Online Proctor: Method Used to Ease The Process of Examinations

Online Proctor
Online Proctor

What each and every company needs

Examinations are one of the most important methods with which you will be able to judge and know the qualities as well as the different attributes of a particular human being. Exams are the main stairs with which a person climbs the ladder of success. While school exams judge the amount of knowledge gained by the candidate, companies judge how that knowledge is applied in the work field. Companies look for smart professionals who use the education for problem solving and maintaining the company’s standard. This property is effectively called troubleshooting.

Companies conduct exams for selecting the right candidates. Selecting students from the college campuses is very common these days. But that somehow prevents the company from reaching out to the larger crowd available outside the campus boundaries. Yet again, conducting a recruitment drive in every nook and corner of the country and in every campus is a huge task that companies fail to accomplish. Hence many campuses remain untouched by such recruitment drives.

Every company looks for a big pool of students from which they can select the best ones. It is very much feasible and advantageous for them because they get a better mix of candidates and a better mix of qualities. But for that companies have to look for other measures as well.

Remote Proctor

Now first it will be wise to explain to you what proctor is? A proctor is a particular individual who is qualified enough to undertake student’s authentication process and also restrict them from performing any illicit activities during an examination. Now for the word remote proctor is also known as online proctor. Virtual proctor, remote virtual proctor and also online remote proctor are other names for the same. The main idea of this technology is to create a virtual environment where one can feel each other’s experience and also connect with each other. The concept of remote or online proctor has been very much utilized in education and with the evolution of e-learning the concept got much boost. And as you know e-learning and smart classes are the future of the education and it has a very lucrative market of about $100 billion. The concept is under rapid growth so new technology also needs to be present so that they can help in the process. The presence of internet has also helped improve the concept of online proctoring a lot.

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As it is said earlier the main purpose of remote proctoring is to create a virtual environment controlled by remote where each individual can feel the presence of the other. Similarly during an examination just as an invigilator keeps an eye on everybody to prevent cheating here also the same thing is done but online. When the students give an exam the proctor is connected through the internet and an audio-video panel so that each of them can see the activities going on in the room.

For this arrangement to work high speed internet is very much required along with the other technologies and instruments like a webcam which will help to the students and proctor to remain connected throughout the process. VOIP is also needed for the transmission of voices from both ends, and last but not the least the computer monitoring.

The process is extremely advanced and now in some cases the proctor is not an individual, but a fully automated computerized program that will perform all the functions and also prevent the examinees from performing illicit activities.

At any given point of time a proctor can almost monitor 16-32 students depending on the settings and the provider.

Types of Remote Proctor

This online proctor or the remote virtual proctor can be of different types and these differences are made just to use this technology under different conditions and requirements. The types are as follow-

  • Recorded Proctoring- This type of proctoring is done on the recording basis, where a person or the proctor will watch the video of that recording at 2x to 5x speed and monitor for any of the nuisance activities. As the nuisance activities appear they will be marked by the red flag.
  • Live Proctoring- Live online proctoring is the best way of online proctoring that connects the proctor and the examinees and places them face to face in the audio-video portal in real time. It is one of the most reliable and feasible techniques of all. However, it is also extremely costly because of the technology involved. It also requires high speed internet facility.
  • Advanced Automated Proctoring- This type of proctoring is the most advanced of all where proctors and students are connected in a real time basis and the evaluation process is done simultaneously. In case of more advanced settings the system can also check for suspicious activities with the help of audio and video analytics. The student authentication part is done with the help of the face recognition feature. The system also ensures that the students focus on the test during the exam.
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What Candidates Love about it

The process of online proctoring has been very much advantageous and is the best way that will prevent any individual from cheating. The evaluation is also done in an automated way so the precision is always high. And also to give exam from home itself without travelling to distant places has been very much advantageous.