Michael Van Eaton Offers an Introduction to Physics Entertainment

Michael Van Eaton Offers an Introduction to Physics Entertainment
Michael Van Eaton Offers an Introduction to Physics Entertainment

Have you ever watched Bill Nye the science guy and wished you knew someone local who could hold a show like his for your school or organization?

You can because Michael Van Eaton offers up some of the most unique presentations in physics in this post. These options offer physics presentations that mix music or magic with science to teach children science. Some of these presentations target high schoolers, college students, or adults.

What Physics Entertainment Shows Cover

While each person’s show differs from the other, typically the shows cover the same topics, explains Michael Van Eaton. They do so using various means or science “magic.” These topics include:

  • states of matter,
  • Sir Isaac Newton and the theory of gravity,
  • gravity and air resistance,
  • air pressure and propulsion,
  • wings and lift and the scientific method,
  • fun with gyroscopic properties,
  • levers, fulcrums and math skills,
  • van der Graaf generator and how static electricity works,
  • head shrinking optical illusion.

Each show also varies its presentations according to the stage size and available electricity. All of the science in these presentations requires electricity but can use a portable generator.

Hagerman Magic Science Show

Magician David Hagerman offers a show scaled for various grades and travels to their location nationwide. He offers a show targeted at elementary school students or high schoolers. The performing artist also offers an all-ages show he performs during summer at a northeast amusement park.

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Foothill College Physics Show

Michael Van Eaton says that you can book an elementary school show like the one Frank Cascarano of Foothill College offers. His college lets him host groups on site, so he rarely travels with his show. It covers the basic laws of physics in a fun, exciting way.

The Fun Physics Show

The Fun Physics Show started out for kindergarten through seventh grades, but its organizers broadened it, so it now also offers an entertaining version for high school to adult audiences.

Professor Smart’s Fun with Physics Show

Also called The Let’s Go Science Show, Professor Smart’s show targets younger audiences, typically kindergarten to seventh graders. This full-scale traveling theater production travels with its own sets. It also employs a full staff, including director Steve Smith, MA, science advisor Ben Mathesein P. HD., artistic director Lizette Guy, MA, and music composed by Jeff Junkinsmith, P. HD., and Shoehorn.

The Wonders of Physics

The Wonders of Physics operates an annual show for college students and adults. Organized and performed by professors from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, The Wonders of Physics offers the public a teaching entertainment show that introduces the concepts of physics visually. The university also offers an annual Physics Fair.

Michael Van Eaton has a blog to learn more about physics entertainment and how to make science creative for both children and adults.