuvraj Singh

Who hit 5 six in an over in the IPL?

  • Christopher Henry Gayle

Which Indian batsman hit the first 6?

  • Ravi Shastri.

Who hit the most sixes in the ODI in India?

  • Rohit Sharma.


  • In the world of cricket, where records tumble and legends are made, these colossal sixes stand as a testament to the raw power, skill, and entertainment that the sport offers. As we relive these moments, we celebrate the players who dared to defy gravity and sent the cricket ball on a journey of epic proportions, etching their names in the illustrious history of the game.

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