New all-in-one workspace for solopreneurs and agencies

New all-in-one workspace for solopreneurs and agencies
New all-in-one workspace for solopreneurs and agencies
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xTiles is a new service that offers an all-in-one workspace for note-taking, research, planning, management and presentation project., for personal and corporate use. It encourages people to save their ideas for turning them into an effective plan of action later using various visual features and instruments. The service provides an easy-to-use and flexible environment for communication and collaboration within teams.



xTiles fits all stages of creation. From getting a mere idea to getting a finished product, xTiles guides its users through it step by step, offering versatile functionality. The service provides visual tools to develop ideas and creative impulses from scratch and work on their implementation by managing tasks and todos. 

Let’s take a closer look at how xTiles works, offering all-in-one solutions for teams and solopreneurs.

For many, note-taking is the first step of any project, idea, or task. All great ideas start from an impulse that sometimes is hard to recognize and must be considered later in different circumstances. 

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xTiles exists in mobile and desktop versions that perfectly sync together. The mobile app allows users to take notes on the run without distracting from main tasks. A user notes what just came into their head using Quick Notes on their phone and returns to it later on a laptop.

Those who think in pictures or work on visual content creation will find the ability to take their visual notes using xTiles useful. The tool has no limitations on what a user wants/needs to add to their notes (any rich content), which makes it highly versatile and flexible for many specific use cases, projects, and positions.

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Users may also use Quick Notes to save relevant pictures and have them immediately on their laptop, and Vision Board Template will help them start collecting inspiration or references for their next project without additional preparations.



The service is also a perfect digital space for gathering research results regarding an idea or relevant course of action. Allowing to mix different kinds of visual content, xTiles helps visualize and shape the idea. Grouping and organizing possibilities are wide and flexible so that the topic or specification of the research won’t limit them.

Before a person or a team can start taking an idea into reality, they need to come up with a detailed plan or at least a simple to-do list not to go astray. Brainstorming is a continuation of notes that helps to analyze and polish the intent. A user gets an idea, takes it down, and works on its development. The tool offers ready-to-use templates for brainstorming, whether a user does it solo or with teammates, to save time and concentrate solely on their idea.

Worth mentioning that the service has an impressive Template Gallery where users can find pre-made documents for different cases and occasions.

When all the important information about a project is in one place, a user has a perfect overview of the context and what is going on right now, what can or needs to be done or changed in order to reach the needed results.


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To-dos and planning can be considered a boring part of the work routine, whether we speak about working on a team or being a solopreneur. However, they keep people connected and grounded in what they need to accomplish. Usually, they are a natural continuation of notes too. That’s why it’s pretty convenient to have these two blended in one tool without the need to switch constantly between two or more other tools or applications.

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Pre-made templates will ease the planning process. The service offers a wide range of options from a classic Weekly Planner to To-Do List and Kanban board.

Task management

After an idea is developed and the plan of action is mapped out, the tool will help to manage tasks effectively. It’s suitable for different management techniques allowing one to create their own approach or adjust the current according to a project’s needs.

xTiles enables users to set very detailed tasks without overwhelming the document’s appearance with lots of comments. Users can create sub-documents devoted to important points with all the necessary information and aspects in them. 

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Setting tasks for teams is sufficient and easy as a person who was assigned has all their tasks gathered together, even if they are from different documents. The notification will remember about completing them.

Page’s transclusion feature allows you to work on the same tab in different documents. You can link pages from one document into another with full sync of content. Also you can navigate through all linked documents of a page.

Adequate all-in-one tool may provide you with support, inspiration, and space for creativity and become a bank for your ideas and tasks.

Who should try xTiles for organizing their workflow?

Offering all-in-one solutions, the tool brings together prominent features of Evernote, Google Keep, Todoist, Trello, Notion, and ClickUp. Those who combine two or more of these tools may save space on their devices and combine their notes, knowledge base, and digital workspace by switching to xTiles.


Working on a team also brings many responsibilities, yet increases the need for communication and cooperation to achieve results. A useful all-in-one tool unites teams and provides them with space for creating, ideation, sharing, and collaborating on the same tasks.

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All-in-one tools have become more and more popular for teams and solopreneurs as they reduce the amount of time a person spends getting used to different tools and applications. They allow users to keep all the important information in one place, offering easy and quick access to whenever you need it. For teams who work remotely, these tools become even more important, uniting team members within one digital workspace.

xTiles, combining the most popular and necessary features people need for delivering tasks effectively, boosts the productivity of teams and solopreneurs and eliminates their work process of boring routine, decreasing mistakes and misunderstandings.

If traditional organizing and planning ways and tools have been failing you or causing you inconvenience steadily, if you’ve been looking for something flexible yet powerful, if you’re tired of dozens of apps or services for one project implementation, if you always have felt that your current workflow and tools limit your creativity, then you may give it a shot. Besides, xTiles has a free version with a high limit and possibilities. Also, the service is completely free for students and non-profit organizations.

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