Online Reputation Management: What To Look For in an Ethical Company

Online Reputation Management: What To Look For in an Ethical Company
Online Reputation Management: What To Look For in an Ethical Company

This post was most recently updated on April 29th, 2023

If you’re not happy with the search results for you or your company, or you don’t have a defined presence, an online reputation management company can help. Not only can these companies help you create and define a stronger reputation, but they can help drive better, more complementary results to the top of the search engine rankings. Clients searching for you see those results first, creating a positive impression.

What Is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management is controlling what people see about you online. You can’t always get rid of things like negative reviews, but you can certainly provide enough positive information that those reviews aren’t as noticeable. The more good things written about you (and by you), the less room there is for anything negative or uncomplimentary that you might not want others to see. Controlling your online reputation is important — and it’s becoming quite common.

Is Online Reputation Management Ethical?

Online reputation management is ethical when it’s done right. If you have a quality company like Status Labs helping you, it’s easier than ever to control what others see about you online. That can mean a better bottom line for your company since clients will be happy with the results they see. Most people don’t search beyond the first page of results, and some don’t even look at more than the top few. By making sure those results are good, you’ll have a better online reputation.

How Should You Choose a Reputation Management Company?

When choosing an online reputation management company, you want to find one that’s ethical. Some of them aren’t — and that could cause further damage to your reputation. Unethical companies often make unrealistic promises, such as saying they can get anything negative about you removed from search engines. They may keep everything they do very secretive and not communicate with you. You’ll be paying them and hoping for the best.

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Status Labs doesn’t operate that way. Online reputation management often requires a lot of rapid strategy changes and last-minute adjustments, especially if something new pops up in the search engines. Being flexible and able to provide new data and information quickly so you can make an informed decision is extremely important. You can trust Status Labs to be honest with you. It’s not possible to just remove everything from search engines.

But it is possible to push most negative information down in ranking. People can still find it, but most of them aren’t going to look that far. If there are slanderous or other inappropriate things listed online, some of those can get removed with some time and effort. You want to make sure you’re hiring an online reputation management firm that gives you status updates, communicates openly, and is truthful about what they’re able to do for you. Status Labs has offices in Austin, Texas; New York City; Los Angeles; London and São Paulo, serving clients in more than 40 countries. Named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in the United States for four years straight, it’s serious about what it offers to people who need online reputation management, personal branding, and SEO services. You don’t have to try to manage your online reputation yourself. Work with a firm that will do it for you, ethically and with quality.

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