Nepal in trouble due to power crisis in India! Multiple industries may be closed

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Nepal is a Himalayan country in the face of power crisis. Nepal may soon cut off power supply to the country’s industrial infrastructure. Because Nepal is no longer getting adequate power supply from India, the authorities said on Thursday. At present, Nepal receives only 100 megawatts of electricity from India, while Nepal’s demand is 400 megawatts, said Pradeep Thike, deputy managing director of the Nepal Electricity Authority.

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Pradeep said, “Currently we have a shortage of 300 MW because we did not get enough power from India. India itself is facing power shortage.” Nepal faces power shortages during the dry season. On the other hand, there is a surplus of electricity in the rainy season in this small country.

This will definitely affect the power supply in three industrial corridors of Nepal, Birganj, Biratnagar and Bhairahawa. “We may have to cut off power supply to these corridors at any time,” Pradeep told PTI. This will mainly affect big industries and small industries will not have any problem, he said. “We will be able to keep the power supply for the purpose of lighting, but we will not be able to provide electricity for the operation of large machines in the industrial centers during the dry season,” he said. However, after a month and a half, when the monsoon arrives, the situation will improve and Nepal will be in a position to export electricity to India, he said.

However, he is hopeful of importing electricity from India in a few days. Bihar state authorities have indicated that they may supply additional power to Nepal in two to three days, Pradeep Thike said. Nepal has received permission from the Indian authorities to export 364 MW of electricity and if the situation improves after June 1, they will be able to export electricity to India, Pradeep said. During Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba’s recent visit to India, the two countries expressed a joint commitment to work together in the power sector.

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