Modern Blue Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

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Several creative design ideas are incorporating blue kitchen cabinets. This color scheme has become a trend to watch out for.

You can stay ahead of the trend by installing blue cabinetry in your kitchen. This article reviews blue cabinetry in the kitchen and how you can enhance them for maximum aesthetic appeal.

The mood created by the blue kitchen cabinets

There are certain moods created by blue kitchen cabinets. Check out the different moods blue brings to the kitchen space as explained by psychologists.

Conservative and traditional 

Blue is not a threatening color. It is the reason why many people favor this color scheme. Therefore, you can install it to create a conservative mood in the kitchen. Read also about: kitchen renovation company in dubai

Calmness and relaxation 

Blue also sets the mind for a feeling of calmness and relaxation. Often, this color is described as tranquil and orderly.

Stability and reliability 

Blue kitchen cabinets can also help you create a feeling of stability in the kitchen because of their association with the image of peace and security.

Generally, the mood created by this color is likely to influence a positive vibe in the kitchen space. Therefore, a choice to install blue cabinetry is informed and can work well to redefine your kitchen space.

Kitchen types that work well with blue cabinetry

It is worth noting that any kitchen can be fitted with blue cabinetry. However, because of the bold nature of blue, some types of kitchen spaces are ideal.

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Large kitchen spaces 

If you have a large kitchen space, you can use blue cabinets to create a cohesive ambiance. The immense power that this color brings into play is enough to seal the ‘empty’ spaces and make the kitchen feel warm.

However, additional warm lighting will be needed to supplement the work of blue cabinetry in the kitchen space. For example, you can add a warm chandelier on top of a kitchen island to reduce the reflective power of blue.

The other alternative is to use darker shades of blue if your kitchen is too large. This is because lighter shades are likely to reflect light and make the room feel much bigger.

Nature-driven kitchens

Blue is a natural color that can work well in a kitchen space that is nature-driven. If your overriding theme is to create a natural setting in your kitchen, you can install blue kitchen cabinets to advance this goal. Think of the right shade of blue that will synchronize with the current theme of your kitchen. Ideally, sky blue is perfect for a nature-driven kitchen space.

It is equally important to note that the overall appearance is influenced by other factors such as the size and shape of your kitchen space, not just the kitchen cabinets.

Transitional kitchens

Using lighter shades of blue, you can work your way between traditional and modern kitchen approaches. It has a taste of both extremes that can befit a transitional kitchen space.

Design tips for blue kitchen cabinets

Regardless of the kitchen that you have, blue cabinetry will always do wonders in your home. Now, you can consider the following tips for your next remodeling project:

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Navy blue kitchen cabinets 

It is a bold decision to choose all-navy blue kitchen cabinets. However, it is a decision that can pay off if you plan it well.

It is a timeless idea that pairs well with several finishes. Lighter tones and metallic are the perfect pairs for navy blue kitchen cabinets.

Navy and white kitchen cabinets

Think about navy blue at the bottom with white cabinets at the top – doesn’t it look wonderful? It has a crispy look that brightens the kitchen space. It is ideal for a small kitchen space that needs to feel airy and expanded.

A great pairing for this design could be a marble countertop or a butcher block that can add some warmth to the kitchen space.

Navy and wooden cabinets 

Another creative way of creating a warm and rustic look for your kitchen is to use the dark hue of blue with wood details. The accent that you pick will depend on your preference though an ideal option would be a wood stove hood or a wooden kitchen island.

For this blue cabinetry idea, any type of wood can do the trick; however, the best ones are maple or walnut.

Navy blue cabinets and gray island 

This is a good color combination in the kitchen space. You can decide to have all-blue kitchen cabinets and create a kitchen island with a gray tone. You can also use gray on your countertops or backsplash.

Blue Island 

If your kitchen is big enough to accommodate more dark blue elements, a blue kitchen island can be a great addition to the existing blue cabinetry. Of course, there can be a color that tones down the blue island, preferably white as the surface of the kitchen island.

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Navy and black cabinets 

Black is also a great color option that can work well with navy blue cabinets. You have to use these colors keenly to get aesthetic value from them. A quick look on Pinterest can give you a visual idea of how blue and black kitchen cabinets can work in your kitchen space.

Navy blue and long cabinet pulls 

You can achieve a clean and sophisticated look in your kitchen space if you add long cabinet pulls on your blue kitchen cabinets. It is a perfect option if your kitchen has tall ceilings. The idea is to maximize the cabinetry height near the ceiling to show the vertical lines clearly.

Where to buy blue kitchen cabinets

You need to get the right seller to give you exactly what you want. Remember that there are different shades of blue that require keenness.

Guidance from an interior designer should help you settle on the right shade that will work perfectly for your kitchen space. With that info, you can check out various online platforms that sell high-quality blue kitchen cabinets to compare the options that you have.

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