Must-have skincare products and their functions

Must-have skincare products and their functions
Must-have skincare products and their functions

Skincare is something that most of us have! But choosing the right skincare based on the type, texture, and issues on the skin creates a better impact. If you are confused about choosing the right product, then the below guide can help in choosing one. This will help in making us confident both physically and mentally.

Here are some of the products that you can check out for your daily skincare regimen:

1.    Cleanser:

The face wash is something that we all should work on in both AM and PM routines. Whenever we step out, it’s normal for the skin to absorb the dust, dirt, etc. Using any type of facewash and cleanser might do the right job in keeping your skin clean and healthy.

Only when it is clean does the skin tend not to show acne or other marks and spots. Choosing the cleanser based on the skin type would make your work easier. Oily skin – Gel-based cleanser; Dry skin – Cream cleanser; Acne Prone skin – Exfoliatin Cleanser;

If you see skin dry when you are using any type of cleanser, then go with PH based cleanser.

  • Toner:

This may seem like a fancy product or one more additional step. But there are benefits while adding them. Here is the one that you need to know! Most of us feel moisturizers would not sit well into our skincare routine.

But try using a toner, and try to apply the moisturizer when the skin is a little damp. You can feel that the skin is well-moisturized, And the best part is that they will even last for a longer period.

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3.    Moisturiser:

This is also a mandatory step that everyone should follow after using your cleanser. They are also available in cream-based and gel-based forms designed for dry and oily skin folks. It is completely a myth that oily skin people should not use moisturizer. You can use a gel-based or lightweight kind of moisturizer rather than skip the process of moisturizing your skin.

A simple that will help while using moisturizer is to use them on damp skin. Using the moisturizer while the skin is slightly damp will help in nourishing the skin and keep it hydrated way more than usual. A small amount of moisturizer goes best on the face; Also, never forget to miss your neck area too!

4.    Serum:

Looking to target any specific skincare concerns? Then serum is one of the best choices to go with.

Dry Skin  – Hyaluronic Acid Serum – One of the safest ingredients that you can opt for. If you are feeling skin dryness or white patches, then going with hyaluronic acid is the perfect choice to go with! This helps in making your dry skin way more hydrated and plumpy.

Oily Skin – Serums are not for you! Heard like this? Then don’t believe in them. There are different lightweight and water-based serums available in the market. Even if you then feel oily, then mix a drop of serum with your moisturizer, and you will not face that issue!

Salicylic Acid Serum – If you have acne and acne spots/marks, then salicylic is one of the best ingredients that you should look for. Also, if you are suffering from open pores kind of issues, then also you can prefer salicylic serum.

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Niacinamide Serum – If you are looking to cure skin concerns like signs of aging, open pores, spots, acne and its marks, and pigmentation kind of issues on the skin, then this is the right choice to go with! There are low to higher percentages of serum available. You can look for 5% niacinamide serum and gradually increase the percentage.

Vitamin C Serum  – If you are having sunburn, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone in the skin, then Vitamin C serum is one of the best choices to go with. Using a three-finger rule for sunscreen is a must while using vitamin C serum.

5.    Sunscreen:

One of the must-have products which help in protecting your skin from different kinds of skin tan or pigmentations on the skin. There are SPF20 to SPF60 sunscreen products available which help in protecting your skin accordingly. Along with the numbers, there are PA, PA+, PA++, and PA+++ types available. Each has its kind of benefit in protecting your skin from UV radiation on the skin.

There are two types of sunscreen available, namely physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen.

4.1) Physical sunscreen is also called mineral sunscreen which sits on the skin, rather than sinking deep into the skin. They create a barrier on the skin’s surface, which reflects the UV rays from the sun, preventing sun damage.

4.2) In terms of chemical sunscreen, there are active ingredients available that will be absorbed into the skin and prevent sun damage by inactivating the UV radiations through the chemical kind of reactions happening in the skin.

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6.    Eye Creams / Roll-Ons:

The under-eye area is the most sensitive part of the skin, which should be nourished and moisturized to avoid fine lines and wrinkles happening around the eyes.

 If you are someone who does not have dark circles, take some extra moisturizer on your ring finger and massage it in both circular and anti-circular motion. If you have dark circles kind of issues, then invest in a good eye cream with ingredients like caffeine, green tea, vitamin C, etc. This will help in vanishing your dark circles when used continuously by limiting your screen time.

7.    Exfoliating Serums:

This should also be there in your routine to shed away the dead skin cells in the skin. This will help in giving the skin a glow without harming the skin. Exfoliators are generally of two types – Physical and Chemical. Physical exfoliation is done through DIYs or other products like scrubs and tools.

In chemical exfoliators, there are serums that have Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids, which help in making the skin glow by shedding away dead cells. When comparing both, the chemical is one of the best choices since physical exfoliation can cause micro tears or damage the skin texture.

While choosing any of the skincare products, make sure to check the ingredients list and patch test them.

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