Poppers in Europe

Poppers in Europe
Poppers in Europe
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Poppers is the street name used to refer to a class of chemical drugs known as alkyl nitrites. This class of chemical drugs includes amyl nitrate, pentyl nitrate, butyl nitrate, isobutyl nitrate, and hexyl nitrate, which are psychoactive drugs. Poppers are packaged to be inhaled in small, colorful bottles as liquid, and users inhale the vapor. They have been popular in the club and party scenes since the mid-1970s. 

These psychoactive drugs are used to loosen inhibitions, pleasure, improve stamina, and for their euphoric effects. They also relax involuntary smooth muscles in the throat and anus. As a result, they are also used to relax the sphincter muscles and facilitate. 

Legislation surrounding poppers in Europe

The legality of the usage and distribution of poppers in Europe depends on the country in question and the chemical composition of t the particular popper. In some countries, they are classified as a medicine. Reformulated poppers with isopropyl nitrate have been sold legally in most European nations since 2007, while those with isobutyl nitrite have been banned. Here is a breakdown of the legislation surrounding poppers in Europe. 

Countries that allow poppers


Possession of poppers is legal, but one must have a permit to purchase, sell, or trade alkyl nitrates. Authorities commonly crack down on  shops selling poppers without a permit. 

Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechia, Greece, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia

These countries only permit reformulated poppers with isopropyl nitrates; isobutyl nitrate poppers are banned. In these countries, you can find poppers with isopropyl nitrites in most online shops, bars, gay saunas, and online shops. 

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There’s no law prohibiting the poppers in Estonia. The country’s health protection body classifies alkyl nitrites as flammable and harmful, but they are not illegal. You can easily purchase them online or from porn shops.


Under Finland’s Pharmaceutical Act, persons looking to import poppers for sale require authorization from the Finnish Center for Pharmaceutical Safety and Development (Fimea). 


Possessing poppers in France or importing them from anywhere in the EU is legal. However, distributing them contravenes the decree former Prime Minister Francois Fillon issued in 2007. 


Using and possessing alkyl nitrites is legal, but its purchase or trade violates the country’s drug laws.  shops need special approval to purchase or trade alkyl nitrates. Authorities regularly bust shops selling poppers illegally. 


In Russia, no legislation forbids poppers; therefore, they are legal. You can find poppers with amyl nitrite, butyl nitrite, and propyl nitrite in bars, online shops, and shops.


Switzerland’s Narcotics Law doesn’t prohibit the possession of poppers. However, Narcotics Commerce Law forbids the buying and selling these psychoactivea drugs. 

United Kingdom (UK)

Some time ago, the poppers UK legislation was on the path to banning poppers, but the government took a U-turn. Therefore, poppers are legal in the UK, but the Medicine Act 1968 has forbidden their advertisement or sale for human consumption. 

Other European nations where the poppers are legal include Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden. 

Countries that don’t allow poppers


The use and sale of poppers have been illegal in Denmark since 2004. However, poppers from elsewhere in the EU are trafficked into the country and sold illegally in porn shops. 

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Poppers are illegal under Turkish law. Consequences for possession can include large fines and lengthy prison sentences. Penalties for trade or distribution are even harsher. 


Norway law forbids the possession, use, and distribution of poppers. However, they are still illegally sold in many places. Poppers with isobutyl nitrite are the most popular in the country. 

Other European countries that prohibit alkyl nitrates include Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, and the Netherlands.

Poppers are still drugs and should be used in moderation. Remember that poppers should only be inhaled, not ingested, as this can be fatal. Make sure you get your popper from a reputable source. 

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