"ORION Electronics" A US Based Technology Company is Ready to Launch World's First Landscape and Eco-friendly Smart Phone

“ORION Electronics” A US Based Technology Company is Ready to Launch World’s First Landscape and Eco-friendly Smart Phone

“ORION Electronics” A US Based Technology Company is Ready to Launch World’s First Landscape and Eco-friendly Smart Phone

When and how did you start?

In the summer of 2013, Paul Perkins, our founder and CEO had the opportunity to study abroad in Beijing, China for a semester at the Beijing University of Technology, that semester would eventually become one of the most epic stories and he ultimately ended up spending  2 years living, studying, working, and building ORION in Beijing.

Instead of flying straight to China, he decided that he was going to take 3 months to backpack through London, India, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam and then all the way to China. He had been conducting research on the global smartphone/tablet market for a year or so and India at the time was on the brink of exponential smartphone/tablet ownership throughout the country. Once he landed in India he figured he would do some hands-on research and shoot some video of Indians detailing why they brought the smartphone/tablet they owned and what features they liked or didn’t like.

As he was conducting this research his urban planning mind started to run wild and he began asking himself certain questions, like, “How do they charge their devices, How do they connect to the internet, why can’t they breathe the air they live in, Why are the transportation networks insufficient, etc.” and at that point a vision for the future popped into his head, a vision that will become one of the most renown companies in the 21st century. He asked himself what if you could identify major developmental problems in these emerging markets and use mobile technology and sustainable thinking to solve and or mediate them.

Once Paul arrived in Beijing he immediately got to work and from that point on Paul and his global team of co-founders/advisors/ and partners would begin building the ORION Electronics Company.

How did you come up with the idea? Your inspiration moment

Paul was sitting in Varanasi India contemplating the vision he had been shown, he spent most of his downtime while traveling to develop a plan, began to connect with founders and design the design of their first product, the Orion Nebula the worlds first landscape and eco-friendly smartphone.

 Brief about the organization and founding members

ORION is built on the back of 4 well-qualified and experienced individuals from all around the world. We all share over 30 years experience studying and working in emerging economies and the technology market. Together we make a diverse, smart, efficient and unique team that once given the opportunity will do great things in this world.

Paul Perkins, CEO- Visionary, Serial Entrepreneur, Entertainer, Urban Designer/Architect conversationally fluent in English, Mandarin, Spanish

Sydney Mwaimba, COO – Hustler, MBA, International Affairs, fluent in a native language, English, Mandarin

Colin Curry, CDO- Industrial Designer, Head of Design Jack Mason Brand

Pius Gadosey, CTO- Certified Android developer/ Ph.D. Machine Learning, fluent in a native language, English, Mandarin and Russian

The detailed journey, like what all you want to share with readers

We are a culturally and ethnically diverse group of individuals that have overcome grave challenges in our lives; from gangs to losing friends and relatives to selling drugs, being raised by single parents, being homeless and living away from our families in Countries we had never been to, to attending and working for some of the most prestigious universities/companies of our time. This is more than a company, this is fate in action and we all wholeheartedly believe in each other and in the vision we have for the world. All we need is to be empowered.

About funding plans for growth

Over the course of the next 6-9 months, we are raising a seed round on convertible notes of $750k to build out our operations in USA/Beijing/India, develop our custom UX the ORION Universe Experience (OUX) to beta, and ultimately develop the first samples of our flagship smartphone the ORION Nebula®.

Challenges and Opportunities/ Marketing Strategies

We will enter the market by establishing partnerships with respectable E-commerce sites that service India such as (Amazon, Flipkart.com, Ezone, Snapdeal, etc.) initially via pre-sales until we have the capital resources and opportunity to expand our footprint in India and other emerging markets.

Future plans and funding

Our products will be sold via E-commerce until we can either partner with a telecommunication company or expand ourselves in a brick & mortar format. The first 3 years will be dedicated to taking 3% market share (projected 15million Units) of India’s smartphone market at which time we will release our first Internet of Us™ products (IOT connected sustainable infrastructure products/services) and over the course of the next couple years to follow we will continue to release Internet of Us™ products/services in India and expand into SEA, select African Nations, and South/Central American countries by 2030.

           A quote from the founder on the journey or dealing with the challenge or any inspiring moment

” The journey has just begun, and every obstacle before this moment was the Universe challenging and preparing us to access the vision. One day at a time, one moment at a time we will continue to build out our vision for a more innovative and sustainable world ” Says The Founder Paul Perkins.


 Video Credit/ Source: ORION Electronics

EXCLUSIVE: Founder’s advice to budding entrepreneurs

Understand that we are the masters of our fate and the captains of our souls. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING Worth Achieving will EVER Be Easy. Once you are willing to accept that and believe that there is no such thing as an easy solution, you will put yourself on the path for success and gain access to whatever it is you show dream of!

"ORION Electronics" A US Based Technology Company is Ready to Launch World's First Landscape and Eco-friendly Smart Phone

Your website/apps & contact details

Paul Perkins Founder and CEO,

ORION Electronics Company, LLC

Paul Perkins- [email protected]








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