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Shop Fresh Chicken Online dubai
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Whenever you want to splurge on fresh chicken, there are many options available. While chicken breast is the most popular cut, you can also buy drumsticks and leg pieces, which are all edible. Alifbazaar offers a variety of other meat items, including fresh chicken liver. For convenient and delicious delivery service, browse through their selection and check out their prices. Once you decide which type of chicken you want, you can easily purchase it right on your computer.

Home Meat Shop based in Dubai

Meat lovers in the UAE will enjoy shopping for fresh cuts of meat from The Chef Middle East Home Meat Shop, based in Dubai. This Dubai-based store provides a variety of quality meat products including Certified Angus Beef, corn-fed chicken, and duck leg Mullard. Customers can order their meat for delivery the next day and receive it at their doorsteps. You can even purchase meat online and have it delivered straight to your home.

The Home Meat Shop Fresh Chicken Online Dubai has already established a niche in the market by offering an extensive range of sacrificial animals and meat products at different price points. It also offers customers the opportunity to donate unused meat to underserved families. The entrepreneur aims to revolutionize the meat industry and turn it into a brand. It will deliver meat products to the doorsteps of customers and provide convenient donation options for charities.

Available at Alifbazaar

Alifbazaar is an online grocery delivery service in Dubai, which offers groceries from more than 500 brands to be delivered right to your doorstep. The range of products on offer includes fresh produce and household essentials. With such a large selection, it’s easy to find what you need, no matter where you live. And thanks to the fact that it’s delivered right to your doorstep, it’s a great way to get your grocery shopping done with ease.

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Alifbazaar specializes in organic food. You can find organic cereals, chocolates, and baby care products, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. You can even find organic vegetables and fruits online. And you can get your hands on more than garden products from Al Again. Whether you’re looking for fresh chicken, veggies, or fruit, Alifbazaar is your one-stop shop for fresh food.


The price of fresh chicken has been steadily decreasing for the past months, especially on Mondays, ahead of weekends. The average price for a kilogram of fresh chicken is Dh13.3 at present. In comparison, beef and lamb have remained at similar prices over the past months. In such a scenario, the prices of fresh chicken at the start of the week are an attractive choice. However, prices for other meats remain relatively unchanged.

According to a survey conducted by Your Money, the prices of poultry, meat and seafood have remained stable in the last eighteen to sixteen months. Among these, poultry and seafood were the most expensive, followed by fruit and vegetables. It pays to learn the shopping patterns to avoid overpaying for items. Ideally, it is best to shop on specific days and during certain times of the week when grocery sales are offered.


If you’re looking for the best quality fresh chicken online, look no further. The IFFCO Group is a Dubai-based international group that manufactures and markets mass-market food products and related intermediates and services.

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