​​Quick Facts about Vaping Secrets: Uncovering Expert Tips

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If you are new to the vaping scene, and you feel lost amid an infinite array of products and information, do not worry. You are not alone. The vaping world can be a little overwhelming because of all the products and components available at vape wholesale portals, and we have not even started talking about flavors!

It is good that you found this guide to help you find your perfect vaping experience with a few expert tips. Stop worrying about looking like a rookie in front of your vaping expert friends. We are letting you in on some of the best-kept vaping secrets.

You Don’t Have to Inhale So Hard

Here is one golden rule that will blow your vaping mind: you don’t need to inhale so hard to get a good hit. The air pressure you use will not affect the vapor volume of your device. Vapor production depends entirely on your atomizer coil efficiency and its power level. The harder you inhale will not get more vapor. The only thing you will get is e-liquid in your mouth. If you want better clouds, then apply gentle and steady air pressure.

The more experienced vapers recommend taking a smooth draw. For one, devices work better this way; secondly, your blood vessels absorb nicotine better through a water-based medium, the vapor. It takes 30 seconds to feel the nicotine rush with a smooth draw. If you are getting started with vaping, a 5-6 second draw will give your nicotine fix while you taste the vapor in your mouth. 

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Keep an Eye on Your Budget

One thing that might have surprised you when selecting that flavor that hits your senses just right is that the sweeter the flavor, the more sucralose is in it. You might ask, “Why is that bad if it tastes so good? Sweet flavors taste great and usually are not very expensive.” 

Yes, there is a but coming. Look, the sweeter the vape juice, the higher the sucralose levels, which generates a layer of caramel (gunk) on the vape coil, making it burn out faster. The vape coil could last weeks if you use unsweetened e-liquid, thus saving money on coil replacements. 

Don’t Throw Gunky Coils Away

If you end up with a gunky vape coil, breathe easy because you need not throw it away; underneath the burned caramel, there are still functioning components. 

The best way to clean your coil is using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, which employs water and ultrasonic vibrations to clean precious metals. It works wonders on vape coils. Follow its instructions, but when it finishes leave your coil out to dry completely before using it again. 

If you want the best vaping experience, cleaning your tank regularly is the best thing you can do. You can clean it whenever you are charging your e-juice. We do recommend a more thorough cleaning session every month, empty your tank and let it rest under warm water. 

Hard Choices with the Hardware

When talking about vaping, a lot of attention is paid to all the hardware, from the tanks to coils and charging specifications. When exploring vape wholesale you will see all the choices you have. You could get started with an MTL vape device and later switch to a DTL. Regarding tanks, you can choose from refillable pods, RDA, or RTA. It is always a good idea to have more than one tank. 

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There are also two types of batteries, removable and built-in. Vape mods with built-in batteries cost less and have a more compact design, while those with removable batteries are heavier but have higher wattage and are more powerful.

If you choose a mod with a fixed internal battery, then there are some things you must consider:

1- Don’t leave your device charging overnight. It can ruin the battery, and it can destroy the whole device from overcharging.

2- It is better to charge by connecting the device to your computer. Besides monitoring the charging process, these products are for lower-speed charging, and wall adapters are high-speed and can also damage your mod. 

E-liquids, the Golden Eggs in Vaping

Choosing the right e-liquid might take some time with some trial and error; these are our top recommendations:

1- Choose your first e-liquid on the stronger nicotine side of the spectrum. It will make it easier for you to switch from traditional smoking to vaping. Once you have switched to vaping, you can reduce nicotine levels at your own pace.

2- Take the time to play around with the Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) ratio, the main ingredients that determine flavor intensity and cloud thickness.

3- Spend your money on high-quality e-liquid with medical-grade nicotine, food-grade ingredients, and a good reputation. 

4- Before every use, shake up your vape juice to mix de PG/VG and the nicotine, making sure you get the best quality in every vape.

5- Keep your e-liquid out of direct sunlight because it decreases nicotine levels. If you want a richer flavor, let the bottle rest for a week or two in a dark room, allowing the flavors to marinate and enhancing the flavor of your draw.

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Change flavors

If you want to avoid experiencing what is known as a vaper’s tongue, switch to a new flavor for a short time, before returning to your regular one. Vaper’s tongue is when you cannot taste vape juice flavors because you have been using one flavor for too long. It is a sign your taste buds and olfactory glands need some time out.

If you prefer to have more than one favorite flavor, it is understandable when brands like Elf Bar Wholesale have a wide menu from which to choose. The expert tip here is that you try to have one tank for each flavor and always keep a second one near as your backup.

Be careful with acidic flavors and plastic tanks. Flavors like menthol, citrus, essential oils, and cinnamon can crack or even warp plastic tanks. If these are the flavors you like the most, invest in a quality glass tank to avoid potential dangers.

Vaping is an experience to enjoy without pressures and with all your senses. Hopefully, discovering these vaping secrets will open a whole range of opportunities. As you can see, there are different ways you can have a great vaping experience, and with all our expert tips, you will take your vaping to the next level. 

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