Top 10 Manufacturing Companies in Chennai

Manufacturing Companies in Chennai
Manufacturing Companies in Chennai
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Manufacturing is one of the central enterprises; everything being equal, each organization needs some foundation, instruments, hardware, PCs, and so forth. We want to fabricate those things, like this most effective the manufacturing industry made up. Here We are going to list Top 10 Manufacturing Companies in Chennai.

List of Top Manufacturing Companies in Chennai:

Syrma Technologies :


Syrma the organization gives OEMs a proactive association experience, offering current EMS capacities, sponsored by a 40-year tradition of inventive hardware greatness by Tandon Group organizations. The organization work in high-blend, adaptable volume accuracy fabricating, just as planning custom RFID arrangements (labels, perusers, and programming).Syrma

The organization has consolidated an absolute of 120,000 sq ft for two offices in Chennai. The organization fulfilled worldwide OEM guidelines for quite a long time, including plate drives, memory modules, power supplies, and so forth. Inside the last decade, the organization gave configuration, assembling, and transportation to the market of more than 200 million item units worldwide.

SRS Lungi Company :

Srs Lungi

SREE RAJAGANAPATHY STORES (SRS) was set up in 1975 by a Visionary Entrepreneur, P.S.K.SUBRAMANIYAN. At first, The organization began to exchange the Lungies for the necessities of the Tamilnadu Customers.

Later, The organization began creation and extended creation across Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. The organization additionally products to Sri Lanka, UAE, and Saudi Arabia for Market Expansion. Today the organization has moved into more material assortments like Dothies, Towels, 3/4ths, Bermudas, Inner Wears circulation, Nighties, Kerchiefs, Shirts and many related material things.

With 30 years of experience, having a long-standing foundation, and more than 3000 sellers spread across India.

Madras Engineering Industries Ltd. (MEI) :


Madras Engineering Industries Ltd. (MEI) has been producing an assortment of parts for the homegrown just as worldwide car industry for over fifty years. MEI started producing manual leeway agents for air-powered brake frameworks for light, medium and weighty business vehicles in 1982, a move that has empowered it to arise as the world’s second-biggest leeway agent producer.

MEI led the improvement of Self Setting Automatic Slack Adjusters for Export similarly as Domestic business areas beginning 2002. When Auto Brake Adjustment was made compulsory in India in 2007, MEI was prepared with the item to suit each Indian Commercial Vehicle.

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Velmurugan Industires (VMI) :


Velmurugan Industries (VMI) and Velmurugan Heavy Engineering Industries Private Limited (VHEI) have a place with the Heavy Engineering Sector in Tamilnadu, India and are settlers assembling Thermal Boiler Components.

The Company was framed in 1979 and had 29 years of reformist development and administration to Nation. The organization is occupied with assembling Boiler Components, Plastic Molding Machine parts like Base Assemblies, Earth Moving Equipment Components, Diesel Storage Tank, Wind Turbine Assembly Components, Oil Cooler and comparable general Fabrication. The assembling exercises include in-house Engineering Fabrication, Welding and Machining.

Universal Engineers :

Universal Engineer

UNIVERSAL ENGINEERS CHENNAI PVT.LIMITED is an ISO 9001: 2008 confirmed organization and one of the main Organizations in the field of Design, Development and Fabrication of different items and hardware catering to the Integral Coach factory, Indian Railways, Biotech, Pharma, Petrochemical & Oil industries.

The organization is knowledgeable about a wide scope of item creation from Mild Steel to valuable metals like Aluminum, Stainless prepares, and so on, ranging from simple fabrication to Pressure vessels and Bioreactors.

Roots Industries India Limited (RIL) :


Roots Industries India Limited (RIL), set up in 1970, is the lead organization of the Roots Group and its items discover the pride of spot in a portion of the world’s most regarded vehicle brands. RIL has an undeniable assembling office in India, Malaysia, Russia and has workplaces in essential areas worldwide.

The organization produces a wide scope of Electric Horns, reinforcement alert and electronic horns with multi-practical capacities for traveller vehicles, rough terrain vehicles and material taking care of the hardware. Therefore, it has added to its item contributions with halogen bulbs, circle brake cushions, brake shoes, grip plates, batteries, and converse sensors.

RIL set up a High Precision Engineering Division (HPED) in 2005 to produce Highly Critical Parts, Sub Assemblies and High-Level Assemblies for the Medical, Aerospace, Flow Control, Automobile and Other Engineering Industries.

RIL set up ROOTS METROLOGY and got licensed by NABL in 2005. It likewise addresses the Group’s alignment necessities and opened up branches in Chennai and Bangalore. Notwithstanding alignment, different administrations delivered by the metrology division are Third Party investigation and Training and Development.

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RIL set up a piece of business furniture producing division, ROOTS SYONA in 2013 to fabricate ergonomically planned furnishings’. Syona has more than 5 models of business seats and will disclose other furniture items in a staged way.

Eastman Exports :


Eastman Exports is one of the biggest driving Apparel producers and Clothing makers in Tirupur, India. We are among the most liked and believed Knitwear Manufacturers in India occupied with assembling, providing and sending out a wide scope of Knitted Fabrics to our customers across the globe for over ten years.

Eastman sends out show completely incorporated knitwear arrangement beginning from yarning, turning, weaving, colouring, completing, weaving, printing and garmenting.

Lakshmi Technology and Engineering Industries (LTE) :


Lakshmi Technology and Engineering Diligence (LTE) (A Division of Chakradhara Aerospace and Cargo Private Limited) was joined in 1968 and wandered into Aerospace assiduity in 2004.

LTE has been advanced by the advertisers of Lakshmi Machine Works Limited, a different business bunch positioned in South India and having interests in Textile Machinery, Machine Tools, Foundry Castings and Aerospace corridor.

The association is enthralled with assembling delicacy corridor, acknowledgement of subassemblies and congregations, coordinated creation of subsystems and abecedarian fabrics for Aerospace, and another top of the line invention positioned areas.

LTE has developed as a provider of complete modules and subsystems by dominating the customer prerequisites for a different introductory corridor in high invention areas. Farther LTE practices itself in assembling introductory particulars like selectors, control faucets, detectors, and liquid control corridor.

Avalon Technologies :


Avalon is an in an upward direction incorporated assembling organization with an item range that traverses PCBA Design and Assembly, Wire Harnesses, Magnetics, Electro-Mechanical Integration (EMI), Sheet Metal Fabrication, Machining, Injection Molded Plastics, complete framework combination and item testing.

Avalon gives top tier fabricating arrangements; clients can zero in on their centre capabilities like Innovation and market entrance.

R. K. Steel Manufacturing Company Private Limited :

RK Steel

Set up in 2007 at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, we “R. K. Steel Manufacturing Company Private Limited ” are the prominent maker, distributor and exporter of ensured quality Hot Rolled Tube, Stainless Steel Tube, Black Steel Tube, Pre Galvanized Tube and generously more. Under the harsh bearing of our guide “Priyank R Bhalotia (Director)”, we have had the option to fulfil the explicit needs of our customers. Having started a little set-up, our firm is currently situated out of its production line premises in Manali New town with the corporate office situated at Kilpauk. We even have our armada of vehicles and a magnificent specialist and wholesaler organization to work with better support of our customers. Today we are one of the main makers of pre-aroused cylinders, dark cylinders and accuracy tubes with an all-out plant limit of 60,000 MT for every annum. Likewise accessible in our item range are square and rectangular empty segments and lines. Progressing from an SME to a moderate size organization was conceivable because of trendy business thinking, the soul of development, modern viewpoint and, most importantly, a client-driven methodology.

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Some Facts of Manufacturing Companies :

Manufacturing is one of the quickly developing businesses in India at present. Executive Of India, Mr Narendra Modi dispatched the ‘Make In India’ program to put India on the world guide as an assembling centre and worldwide acknowledge the Indian economy. The public authority means to make 100 million positions in the area continuously in 2022.

The manufacturing area is worth 397.14billion USD continuously of 2020, and the development will be anticipated from 1 trillion USD constantly of 2025 with the execution of Goods and Services Tax (GST) will make India a typical market with a GDP of USD 2.5trillion. The vast majority of the unfamiliar ventures are coming to India late, and because of the impact of a pandemic, homegrown assembling is expanded.


The list of top manufacturing companies in Chennai:-

Which are the Popular manufacturing companies in Chennai?

  1. Ashoka Leyland Ltd
  2. MRF Ltd
  3. TAFE
  4. Saint Gobain Pvt Ltd
  5. Indian Potash Ltd
  6. Chennai Petroleum Corp Ltd
  7. India Cement Ltd.
  8. Royal Enfield

what are the top 2 manufacturing companies?

Saic Motor, China
General Electric, Us

which city is famous for Manufacturing?

chennai is a famous city for manufacturing.

What are 5 jobs in manufacturing?

production supervisor
Junior Engineer
production Manager
Production Engineer
Advance manufacturing Engineer

what are the 10 largest manufacturing companies in World?

Volkswagen Group of America
Toyota Motor Corporation
Daimler AG
Cardinal Health
American Honda Motor Co
Ford Motor
Mitsubishi Motor North America

What is a product Manufacturing Company?

A manufacturer is any Business that produces finished Goods from raw materials.

What are the 4 types of manufacturing industry?

Casting and molding
Shearing and forming


Manufacturing is one of the quickly developing businesses in India at present. Executive Of India, Mr. Narendra Modi dispatched the ‘Make In India’ program to put India on the world guide as an assembling center and worldwide acknowledge the Indian economy

These are the Top 10 Manufacturing Companies in Chennai.

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