Mamdoh Bastorous shares Keys to Building Business Relationships

Mamdoh Bastorous
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Growing a company begins with forming real connections. Your aim should be to connect with your clients, vendors, or other business leaders on a deeper level. But, how can you show the people you do business with that you genuinely care?

Building authentic business relationships starts with recognizing the importance of viewing everyone as a person with their desires, motives, and interests. After this, you can use the following seven techniques provided by Mamdoh Bastorous for creating genuine business relationships. 

1. Start with the Right People

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The first step to building your business is finding the right people. You need to hire people who are passionate about what they do. These people should be able to show you their passion through actions rather than just words. Remember that you can not force someone into doing something; you have to build relationships with them. Try to understand where they are coming from by listening to what they say. Once you know each other, then you can start working together.

2. Be Honest and Transparent

When we are honest with ourselves, we can begin to understand our shortcomings and strengths. Honesty helps us to build trust and respect with others. When you want to share information, ask permission first. People like to know what you are thinking and feeling. They want to hear from you. It shows respect. When we are dishonest, we tend to hurt people and cause them to lose confidence in us. It leads to distrust and causes loss of customers.

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3. Create Value for Others

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People are the most valuable asset in a business. They help us make decisions, provide ideas, create opportunities, and bring value to our organisations. We must understand the different types of relationships we have with other people. A healthy relationship requires trust, says Mamdoh Bastorous. To develop relationships that positively affect our businesses, we must take time to build relationships at the individual level. One way to form relationships is to get to know each other’s personalities and values. Building relationships is much easier if we treat people like human beings rather than objects.

4. Deliver Value

A business should deliver value to its customers to win their loyalty and trust. A business can achieve this by providing a product that meets customer needs, offering quality service, and delivering superior products at fair prices. Every company has different ways to provide value, but they are usually consistent and recognizable. A great way to start building relationships with your clients is to understand what they need and then deliver value through your products and services.

5. Show Respect

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The biggest mistake people make when trying to build relationships is being too direct or aggressive about their attempts at communication. Instead, be friendly and polite. If you are rude, you may come off as arrogant and unapproachable. And you do not want to do that. If you want your employees to do their best job for you, then they need to know that you appreciate what they are doing. If you do not respect them for their hard work, they will feel unappreciated. It can change their attitude towards your company.

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6. Listen To Feedback

We should always listen to feedback from others. If someone tells us something that makes sense, we should consider how it could benefit us. Listen to other people, ask questions, and let them talk. Give them time to express themselves. It gives them a sense of importance and helps build relationships. If someone says something that makes no sense, we should ask questions to see what they mean. They may even offer some advice on where to begin and how to proceed. According to Mr. Bastorous, we can avoid making mistakes and learn from past experiences because of feedback.

7. Don’t Take Things Personally

It is easy to get upset when things do not go your way. However, if we try to take everything personally, we may hurt people. Instead, we should focus on the positive aspects of life and not let negative thoughts affect us.

Be willing to reciprocate. Remember that all relationships are 50-50. If you can not be there for someone, who has been there for you when you needed them, that person will be less likely to help you out if you need it in the future.


It’s not just about the rewards. According to  Mamdoh Bastorous, Don’t be so focused on the end outcome that you forget that not every relationship will benefit you. And that’s perfectly fine. You have friends who will not assist you in shifting, yet you still consider them friends. Similarly, your company connections may or may not generate revenue or traffic.

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Do you have any tips or something that you use to build better relationships? If you have any, please drop them in the comments section below for us to see.

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