Overwintering Moonflowers: How to Keep Your Plants Alive Through Winter

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Moonflowers are beloved for their enchanting blooms and ease of growth, but overwintering gardeners in cold climates can be challenging. Fortunately, with proper care, it is possible to keep your moonflowers alive through the winter and enjoy their beauty for years to come.

Overwintering Methods

Two main methods for overwintering moonflowers are bringing them indoors or mulching them in the garden.

  • Indoor Overwintering: If you want to bring your moonflowers indoors for the winter, it’s best to do so before the first frost. Cut back the plants to about 6 inches, gently remove them from the ground and shake off any excess soil. Re-pot the plants into containers filled with fresh soil and place them in a sunny location, such as a sunny window. Water the plants regularly and fertilize them every two weeks to promote healthy growth.
  • Garden Overwintering: If you prefer to leave your moonflowers in the garden, protect them from winter’s harsh temperatures by mulching heavily around the base of the plants. Use a thick layer of straw, leaves, or other organic matter to insulate the roots and prevent them from freezing. In the spring, gently remove the mulch and prune back any damaged or dead growth.

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