Riskified: Case Study, About, Logo, Founders, Investors, Competitors, and More

Riskified: Case Study, About, Logo, Founders, Investors, Competitors, and More
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Riskified is an online service for preventing fraudulent payments powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It makes use of algorithms that use machine learning and big data analytics to offer organizations financial knowledge that let them approve or deny payments. 

Additionally, Riskified also uses additional approaches such as social networking sites, gadgets, proxy identification, IP geographic information, behavioral statistical analysis, and order tracking.

Riskified is a platform for managing electronic commerce risks that enables online retailers to build connections of security with customers. 

The platform collects information obtained from numerous of the largest e-commerce companies in the globe and uses machine learning algorithms to build effect networks that increase revenue and save retailers money.

Riskified technology helps businesses deliver seamless consumer encounters by accurately recognizing the people driving interactions on the internet.

Riskified Case Study:

Riskified Team Members image
Riskified Team Members (Image Source: twitter.com)

Riskified enables organizations to increase eCommerce earnings and profits by limiting risk. The biggest retailers and notable companies worldwide work together with Riskified to boost the retention of clients, prevent fraudsters and policy violations, and provide assured safeguards against reimbursements. 

Riskified’s artificial intelligence technology, which is backed by a huge group of online safety experts, data scientists, and researchers, examines the person underlying every transaction to offer prompt judgments and substantial identity-based information.

Riskified guarantees one hundred percent of the expenses for any reimbursements its merchant’s clients face as a consequence of a wrongly accepted order, demonstrating the level of trust it is in its fraud-detection system. 

 Riskified has developed to incorporate Docker-based solutions built with Scala on the server side and Angular on the user interface. Riskified is unable to endure slow speeds or downturns with hundreds of thousands of assets on the line at all times. 

Riskified Company Profile:

Name Of the Company Riskkified
Founded Year 2012
Founder Of the Company Eldo Gal, Assaf Feldman
Competitors Of the Company Quantexa, Alloy, Complyadvantage, Featuresoace
Website Of the Company https://www.riskified.com/
Country Of OriginNew York, United States
Investors Of the Company Pitango, Founder Collective, Fidelity Investments, General Atlantic
Market Of the Company Retail and Fintech

Riskified Name & Logo:

Riskified logo image
Riskified (Image Source: theorg.com)

Riskified Founders:

Riskified has two co-founders Eldo Gal and Assaf Feldman.

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Eldo Gal: Eldo Gal is Riskified’s co-founder and CEO. He develops business plans and manages every area of the enterprise. Just a decade after co-founding Riskified in January of 2012 in his flat, Eido has guided its expansion becoming a business that collaborates with a number of the largest and most recognizable retail companies in the global marketplace, notably three of the ten top internet retailers.

Eldo Gal image
Eldo Gal (Image Source: linkedin.com)

Assaf Feldman: Assaf Feldman is the co-founder and the chief technology officer of Riskified. He is in charge of the engineering and creation of product teams. 

Riskified has developed a web-based risk control system with unique artificial intelligence methods that power a computerized making decisions system that supports its online risk prevention range of offerings under his guidance. 

Assaf Feldman has 20 years of expertise in creating solid structures for managing risks in programmes using ML algorithms and sophisticated UIs. Assaf completed his bachelor’s from tel aviv university where he studied film and computer science in 1998. Then he went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to complete his MS in the media lab.

Assaf Feldman image
Assaf Feldman (Image Source: riskified.com)

Riskified Investors:

The company has a total of 21 investors from which the company has raised a total amount of 229 million dollars over 5 rounds of funding.

Some prominent investors of the company are:

General Atlantic: General Atlantic is a major international growth capital company that provides financing and tactical assistance to firms in the early stages of development. 

General Atlantic was founded in 1980 and uses a team-based multinational strategy, industry-specific knowledge, a long-range vision, and in-depth comprehension of development factors to collaborate alongside outstanding company executives along with leading organizations to create innovative businesses around the globe. 

General Atlantic employs a staff of 220 professionals in the investment industry.

Fidelity Investments: Fidelity Investments is a web-based system for managing personal finances. The business provides an environment for managing investments using robotic advisors technologies. Additionally, it offers savings options for aging requirements. 

The organization wants to make financial information widely available and useful in assisting people in leading the kinds of lives they desire. They achieve such by concentrating on a diversified group of customers. 

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Fidelity offers a variety of economic solutions, including brokerage costs, saving for retirement, management of portfolios, and investment administration.

Founder Collective: Founder Collective is a seed-stage venture capital firm founded by a group of renowned businessmen that provides the initial corporate round of money to potential entrepreneurs with appealing business ideas.

 The mission of Founder Collective is to support the coming generations of outstanding founders as they create significant and long-lasting companies. The focus of Founder Collective is on companies powered by technology operating in a variety of areas.

Riskified image
Riskified (Image Source: riskified.com)

Pitango: Pitango is an ecosystem of innovative businesses in all stages of development and innovative individuals. Through its 3 simultaneous money, Pitango First, Pitango Growth, and Pitango HealthTech, they work alongside excellent starting companies.

Riskified Competitors:

Quantexa: Quantexa is a KYC and anti-money laundering (AML) administration programme that runs in the cloud. It provides capabilities like client initial onboarding, handling trades, deal surveillance, handling risks, authentication & authentication, and more.

Additionally, it offers intelligence on customers’ software and associate financial solutions for locating opportunities.

The company was founded in 2-16 in London, united kingdom. The company has raised a total funding of 371 million dollars over 6 rounds of funding.

Alloy: Alloy is a Portal for making identification decisions for institutions and financial technology businesses. Through the utilisation of application programming interfaces (API)  dashboard that compiles responses from users for observing patterns in data, approval from users according to flags, immediate time scams tracking, risky client profiles with continuous transactions and tasks,

handling cases, and customised rules for tagging dangerous occurrences and interactions. it handles the initial integration of new customers.

Comply Advantage: Comply Advantage is a Cloud-based AML service.  It simplifies the initial setup and evaluation of operations. Activity tracking, payment assessment, content assessment, and other functions are included in it. It offers details about publicly politically exposed people, banned organizations, terrorist groups, as well as additional groups that might assist companies to reduce danger.

Feature Space: Featurespace is a system for preventing theft centered around data. It offers cognitive analytics-based fraudulent and risk prevention services to the financial sector, gaming, protection, and other industries. 

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It provides artificial intelligence systems that track user conduct and search for unusual patterns to stop fraudulent attempts. Its capabilities include bank acquisition, in-session actions, payment tracking, and others.

The company was founded in 2008 in Cambridge, united kingdom. The company has raised a total funding of 111 million dollars.

FAQs about Riskified:

When was Riskified founded?

The company was founded in 2012.

Where was Riskified founded?

The company was founded in new york, united states.

How much funding has Riskified raised?

The company has raised a total funding of 229 million dollars.

What is the company valuation of Riskified?

The company valuation is 1 billion dollars as of November 9th, 2019.

What space and market does Riskified serve?

The company serves in the B2B and SaaS space and in the retail fintech market.

Is Riskified associated with any legal entity?

Yes, the company is associated with one legal entity called RISKIFIED, INC.

Who is the CEO of Riskified?

Eido is the CEO and co-founder of Riskified. He determines company strategy and oversees all aspects of the business.

What kind of company is Riskified?

Riskified provides an eCommerce fraud-prevention SaaS solution for enterprise merchants. The Company uses advanced machine-learning algorithms to differentiate legitimate purchases from fraud and guarantees that income against chargebacks. Riskified serves customers worldwide.

Is Riskified available on any social media platform?

Yes, the company is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

How can companies reach out to Riskified?

Companies can reach out to Riskified by emailing hello@riskified.com.


Riskified is a from top to bottom eCommerce platform driven by artificial intelligence that makes international online retail more secure, more seamless, and increasingly profitable.

Riskified instantaneously recognises genuine clients and keeps them going in the direction of transformation, increasing bank authentication costs, providing alternate payment methods, and recovering between 30 and 70% of erroneous rejects. 

The most inventive and well-known brands in the world rely on Riskified to accept greater quantities without taking any risks while fostering improved client connections every step of the way.

Riskified has developed a cutting-edge eCommerce risk administration solution that enables online retailers to develop connections of confidence with their customers. It mainly makes money by letting businesses use its eCommerce security platform.

The company’s headquarters is located at 220 5th avenue floor 3 new york, NY 10001 united states. It employs a total of 781 people. Riskified gathers information collected by several of the globe’s leading online retailers and generates network-related effects which result in increased revenue and expenditure reductions for their businesses.

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