How Swapnil Shrivastava is Changing the Life of the  Farmers  through his startup for organic farming   “Organic Mp”

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How Swapnil Shrivastava is Changing the Life of the  Farmers  through his startup for organic farming   “Organic Mp”


Tell us Something About you  and your Journey :

I come from a small village located near district Narsinghpur which is my maternal place of birth as well. Being a beneath-advanced vicinity, there have been many troubles with the humans living there inclusive of loss of proper schooling and primary necessities.

“ I nevertheless consider my adolescence days while we used to visit our grandparents home about 5-6 years back in the past all through summer vacations and we cherished to visit the farms over there. The atmosphere there used to be so soothing that it created a specific experience of motivation and happiness among us. Greenery all around woke up a totally specific enthusiasm interior us.”

 There was a time pea had been grown in the fields and there has been a few another stage of exhilaration most of the farmers considering fertilizer enterprise made us accept as true with that more the number of fertilizers used in the fields, extra will be the crop production and the same passed off, however, we have been certainly clueless that we have been actually adding poison to our soil and polluting the environment.


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Finally got  the most hardworking day, i.e harvesting the peas, all excited, the farmers gave their first-class efforts in a wish to get the first-class because greens peas want to transport to the primary marketplace on the same day, however, due to lack of right coördination and delivery centers, it took us extra half an hour to meet marketplace and as result we had to promote our peas at Rs.2 consistent with Kg handiest. Brokers over there had already made a constant fee and that they knew the farmers had no option but to sell their vegetation considering they can’t take the plants back to domestic as green greens deteriorate at the even faster rate. That hard work and efforts of all farmers went on useless, as they were now not even capable of getting their investments as sale fee,  sadness, and a failure. Some peas we fed to the livestock because it turned not having enough money for the transportation cost.That day, I determined to do something to enhance this circumstance of our farmers.


” This is the disgrace for the Farmers who are feeding our whole nation and they are sleeping hungry. They have  no different alternative, however, to strive suicide as they find it easier to get away in preference to preventing this corrupt machine of ours ” 


With all this in thoughts, after finishing my commencement in BBA from Carrer college, Bhopal, I had a continuous will developing inside me to help those humans and then I came to know about Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDI), Ahmedabad and I scored desirable marks enough to get admission there.


Tell Something About Your Startup Name and Their Concept :

I have started a start-up named ORGANIC MP which is a modern commercial enterprise model to behave like a one-stop model for natural farming. We intend to aid our farmers through each possible way providing them the high-quality offerings including organic consultancy,multi-cold storages, soil checking out and different farming practices demonstrations, logistics control and a 24*7 provider center promoting the natural farming and raising standards of agribusiness by using permitting farmers to earn suitable earnings and centers. “It’s by no means too overdue to begin..” and the show has just commenced.

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What is ORGANIC MP and Your Future Plan For Organic MP

 Organic Madhya  Pradesh is the One place of solution for all exertions related to Organic farming. Organic farming – it is a choice of agricultural scheme. Organic agriculture is a manufacturing scheme that maintains the health of soils, ecosystems, and people. Organic agriculture merges tradition, modernization, and skill. Services:-

“  training – training offered by an expert of organic farming, which has experience of more than 15 years. They provide you complete training on organic farming and gives full support to you. Organic advice – facility to give advice about organic farming to farmers by specialist team, that how to do high-quality organic farming and fertilize organic products”

Organic testing – the facility for organic testing in one place, it is necessary for your organic products to test them to know about the product that, is it organic or not? Organic contract farming – you have an opportunity for organic contract farming with us; you have to connect a bunch as a member for organic farming. After joining this group you can to do organic farming on the contract basis. Cold storage – facility to stock up your stuff in cold storage. We all know about that we just lost more than forty percent of our manufactured goods just for the reason that of no cold storage. Cold storage is better option to store product for a long time with freshness. Testing of topsoil and water –give right in order of topsoil and water at every phase. It is supportive for better agriculture. suitable information of top soil water is valuable to get the right decision.


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Credit/ Source: Organic MP

What is your marketing strategy?

We will deliver seed to farmers and buy back from them after processing the product we will sell it in a market with our brand name organic Madhya Pradesh.


 Tell us Something About Funding and Investment

We received funding from one investor of 30 lakh rs to make modern farmhouse in Bhopal. we are looking for more fundraising in mp

Future plan.

We will launch new product line in organic and new services to farmers which will help farmers to grow organic crops easily to make Madhya Pradesh as organic state

For More details  Contact us on below-mentioned details

Mr. Swapnil Shrivastava: +91- 9424732999




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 Our Logo



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Website : – www.organicmp.in 

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