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Digital marketing is a complex machine with many changing parts and pieces. This leads to many problems and a misunderstanding of what actually affects results and profitability.

Most of us think of marketing as a creative endeavor. In reality, however, marketing is more of a process than a creative effort. Of course, creativity also plays an important role, but without the right processes, it is almost impossible to achieve predictable results. Advertex is a full-service digital communications agency in Dubai that works with clients worldwide and combines consumer research, creativity, and insight to transform your business. A digital marketing agency specializes in providing accurate digital marketing strategic thinking and direction that can quickly turn your vision from vision to reality.

Maximizing digital marketing revenue and results definitely requires two processes: testing and optimization.

  • Experimentation – helps you find out what works
  • Optimization – allows you to get the most out of your marketing

However, these two processes together form the backbone of any digital marketing success story. However, the absence of one or both renders all marketing efforts insufficient or completely useless. However, most marketers do not pay due attention to either activity.


Create various ads, landing pages, and sales tunnels, test and find out what works for your service or product. Experimentation is a powerful tool that every marketer should definitely use.

In marketing, no one really knows what works. Neither you, nor your team, the sales department, the agencies, or your client knows this absolute truth. Even if something worked in another campaign, real working knowledge still comes only after testing.

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The main reason is the rapid change in the modern world. Technologies are changing, the competitive situation in the market, the habits, and the expectations of customers. All of these changes make the job of a marketer more exciting, but also more challenging.

We can’t know without trying, and if we don’t know, we won’t hit the mark. It’s as good as playing darts with your eyes closed, just hoping to hit something. However, testing gives us knowledge that brings us closer to the dartboard, and it becomes almost impossible to miss.

Through experimentation, we always achieve better results and are almost always guaranteed higher conversion rates, lower costs, higher ROI, and revenue.

Of course, it’s important to understand that better results are a by-product of testing, not the main goal. And it allows you to collect data to improve the efficiency of creation through optimization.


After successful testing, the next step is optimization. It is a process that helps make effective decisions more efficient. Allows you to reduce resources and maximize the profitability of marketing activities.

Optimization is as important a part of the process as testing. This is a completely logical continuation, but we often focus on creating new marketing solutions. Creating content, launching campaigns is just more fun than making the existing one more effective.

Opportunities and benefits of optimization with Advertex are obvious (which of us would not like to achieve more with less money – everyone wants to), but the events themselves are more complicated. There are many variables and they require systematic and consistent work, experience, and knowledge.

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First, optimization efforts should focus on the areas (variables) that have the most impact on marketing results (for example, where the most money is spent in a campaign) or which landing page performs best. There are many variables, and they require systematic and consistent work, experience, and knowledge. This knowledge helps you decide what to change and how to improve your results.

Test, modify, measure, and test again to find what works best for your marketing.

Sometimes finding new opportunities and making changes is easy. For example, disable ineffective advertising. This is obvious, but often such a simple thing is neglected due to lack of time.

If you created a new email message that generated a higher response—more opens or more visitors to your landing page—use that same message in your social media content, landing pages, or paid ads. This will make your entire campaign more effective. Finding ways to optimize is the key to maximizing the results and returns from your efforts.

If you don’t optimize your digital marketing, you’re wasting money and missing out on opportunities and profits.

Just think how many attempts did you make last month? How much time and resources have you spent optimizing digital marketing versus creating and launching new projects?

Continuous testing and optimization are absolutely essential to create an effective campaign and maximize its effectiveness.

The most successful marketing teams invest in developing processes for experimentation and optimization. Because the more you test and optimize, the more revenue and results marketing with Advertex will bring.

Work smarter, not harder, and invest more resources in optimization.

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