Requirements for a successful marriage in Dubai

Dubai court marriage
Dubai court marriage
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Marriage is a sacred bond of love, compassion and commitment between two individuals. It binds two people in the name of companionship to live a happy and healthy life together. Every country has its own way to solemnize a marriage for its residents depending upon the cultural and religious beliefs of both the parties. Dubai is one of the cities in the world where expatriates from all over the world reside and work. People from different countries invest decades of their lives in this city. In many cases, these residents even end up of holding their marriage ceremony in Dubai. Marriage lawyers in Dubai facilitate residents and citizens in their best capacity to conduct marriages.

What is a successful marriage?

When we talk about successful marriages, it is not about being happy and lovey literally all the time round the clock. Marriage is a lifelong commitment between two people who love each other. It is an expression to formalize their relationship and share the joy among their friends and family. Lifelong relationships especially when chosen require commitment, compassion and sheer investment of all kinds of emotions to strengthen the foundation of love. Just as in any other relationship, marriages are also not picture perfect all the time and they may have their share of unpleasant turmoil of emotions and other ups and downs that may cause a bad effect in the relationship. In such scenarios, marriage lawyers in Dubai can be the best people to consult with who can suggest you solutions that may help you to come out of such confusions and make better decisions regarding your marriage.

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What is Marriage under the law of UAE?

Marriage is defined as a legal contract between a man and a woman in the UAE, with the goal of safeguarding the couple’s and their children’s rights. In Dubai court marriage occurs where marriage lawyers in Dubai ensure that the requirements are duly met by both the parties.

General requirements for solemnizing a marriage in UAE

The following are the basic prerequisites for a marriage to happen in UAE:

  • The bride’s approval
  • At least one of the parties to the marriage contract (husband, wife, or wife’s guardian) must have a UAE residency visa. Both the bride and groom must be UAE residents in other emirates
  • A valid pre-marital screening certificate for the couple from one of the UAE’s governmental healthcare facilities

The UAE intends to stop the spread of contagious diseases like AIDS by making pre-marital screening a compulsion.

Requirements for Muslim marriages in UAE

Muslim marriages in UAE are conducted according to the ‘Shariah’ provisions in the marriage court. Following are the key legal requirements for Muslim marriages in UAE:

  • In the UAE, a marriage contract must be registered with a Sharia court.
  • The legal age for marriage is 18 Hijri years; otherwise, a judge must approve the marriage.
  • If one spouse’s age is double that of the other, the judge must approve the marriage.
  • A certificate of premarital screening is required.
  • The couple’s presence is needed.
  • The bride’s father or his proxy, as well as two male Muslim witnesses, must be present.
  • Women who have been divorced or widowed must show proof of their status.
  • If the bride is Muslim but her father is not, she will require a document from her embassy or consulate stating that there are no objections.
  • A woman must obtain her guardian’s permission before marrying.
  • In the event that the father dies, the presence of the next closest male guardian, such as an elder brother, is necessary.
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Requirements for Non-Muslim marriages in Dubai

Non-Muslims can formalize the marriage ceremony at:

  • Their home country’s embassy or consulate in the UAE
  • Or the worship place of their religion such as temple and church

Some countries require nationals to file an application stating their intent to marry through their embassy or consulate in the UAE. You should check with your embassy and proceed as necessary. The marriage must be registered in both parties’ embassies in the UAE.

Civil Marriages for Non-Muslims

The Abu Dhabi government enables non-Muslims to marry civilly via Law No. 14 of 2021 Concerning Non-Muslim Foreigners’ Personal Status. A civil marriage is a legally binding partnership between a man and a woman who are not Muslims. Articles 4 and 5 of the aforesaid statute regulate marriage, which is based on secular standards. Civil marriage also allows interfaith couples to marry.

Following are the requirements for Civil Marriage to take place:

  • Both individuals must be at least 18 years old, have free consent, and sign a declaration form admitting that they are not married to anyone else at the time.
  • A premarital screening certificate or the father/guardian’s approval is not required for civil marriage applicants.
  • a marriage application form that has been completed and signed
  • copy of your passport or Emirates ID (of both parties)
  • an evidence that there is no existent marriage record (for both parties)
  • marriage contract which is optional

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