Montessori Toys: 5 Ways to Make Your Own

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Have you ever wanted to try being a Montessori teacher? If so, then this article will give you the information you need to get started. From choosing the type of toys that go with your classroom to figuring out what each toy does, this article has all the tips and tricks you’ll need!

What is Montessori?

Montessori is a type of education that emphasizes hands-on learning.

2. Montessori toys are Ideal for Young Children

Montessori toys are specifically designed to help young children learn. They are perfect for infants and toddlers, as they engage the senses of touch, sound, sight and smell.

3. Making Your Own Montessori Toys is Fun and Educational

Making your own Montessori toys is a fun way to engage your child in learning. You can create toy animals, cars or houses out of building blocks or foam pieces. The possibilities are endless!

What are some things you can make with recycled materials?

There are a lot of ways to make your own Montessori toys using recycled materials. For example, you can use old clothes and fabric to create stuffed animals, dolls, or games. You can also use old newspapers to make paper airplanes or dolls. You can even use old cereal boxes to make puzzles or houses.

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The possibilities are endless! All you need are some recycled materials and a little imagination.

How to put together a simple drum toy

Montessori toys are great for teaching children about different aspects of the world. You can make your own drum toy using simple supplies and instructions. Montessori spinning drum

To make the drum toy, you will need a piece of cardboard, a dowel rod, some pennies, and a rubber band.

1) Cut the cardboard into a shape that will fit inside the penny tube.

2) Trace the circumference of the cardboard onto the penny tube with a pencil.

3) Cut out the circle with a knife or scissors.

4) Poke two holes in the top of the circle.

5) Insert the dowel rod through one hole in the top of the circle and through another hole in the penny tube.

6) Put the rubber band around both ends of the dowel rod, so it forms a loop.

7) Pull on one end of the rubber band to tighten it around the dowel rod. The drum should now be ready to play!

Types of drums you can make

You can make a drum from different types of materials, including paper, plastic, and metal. Here are some tips for making your own drum:

1. Choose a sturdy material to make your drum out of. Metal drums are the most durable, but they can be heavy.

2. Choose a size that is comfortable for you to hold and play. The size of your drum should be based on your hand size and how loud you want it to sound.

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3. Cut out the desired shape from the chosen material. If you’re using a metal drum, you may need to sand down the edges to make them smooth.

4. Assemble the pieces by attaching the edges with tape or glue. Make sure the surface of your drum is smooth before you finish assembling it.

DIY activities to do with your drum toy

When it comes to creating your own Montessori toys, there are a variety of fun and easy activities you can do at home. One great way to use your drum toy is to create your own music. You can use different beats to make different songs. Or, you could take inspiration from some of the classic songs and make your own versions.

You could also try making your own puzzles. There are a lot of different types of puzzles you can make, including jigsaw puzzles, connect-the-dots puzzles, and sliding puzzles. You could even try designing your own puzzle by mixing and matching pieces from different puzzles.

Finally, you could also try making your own toys. This includes things like play dough, blocks, and dolls. You could make them from scratch or you could take inspiration from other toys and modify them to fit your needs. If you’re feeling creative, there are a lot of fun ways to create your own Montessori toys at home!

An alternative way to build the drum

There are many ways to make your own Montessori toys. One alternative way is to build the drum using a wooden dowel and a plastic container.

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To make the drum, you will need:

-A wooden dowel, about 2 feet long

-A plastic container, such as a milk carton or a juice carton

-Paint or markers


-Ruler or measuring tape

-Glue, such as superglue or wood glue

1. Cut the ends off the wooden dowel so that it is roughly the same width as the edge of the plastic container. Glue one end of the dowel to one side of the edge of the container. Paint or marker the other end of the dowel blue.          

2. Cut a small hole in one end of the milk carton. Cut a larger hole in the opposite end of the carton. Push the end of the wooden dowel through both holes and glue it together.

3. Take the painted end of the dowel and glue it to one side of the large hole in the carton.

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