Regal Capital Solutions Phoenix Team Expands

This post was most recently updated on February 27th, 2023

Phoenix, Arizona-

Regal Capital Solutions, a company that helps small and large businesses with Employee Retention Tax Credits, is excited to announce the expansion of its Phoenix team. Through a team of ERC experts and legal and accounting ties, the company, established by CEO Jonah Cooper and COO Garet Brown, supports businesses of all sizes in maximizing their employment tax returns. Regal Capital Solutions’ team growth is an effort to help more businesses in qualifying for and capitalize on ERC return opportunities.

“There’s never been a better time to apply for an ERC,” CEO Jonah Cooper adds. “The ERC reimburses businesses for each W2 employee.” He claims that the CARES Act, which made ERC possible, was passed recently to encourage businesses to keep employees amid the COVID-19 economic slowdown.

Cooper claims that ERC is a challenging process with around 20,000 prerequisites. “We have set the qualifications for businesses, and we handle the entire procedure,” he explains. According to some of the guidelines, businesses must have fewer than 500 employees, be in the private sector or a tax-exempt organization, and meet one of several criteria, such as a decrease in gross receipts and/or a complete or partial shutdown of operations due to a COVID-related government order. According to Cooper, determining these criteria may be challenging and time-consuming for enterprises.

Brown argues that the benefits of ERC may be rather large, with employers gaining up to $26,000 per W2 employee on occasion. “We work with some of the largest legal and accounting firms in the country to provide greater levels of compliance, client help, claims maximization, and audit assurance,” Brown continues.

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“And our approach is very simple; we start by offering them a free consultation call with one of our ERC certification specialists, which includes a fast questionnaire to assess qualification potential.” Then, Regal Capital Solutions assists with paperwork collection and verification. “Finally, ERCs are filed with the IRS, and clients get quarterly payments from the United States Treasury,” Brown continues.

“We are delighted to welcome fifty new sales professionals to our Phoenix office,” CMO Ryan Holmes adds. The company hopes that through expanding, it will be able to give financial assistance and support to more enterprises. “Asking about eligibility is free, but it can save businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Holmes says. “The inclusion of this team furthers our aim of reaching out to more potential ERC qualifiers and saving them time and money.” 

Regal Capital Solutions is a Phoenix-based firm that helps small and large businesses get ERC returns for W2 employees. The company is excited to help even more businesses as it expands its team of sales reps in the Phoenix office. To learn more, email Ryan Holmes at ryan@regalcapitalsolutions.com and visit the Regal Capital Solutions website at https://www.regalcapitalsolutions.com/

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