Sensibull: About, Name And Logo, Features, Co-Founders, Competitors, Investors, And Faqs

Sensibull: About, Name And Logo, Features, Co-Founders, Competitors, Investors, And Faqs
Sensibull: About, Name And Logo, Features, Co-Founders, Competitors, Investors, And Faqs
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Options trading is probably the toughest business to make easy money. Yes, it seems easy, but less than 1% of options traders make any money in the long run. The reason for this is that most people trade options as if they were lottery tickets. Through the Options module on Varsity, we educate many option traders but know that there is a lot more to do to get people to move away from just trading naked option buying of Call/Puts to trading strategies where the odds of winning go up substantially.

Sensibull is India’s first options trading platform, offering everything from simplified options trading for new investors to powerful trading tools for the pros. Sensibull aims to make options trading safe, accessible, and, most importantly, profitable for all.

Sensibull Company Highlights

Company NameSensibull
IndustryFinTech & Trading

Sensibull About

With Sensibull, a sophisticated trading platform, users may trade options without any technical expertise or prior knowledge. A variety of tools are available on the platform, such as Virtual Trading, Open Interest, Free Market Analysis, Positions Analysis, Strategy Builder, and more. With Sensibull, a sophisticated trading platform, users may trade options without any technical expertise or prior knowledge. From strong trading features for experienced investors to simplified options trading for novices, the options trading platform has it all.

Sensibull Industry

Sensibull is the top options trading platform in India; it is the first and biggest platform of its type in the nation. With the platform’s easy-to-use interface, traders can foresee market moves, including upswings and downswings, and trade options with ease. Notably, Sensibull offers insurance against significant losses and stays afloat even during market crashes. Furthermore, with virtual trading, individuals may practice without taking real money risks and improve their trading abilities. Beyond simple execution, the platform provides insightful information about market trends and, with extensive data analysis, makes it easier to find profitable transactions. Sensibull offers a learning environment for anyone who want to improve their comprehension of options trading. In order to provide a smooth and knowledgeable trading experience, customers may also take advantage of free trading suggestions and establish individual notifications on price fluctuations and profit/loss indicators via WhatsApp.

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Sensibull Founder and Team

About Sensibull - India's Largest Options Trading Platform

It was founded by Abid Hassan, an alum of NIT Calicut and IIM Ahmedabad, he served on SEBI’s Committee on hedge funds. On Friday evenings, he donates most of his salary to one of India’s richest men on the Poker table. On other evenings, he can be seen crusading against the societal scourge of gambling addiction.

Sensibull Startup Story

Sensibull is a third-party Options Strategy Platform that allows traders to get suggestions on strategies based on their view of the market and execute the options trading from the same platform. Sensibull was founded by Abid Hassan, along with Abhimanyu, Balajee, and Sudeep, in August 2017. The startup is a third-party Options Strategy Platform that allows traders to get suggestions on strategies on their view of the market and execute the options trading from the same platform. The core focus of Sensibull is to make Options trading simple and hassle-free for traders. Sensibull offers everything from easy options trading for beginners to building advanced strategies for aggressive and professional traders. Sensibull attempts to create possible scenarios for investors so that they can make the best decision while placing bets. In August 2018, Bengaluru-based online stock broking startup Zerodha invested ₹2.5 crore as a seed fund in Sensibull.

Sensibull Mission and Vision

Sensibull aims to make options trading safe, accessible, and, most importantly, profitable for all.

Sensibull Name, Tagline, and Logo

Sensibull, believes in constant innovation and growth, and the new logo represents the next step in our quest to provide you with the most intuitive and comprehensive Options Trading platform.

A black and grey letter

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Sensibull Business Model

Sensibull’s business model revolves around a freemium approach, offering a free core platform with basic functionalities like market data, option chain analysis, and limited strategy creation. This free tier allows users to explore the platform and test its features before committing to a paid subscription. For active traders and investors, Sensibull offers premium features like advanced options strategies, market scanners, backtesting, and live chat support, accessible through subscription plans.

They further monetize through value-added services like online courses, pre-built strategies, and an API for integration with other trading platforms. Partnerships with prominent Indian brokers expand Sensibull’s reach and provide brokers with a valuable tool to attract and retain traders. Overall, Sensibull’s business model combines free access with attractive premium features and services, allowing it to capture a large user base and generate revenue through subscriptions, service fees, and partnerships.

Sensibull Revenue Model

Free Access:

Sensibull offers a free core platform, providing basic functionalities like market data, option chain analysis, limited strategy creation, and a community forum. This strategy attracts a large user base and allows users to explore the platform before committing to a paid subscription.

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Premium Subscriptions:

Sensibull offers premium plans that unlock advanced features catering to active traders and investors. These features include a wider range of pre-built strategies with greater customization options, a market scanner for identifying trading opportunities, backtesting capabilities to test and optimize strategies, and live chat support for expert assistance.

Value-Added Services:

Sensibull generates additional revenue through value-added services. Sensibull Academy offers online courses and educational material on options trading strategies, attracting users who seek deeper knowledge and insights. Sensibull Signals provides pre-built option strategies based on expert analysis and market trends, catering to users who prefer ready-made trade ideas. Additionally, Sensibull offers an API that allows integration with other trading platforms, generating revenue from users who desire a customized trading experience.

Sensibull’s estimated annual revenue is currently $5.2M per year.

Sensibull’s estimated revenue per employee is $94,500

Sensibull Products and Services

Sensibull revolutionizes the world of options trading with its diverse array of tools and features designed to cater to traders of all levels.

The Easy Options feature simplifies the trading process by allowing users to make straightforward up or down predictions while providing a predefined strategy that limits potential losses to a fixed amount, ensuring a controlled risk environment.

For those seeking more sophisticated strategies, the Strategies Wizard offers a powerful tool that generates the best options strategies based on user-set targets for stocks or indices, sifting through thousands of possible combinations.

The Strategy Builder empowers users to create and analyze their own option strategies, calculating key metrics such as maximum profit, maximum loss, and Greeks. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting, Sensibull’s Virtual Trade options enable risk-free exploration of Easy Options, Strategies Wizard, and Builder.

Additionally, for beginners, the platform offers real-time trade recommendations with WhatsApp alerts, providing valuable insights on when to enter or exit positions.

Sensibull’s commitment to user-friendly innovation makes it a comprehensive and accessible platform for all levels of options traders.

Sensibull Funding and Investors

Sensibull has one institutional investor – Rainmatter Technology. Rainmatter Technology is the largest institutional investor in Sensibull. Bengaluru-based online stock trading startup Zerodha had made an investment of Rs 2.5 crore.

Sensibull Employees

Sensibull has 39 employees.

Sensibull Challenges Faced

  • Competition: The Indian financial technology space is crowded with numerous platforms offering options, trading tools, and resources. Sensibull must continually innovate and differentiate itself to attract and retain users in the face of stiff competition.
  • User Acquisition: Convincing new users, particularly those unfamiliar with options trading, to adopt the platform can be challenging. Sensibull must focus on effective user acquisition strategies, including educational content, marketing campaigns, and partnerships.
  • Data Security and Reliability: In the financial sector, data security and reliability are paramount. Sensibull needs to invest heavily in robust security measures and ensure the accuracy and availability of its data to maintain user trust and confidence.
  • Regulatory Landscape: The Indian financial regulatory landscape is evolving, and Sensibull must stay informed and adaptable to comply with changing regulations and avoid potential compliance issues.
  • Limited Market Awareness: Options trading can be complex, and awareness about Sensibull’s offerings may be limited among potential users. The need for ongoing user education and awareness campaigns remains crucial.
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Sensibull Acquisitions

There is no acquisition yet.

Sensibull Growth

Sensibull has witnessed impressive growth in recent years, driven by its innovative platform, user-friendly interface, and valuable features. The freemium model allows for user exploration, while premium subscriptions cater to active traders. Value-added services like educational courses and pre-built strategies provide further revenue streams. Strategic partnerships expand reach and offer additional income opportunities. By continuously innovating and addressing user needs, Sensibull is poised for sustained growth in the competitive financial technology landscape.

Sensibull Partners

There are no details.

Sensibull Competitors

Major competitors are Zerodha, Streak, and iCharts.

Sensibull Awards and Achievements

There are no details.

Sensibull Future Plan

In order to fulfill its objective and reach a larger audience, Sensibull intends to develop additional products and services, including a mobile app, dispute resolution platform, and valuation tools, and establish collaborations with other organizations. It also plans to expand its reach into new Indian states. It is positioned for success since it is a scalable, socially impactful platform that is easy to use.


What does Sensibull do?

Sensibull is an advanced trading platform that allows users to trade options without any prior knowledge or technical skills.

When was Sensibull founded?

The company was founded in August 2017

Who is the founder of Sensibull Corporation?

Abid Hassan founded Sensibull.

Who is the CEO of Sensibull Corporation?

Abid Hassan is the CEO of Sensibull.

Who are the main competitors of Sensibull?

Major competitors are Zerodha, Streak, and iCharts.


With its user-friendly interface for novice traders and robust features for experienced traders, Sensibull has made a name for itself as one of India’s top platforms for options trading. It is an accessible and useful resource for anybody looking to comprehend the complicated world of options trading because of its freemium business model, variety of features, and dedication to teaching. Sensibull has shown tremendous development in spite of competition, data security problems, and low market awareness. Its emphasis on partnerships, innovation, and user experience sets it up for long-term success in the changing financial technology market. Sensibull’s goal of enabling everyone to trade options profitably is within reach as it continues to grow through partnerships, product development, and reach expansion. It is a force for good in the Indian financial sector because of its social impact projects and user-friendly platform.

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