Manufacturer Part Number Meanings

You might be looking for a specific part number to help you with your product development. But what if there were other meanings associated with that part number? What could be the potential implications of using a particular part number in your product? This article will take a look at the MPN meaning and provide you with an understanding of how they can benefit your product development process.

The part number refers to the component or device that is being manufactured by the company. This can be handy when looking up information about a specific product or component.

For example, let’s say you’re looking for a power cord for your computer. The part number for this would be “PCI-Express 3 0 08”. This would identify the component in question as a power cord.

How to Find the Meanings of the Manufacturer Part Number

There are many ways to find the meaning of a manufacturer’s part number. One way is to use an online tool like Google Search or Google Earth. You can also look up manufacturer part numbers in various manuals and guides related to your product or Component.

What are the Some Common Meanings of the Manufacturer Part Number?

Some common meanings of a manufacturer part number include:

  • The name of the company that made the component
  • The type of the component (device, computer, appliance)
  • The year that the component was made (or when it was first introduced)
  • The type of material that the component is made of
  • The dimensions of the component (width, height, depth)
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Identifying the Manufacturer Part Number

Manufacturer part numbers can be found starting with the letters A through Z. The letters are followed by a number, which is how many digits you will see in that number. For example, the part number for an Apple computer might be AAPL-1.

The start/end of the number can also be found by looking at the first letter of each word in the part number. For example, if you were to look for “A” in “AAPL-1,” you would find that it starts with “A.”

For parts with specific terms, such as “CPUs,” it is helpful to use a dictionary to understand what each term means. For instance, when looking for “CPUs,” one could look up definitions like architecture, core count, cache size, and more.

Additionally, manufacturers often include special symbols within their part numbers that can help identify the type of CPU being used. For example, an Apple Part Number might have a “+” next to it indicating that this particular CPU is meant for use on Apple products.

Manufacturer Part Numbers usually have a start/end number, and can also have specific terms associated with them. For example, the model number might be referred to as a “main” number, while the part number for a specific type of appliance might be called an “upper” or “lower” number. In addition, the symbol used to identify a particular Manufacturer’s Part Number can vary depending on the product.


Manufacturer part numbers can be a valuable tool for identifying specific parts in your product. However, it’s important to pay attention to the meaning of the number and use a dictionary or other sources to find the meanings. Once you know the meanings of the manufacturer part numbers, you can easily find them on online shopping websites or in product descriptions.

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