Are You Eligible For An India Business visa? Check Out Here!

India Business visa

A business visa is granted for engaging in business with an Indian company or agency, establishing an industrial or commercial venture, investigating the viability of establishing an industrial or retail experience in India, or purchasing or selling industrial or commercial goods.

Validity of an India Business visa

 Business visas are issued with a default duration of 5 years, with 180 days of validity per visit, as part of India’s liberalization, simplification, and rationalization of the visa regime.

However, the applicant may be granted a short-validity visa based on a specific request for a shorter period. Registration with the appropriate Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO)/Foreigners Registration Officer (FRO) in India is required if the applicant plans to stay longer than 180 days. Please be aware that the visa’s validity begins on the day it is issued.

The following applicant types are qualified for business visas:

To get a business visa for India, you have to be:

  • Foreign nationals seeking to establish an industrial or commercial venture in India or to investigate the possibility of doing so;
  • Foreign nationals traveling to India to buy or sell commercial goods, consumer durables, or industrial goods;
  • foreign nationals visiting India for technical conferences, board meetings, and general meetings to support business services;
  • Foreign nationals traveling to India to hire staff;
  • Foreign nationals who hold positions as directors or as partners in the business;
  • Foreign nationals traveling to India for exhibition-related consultations, to attend exhibitions, trade shows, business shows, etc.;
  • Visiting suppliers or potential suppliers in India to conduct business, evaluate or monitor quality, provide specifications, place orders, discuss additional supplies, etc., regarding goods or services purchased from India;
  • Foreign experts/specialists on a brief visit to support an ongoing project to observe the work’s progress, meeting with Indian clients, and offering some high-level technical guidance;
  • Travelers from outside India who are engaged in pre- or post-sales activities that do not constitute the execution of a project or contract;
  • Foreign trainees of multinational corporations or corporate houses undergoing in-house training at the concerned company’s Indian regional hubs;
  • Foreign nationals who travel in their capacity as tour guides or travel agents and who engage in activities related to or related to tours for foreigners;
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Requirements For India Business Visa

Business visas for India need these documents:

  • India Business Visa Requirements

The requirements for Indian business visas may differ slightly from regular visas depending on where you’re applying. However, e-Business visas are simpler.

This is all you need.

  • Indian Business Visa Photo Requirements

It should be a color photo with preferably a white background.

  • JPEG
  • Size: 10 KB-1 MB
  • The minimum dimensions are 350 pixels (width) x 350 pixels(height).
  • Valid Passport

Your passport should be valid for at least six months after you arrive in India.

  • Business Card

A business card with your name, profession, contact information, and possibly a website is sufficient.

Are Regular Indian Business Visa & e-Business Visa Same?

Yes, and no.

Yes. In the sense that they serve the same purpose: business-related things.

In the sense that an eBusiness visa is simpler to get and requires less documentation. In contrast, a regular business Visa requires you to travel to the embassy.

You can apply online for an India business visa. There are no stamps required.

The requirements for India business visas differ in India when it comes to the e-Visa as well as the regular visa.

The regular visa is valid for five or ten years, while the eVisa is for one year.


A business visa for India usually needs three to four days. You must read the above information if you apply for an Indian business visa.

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