Pros and Cons of online teaching and learning 2021 school year
Pros and Cons of online teaching and learning 2021 school year

Pros and Cons of online teaching and learning 2021 school year

This post was most recently updated on November 22nd, 2021

Pros and Cons of online teaching and learning 2021 school year

The coronavirus has made its changes in almost every aspect of every person’s life. Parents of schoolchildren think with fear about the coming of September 1. And what awaits them – the continuation of distance learning or the return of students to classes? A final decision on this issue has not been made yet, since everything depends on the development of the epidemic situation and how soon the virus will be defeated. Consider these two outcomes and how to deal with the usual preparation for school.

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Due to the quarantine, the academic year 2019-2020 ended with a new format of education, which is distance or online learning. Depending on the school, it was organized in different ways: some teachers taught lessons via webcams, others dropped assignments and checked their progress. Many schoolchildren and teachers faced certain difficulties, since no one was prepared for this. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of learning online.


  • you can completely organize your time on your own and it is especially useful to learn self-discipline;
  • teachers have a chance to be creative and try to introduce play forms in their studies, which is especially interesting for lower grades;
  • no need to think about a uniform and a knapsack, but study in comfortable clothes;
  • no stress from waiting for who goes to the blackboard first, or from the phrase: “Attention, close the notebooks, take a double sheet of paper”;
  • the opportunity to improve grades and knowledge, and for pupils preparing for the test there will be a chance to spend more time to get ready;
  • mom will know what the child eats and provide him with a full meal that he likes;
  • more chances to get enough sleep, because you can get up literally half an hour before class.

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  • not all families can provide a student with everything necessary for remote learning. For this, the project “School-online” was created, which was just created to help families without the Internet and gadgets. For the new academic year, it should receive its development;
  • there is no one to leave a son or daughter with, especially a great difficulty for primary school. In addition, it is the young children who need special help with assignments and explanation of the material. And many parents work themselves and they do not have free time to devote to study;
  • lack of communication with classmates. But this has its advantages – you can communicate via the Internet with friends. Also, this type of training can prevent bullying;

How to prepare:

  • it is advisable to consider whether the workplace is well equipped for the student. Which should be equipped with a comfortable table, chair and good lighting. Since all this affects the posture, vision and overall health of the student;
  • think about purchasing work equipment for study – a laptop, a netbook or a stationary computer (it may be worth adding a webcam). It is also worth considering that he can often fall, since not every adult holds his smartphone or iPad, and this child is also somewhat stressful. Therefore, pay attention to a non-modular screen and a cover, with a stand, if it is a tablet. It is better to refuse a phone for work because of the risk of impairing eyesight. Also don’t forget about a headset – buy good headphones;
  • consider buying a magnetic whiteboard and mom or dad will colorfully help you get the job done;
  • purchase notebooks, special textbooks, you may have to read some ourselves, so as not to safe face in front of your child;
  • since, for obvious reasons, physical education and dancing lessons are not remotely conducted, you can exercise with a student in exercises or organize family leisure time on bicycles, scooters or skateboards on weekends.

The main thing in the remote mode is self-organization, adherence to a clear regime and a convenient platform. Perhaps with good preparation, combining this format with regular study at the desk can be used in the future. The distance is especially relevant for children who are often ill, for schools in which there is a lack of teachers.

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Classroom-lesson system of teaching in a pandemic

And yet, many schoolchildren dream of returning to their usual lessons at the desk. Most of them are attracted by the meeting with classmates and the school atmosphere itself. But the realities of the coronavirus will bring their own changes to school.

Antiviral precautions will need to continue. Namely: temperature screening, the use of antiseptics and wearing masks.

Let’s talk about how to prepare your child for changes and the new school year.

  • If you have a first grader, he has a very responsible day ahead of him. Therefore, support on the part of mom and dad is important. Since the usual line with bows and flowers will most likely not be available this year, give your first grader a personal holiday. And before that, start shopping for school – a school bag, pencil case, notebooks, pencils, erasers, sharpeners and a uniform. All this can be selected online through the online store, which will avoid more people and provide a larger assortment. In addition, far from one website now host such services as school fairs over the Internet;
  • have a conversation with your student about the dangers of coronavirus and the need to wear a mask and maintain a safe distance, or at least minimize tactile contact;
  • we also advise you to think of a healthy and tasty snack that you can take with you from home, such as a banana, apple or sandwich. And also put a sanitizer with you in your purse and explain the need to use it before a snack;

Both students and teachers look forward to a return to their usual routine. Let us believe that soon the whole world will be able to return to ordinary life and the usual simple joys.



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