Night vision technology of tomorrow?

Night vision technology of tomorrow?
Night vision technology of tomorrow?

The modern world is more and more filled with new and progressive discoveries that greatly simplify the life of every member of society. It is very difficult to overestimate them. What is the invention of the Internet or the mobile phone worth? Thanks to these gadgets, it is now possible to communicate with thousands of people who are in different parts of the world and cannot meet face to face due to objective reasons. It is also currently possible to find any information on the search engine without much effort. It is no longer necessary to spend a lot of time in libraries or to research certain phenomena yourself – science has done it for us, as well as researchers who are constantly trying to find something new and introduce these technologies into modern life.

The need for constant improvement of society was relevant even in the most ancient times when the need to survive became a prerogative. This instinct in humans accompanies them to this day, but over time it has transformed into something more civilized, such as the desire for self-development and security. So, primitive people in search of food and basic means of existence made an attempt to create something like a weapon for hunting, which had the appearance of a spear and a scythe.

Skins of hunted animals were used for sewing clothes, as well as bones, which were used to make jewelry or household items. It is not for nothing that we are called homo sapiens today, because our brain, which is constantly working and producing new ideas, creates for us many new opportunities and ways to implement them. All we need is to simply want to change our lives for the better.

Scientists of the New and Modern times were guided by the same opinion when the world was on the brink of the First and Second World Wars. At that time, there was an intensification of research aimed at strengthening the strategic potential of each state and improving the communication system of that time. As a result, many countries, especially those that are part of the Big Seven, have absorbed a powerful scientific potential that has led them to the path of progressive development.

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The researchers of these countries paid a lot of attention to those inventions that will be useful in the military sphere and as a result intensified their work in this direction. The concentration of their efforts led to the improvement of optical technologies and the invention of qualitatively new devices that help not only to see the terrain better, but also to do what previously seemed impossible. In particular, they include night vision devices, which will be discussed later.

What is night vision technology? Colored night vision technology.

Night vision technology was developed at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. Sir William Herschel, the author of the first studies in this field, noticed an interesting property of infrared rays during one of his experiments. When the latter were passed through a prism, their reflection on the surface was covered with colorful patterns that reflected objects in a specific environment. A little later, these observations were accumulated in his work and their nature and possibilities for improvement were analyzed.

In this way, the concept of thermal picture was formulated. It made it possible to display the amount of heat emitted by each object, comparing its temperature with that prevailing in a certain environment. Accordingly, objects with the highest temperature were colored red or orange, and those with a lower temperature were colored blue or purple.

This mechanism is the basis of the operation of night vision devices because their main task is to provide the user with the opportunity to better orientate themselves on the terrain at night. Let’s analyze their functions on the example of thermal imaging cameras, which are widely used both in hunting and in security activities. For example, during hunting at night, it becomes necessary to trace the path of movement of the animal from the place of its injury, that is, the impact of a projectile, to the place where it is.

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Naturally, it will be quite difficult to find such game with the naked eye. Instead, using a thermal imager, you can track such traces due to the fact that the animal only recently walked on the surface and its heat remained on the prints. Such traces will be depicted as red spots that will repeat the shape of the foot and provide all the necessary information to reach the goal.

As for security activities, thermal surveillance cameras will provide information on the movement of new objects in the environment in which they are located. Their effectiveness is proven and time-tested, as many criminals have been identified thanks to this advanced technology.

As for the color image in night vision devices, it can be created thanks to the minimum amount of light entering the lens. First of all, each night vision camera has its own minimum level of illumination, which helps to reproduce various objects and understand their essence.

Then a color image appears. When there is not enough natural and technical lighting, infrared radiation begins to work, which gives rise to the black-and-white image that everyone is used to. That is, colored lighting can be obtained with a minimum amount of lighting either in the device or in the environment itself.

Latest NV technologies trends.

The very first achievement of night vision technologies, which will be a real find in their modern use, is the possibility of their wireless operation. You no longer need to worry about transporting the device or that it will be inconvenient to use. Many manufacturers of night vision devices are solving this problem with each new product.

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The trend in this field is also that the production produces lighter devices and smaller in size, so that they are convenient to use in different conditions. Indeed, it is much easier when, for example, going hunting, you do not need to take with you additional cargo in the form of another thermal imaging camera, but simply put the device in your backpack.

Night vision technology is currently available not only for use in the most important industries, but also in ordinary life situations, which is explained by the cheaper materials for its manufacture and greater availability among the general population. Therefore, very soon we will move to a new stage of the development of society, using the latest achievements in the field of optical technologies.


Summarizing the above, it should be noted that the more humanity produces the latest achievements and uses them in life, the better the basic industries and spheres of life can function. The most modern trends, primarily related to night vision devices, are currently being actively implemented not only in strategic fields, but also in law enforcement, medical, search and rescue, which is due to the need for time. Therefore, constant development and improvement is the key to further technological production and the opening of new opportunities for each of us.