Quality retail software

Quality retail software
Quality retail software

Retail is a highly competitive business, the success of which directly depends on the quality of service and customer satisfaction. Retail software development allows you to get modern, up-to-date Software that guarantees professional branch network management. Research and analysis of demand and customer needs are possible only by collecting the necessary information about the operation of the business, which is possible with the use of Software specially created to meet your business needs.

Software development for retail includes various tools and solutions for automating business processes, accounting software, and many other software products for automating accounting and conducting trade.

The importance of business process automation for companies

Retail Software is an integrated hierarchical system designed to manage a network of retail stores. Implementing the Software contributes to the automation of the leading business processes of work activities and unites all the trade objects of your stores in one information field. Management of the chain of stores becomes a more practical and automated business process, the probability of human error is significantly reduced, control over product balances increases, and timely reordering is simplified. The retail automation program covers the needs of medium and large stores.

Why do you need retail automation?

Now the automation of stores, including the automation of retail stores, is gaining more and more popularity, which makes it easier to study this topic. Let’s find out what advantages you will get by using COAX Software. It is necessary to understand that the automation of business processes by using the functionality of Software for the automation of retail trade, which COAX Software employees can develop, will significantly help you not only to organize work at the enterprise appropriately but also subsequently increase your financial profit.

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Most of the time, store owners invest their money in buying retail Software, thinking it will cost little, but it is not. The best option is to pay COAX Software once for the development and connection of the necessary solutions and the development of Software for the automation of retail business processes; at the same time, you will be able to reduce the number of employees. In addition, work is done faster, and errors and defects are reduced to a minimum.

What can be attributed to automation in the retail trade?

First, the store checkout area is equipped with barcode scanners and cash registers. In this case, special retail programs are required to allow the devices to function normally. The faster the cash register works, the more people can use the services of your business. Benefits of retail Software supplied by COAX Software include:

·         Ability to conveniently classify stores by location and level of assortment;

·         Accounting, analysis, and inventory management;

·         Management of relations with suppliers;

·         Automated document flow for goods movement operations: Reduce the time required to create the documents required to receive and ship products.

A retail scheduling solution helps you manage customer appointments in your stores. With the included online and mobile tools, customers can find the nearest store, order or pick up, and get more information to connect them with the right representative. Advantages of the solution:

·         Increase revenue by preparing employees for scheduled meetings;

·         This reduces the operational costs of the store by simplifying the planning process and improving the efficiency of the employees;

·         The Software offers the best customer service thanks to its effective solutions and multi-functional tools;

·         Get more leads by integrating online Software.

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The central server is scalable – from the point of service to any number of branches. Built-in software integration provides customer service after registration—complete flexibility to meet the needs of any business. COAX Software’s retail software platform allows you to configure and manage business processes and employee access to critical information. In the admin interface, you can configure working hours, the number of meetings, meeting types, access and admin rights, etc. In the business partner interface, you can schedule relevant appointments and view scheduled meetings through other channels.

The retail software web interface is a self-service interface that allows you to customize customer experiences and integrate with the store locator on your website and your online advertising campaigns. The mobile interface is a customizable interface that will enable customers to schedule their appointments from their mobile phones. Automated devices send reminders with appointment details, marketing calls, preparation instructions, links to cancel or rebook, and more.

Microsoft Exchange and Outlook data integration. The software scales to stores, departments, services, and agents. All settings are based on configuration parameters, do not require programming knowledge, are performed remotely from the server, and immediately affect all sales branches. All user interfaces are based on clarity, ease of use, and links to help pages.

Comprehensive software development services for retail trade

At COAX Software, we combine vast programming experience and industry knowledge to create scalable IT software development solutions for retail. COAX Software has extensive experience developing complex Software for the retail industry and customers who need more funds to implement their projects.

Thanks to a large team of specialists, COAX Software can easily integrate new specialists into customer project teams or completely take over all technological functions depending on the customer’s task. The development team uses different programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and other tools depending on the project requirements. All modern tools are used following technological development, and our research laboratories are open to studying new technologies and introducing innovations into the retail projects of clients.

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Software development for custom retail services is the oldest activity of many companies. COAX software has many years of success in this field. It has extensive experience in implementing individual projects of various labor intensity, knowledge requirements, and complexity, small retail automation programs, and large corporations of business process management systems. This orientation is characterized by an extremely high degree of functional integration and adaptability of the components used, developed by engineers taking into account the accumulated experience.

Effective IT solutions for retail companies

The modern retail market has turned into a call for corporate solutions. Custom system development requires the highest level of professionalism, especially from business analysts and architects. This is due to high saturation, features, and the need to use complex multi-tier architectures to ensure flexibility and scalability.

COAX Software’s analysts and architects are well-trained and have extensive development experience, ready to tackle almost any challenge and solve any problem. The second critical success factor for the consistent development of enterprise-wide systems for retail services is the stability of the process and the predictability of the results of its development phases.

Over the years, standard best practices have been chosen that are adapted to your business circumstances, resulting in the possibility of creating your development process that is extremely simple, flexible, and reliable without formalization and providing all the necessary functionality based on the project’s requirements and structure. The most commonly used expansion of retail management systems or components involves migration from legacy platforms.

This is a rather complex process with its peculiarities. Engaging experts on the appropriate forum and maintaining compatibility with existing equipment is necessary to ensure a gradual transition to new systems and migration to remove potential data. COAX Software specialists – coaxsoft.com understand the problems that arise during the migration process and has what it takes to solve them and prevent them from potentially occurring.

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