Skola Groups OTO 1 to 5 OTOs’ Links +Large Bonuses Upsell>>>

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Here are the links to the Skola Groups OTOs. There is one Skola Groups Front-End and five Skola Groups OTO Editions.

Skola Groups OTO Links + Massive Bonuses

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Skola Groups OTO Links Above –  What is Skola Groups ?

Group Coaching, Masterminds & Online Communities have been exploding in 2022.

With our software customers can sell and then deploy their own group coaching, Mastermind, or community group with discussions, training, and live workshops.

Simply connect “Groups” to any sales funnel or checkout software. Giveaway spots or sell spots to your program and Groups takes care of the rest.

It delivers an incredible, beautiful, engaging experience for customers and gives you everything you need to deliver your product professionally, without hassles, and with everything you need within one platform.

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Product Overview

CBSitePro OTOs Details – All OTOs’ Links Above

OTO 1 – Skola Groups PRO

This upgrade includes 7 additional features to enhance the base level package of ‘Group Coaching with Skola’. It includes additional customization options, features such as ‘Group Coaching Certificates’, and more.

OTO 2 – Skola Groups Business

Groups business is a complete package that includes some incredible enhancements that will help you to make more money and offer an even better experience to your members, customers, and clients.

OTO 3 – Skola Groups Agency

This is an agency upgrade that transforms a customer’s account into an ‘Agency Account’ that includes a wide range of enhancements.

Customers can rebrand the agency dashboard to their agencies brand, invoice clients, manage client campaigns, and add team members.

OTO 4 – Skola Events (Heavy Discount)

Skola Funnels gives a user access to funnel software for creating sales pages to sell their Skola groups access.

Hot Bonuses Packages Skola Groups

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Skola Groups OTO Links Above

Video review for Front End only Skola Groups

Skola Groups   – Text From This Video

Add video. You simply click on “upload video. Then you go to your recordings here. You see, Okay, I’m going to use this one.

I’m gonna upload this video and I’m gonna use this third video. As for my list-building part, this is the one boom we’re going to have. We’ve currently added three events to our event. So you can add all these agenda points to your event. You could do a whole course on your event once you’re done here. You can click on this eyeball here where you can preview what the people who have purchased your events will see.

As you can see here, you can see upcoming talks on the basics of affiliate marketing, welcome here, and the importance of list building. When you click on this, you can add even more information, plus your attendees will be able to ask questions as well. Now this page will be the lobby page where you can add more information. So right now it’s only the upcoming talks here, but there will also be discussions here, like the event here will also be announced. So here you can see the whole schedule of your event, the timings, etc., and also networking. There will be a marketplace.

The attendance will be shown here; the speakers will be shown here; and where you can also send messages to the attendees etc. And let’s go back to the lobby here because you can also add discussions and news to this event. So let’s say we go back to the lobby part here. Then you will be able to add announcements as well, so you can create an announcement. Let’s say this is welcome and right now you see this blue in here, they will be fixing this. I already reached out to Sam. I said: “Hey, I see the title here, but that’s because I didn’t upload the logo.”

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Skola Groups OTO AIUpsell

This is the description of the logo, so this will be solved once you’ve purchased this, but let’s say welcome to our uh, virtual summit, and then we’re super excited to have you here, and then you can add a video. So let’s say you want to have a video here. You can do that as well. So I’m going to click open and upload my video, and when I publish this it will be added to the announcements. So when I’m going to preview this again, look what happens now.

This has an announcement in here, so you can add multiple announcements during the time of the event. You can add your announcements here and you can also here pin these announcements. So if you want to pin announcements, then this one will be added to the top, and then you can create another announcement. You can say announcement 2, 2, or 3 and you can say hey, 14 days, to go something like this, and then it will be added to it. And this is what will happen, so you will have a timeline with the one that sticks and then an announcement. Two, all the announcements will be on this page and everything will be much more clear when participants are joining. They can respond here.

As you can see here, they can look like this. They can respond to this, so they can add comments to this video that you’ve uploaded here. I can say, “cool video,” and then I can add a smiley in here. Something like this I can even add a video. I’m going to press enter and now this is my comment on this video. So there will be all the discussions in the announcements parts here.

It will be very active and then, in the event, they can see everything here, and once the event goes live, they can enter the main stage. When you click on enter the main stage, the main stage will be open and your event will start running at the specific time of the event, and that’s what I’m showing you here. This is what it will look like when everything is live. So I’m showing you this demo and it’s very empty, but once everything goes live, it will be like this with a lot of activity. As you can see here, there will be a live chat. As you can see here

Skola Groups OTO Bonuses

There is an announcement or live right now and then an upcoming event and another upcoming event at 12. So this will be, um, what the visitors will see of your event. So let’s go back here and then they can go back here. They can see into the lobby and network here. Everything will be shown here.

I think it’s pretty cool. So when we go back here to the event, we have everything in here. We have our announcements. We have the agenda where we can add multiple items and remember: we can already sell our tickets before we’re going live, so we can add more events to our events then in the networking parts here you will see the attendees that have registered. For your event, You will see the marketplace.

You will see the speakers, so everyone that has been added to this event. You can make them speakers as well. By selecting this person, you can edit this person. I can actually show you that when I go to the other event, I think it’s this one. I want to go to a networking event here.

You can see it here. This is an attendee here, so you can send messages to the attendee here. So when I click on send a message, I can send a message to Tom. There’s an inbox here where you can talk to each other. You can pin this chat and also I can edit this profile here and say: “Hey, this is Tom person. I wanted to make this Tom a speaker, and I saved this change, and now Tom has become a speaker, and I can send messages to Tom as well, so yeah.

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I think it’s a pretty cool platform with everything included, and then, if you want to invite people to your event, you can either manually invite them here by sending email addresses manually, or you can say, “I want to upload a building import, a CSV file where I will invite Then we’ve got some more options in here because the page you just saw can be changed right now. This is an orange button, the orange banner that we’re seeing here, not really matching your brand. No problem. You can upload your logo here. You can upload your product banner here with the custom colors. You can change that now; it’s blue!

You can change that as well. The countdown color can be changed and then availability, so choose when students can access your product’s features. You can also do a certification uh, where you can customize your certification design. As you can see here, you can preview the certificate. Let me see if I can preview this. It should be previewable. Let me zoom in, so this is the certificate that they’re going to get when they finish your event.

You can block students in here. You can turn in your reports here. You see the activity of your events, so you can see everything that happens. The community settings allow discussion creation right now. It’s admin only, but you can also change that to everyone, so yeah.

As you can see, it’s very advanced software, and in the profile here you see the transaction part, so you can see transaction payments that are happening. You can go to the analytics here. You can see how many sales net revenue tickets there are. When I go to the account settings here, I can change my bio and everything here. I can add my Stripe integrations here. All these platforms are integrated, so active campaigns, aweber, and webinars get a response.

Mailchimp market hero ontraport send lane webinar gem zoom is coming soon, Demio goes to the webinar, Infusionsoft mailer lite. All these platforms can have integrated notifications. You can enable the yes or no settings will be your API key and your domain, so you can also add multiple domains. If you run this for clients, you can simply add a domain in here and point that to this IP address, so you can run this on your own domain as well, or you can use the subdomain which you can create for yourself and send yourself emails. You can add different sender email addresses.

As you can see, this is a full-blown platform that allows you to run virtual events and, like I said, normally, because I’m going to show you. The pricing here is what you’ll be paying to get similar options inside the platform. You’ll be paying about fifteen thousand dollars per year. Right now, you can get this software here. This is the founders’ deal right now. You can get this software for 197 for lifetime access. You never pay anything again.

Skola Groups OTO Product Overview

Now there is a funnel, which will also allow you to upgrade to the all-access pass, and I’m going to show you what this is also, and the first upgrade is 47 dollars per month. Then the second upgrade is the pro version, which is 67, and then there’s also a virtual event summit for 47 dollars. Now after the launch, this will go to oh no. This is not correct. This will go to 97 per month, so scroll will be 97 per month after the launch.

This will go to 97 per month and the pro version will go to 197 with the virtual event summit. I will go to 97, but there is a special founder’s deal that gives you all. For these upgrades that you’re seeing right here for a special bundle price here of only 297 dollars, 297 dollars, you’re going to get access to the front end, but also to all access pads, for which in the funnel you’ll be paying 47 per month. This will only be a one-time payment of 297 and you don’t have to pay those monthly fees. Also, with the pro version, you’re going to get access to this, and I think this is the no-brainer deal at 297 because you’re going to get everything inside. Want to scroll down? This is the virtual event here, where you’re going to get the virtual events, the event calendar, and everything that’s listed here. You can pause the video and check out what’s in here and then the upgrade here, the all-access pads, you’re going to get all these extra things so you’ll be able to add bump offers, ticket bundles, and I didn’t even show you everything inside the platform yet Because what I see in here, I already see that I forgot to show you a lot of things: sponsorship boots, coupon codes, white label, branding, very cool ticket designers, certificates, run evergreen events, rollover events, community groups, in-depth sales, analytics, file storage, video, and audio player, pdf management, accelerator training, future updates and upgrades, ongoing work workshops, Facebook, group and VIP support.

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Personally, I think you need both of them in order to use the whole platform, um, completely, so this is 47 dollars per month. But again, if you get the 297, you only pay once for a lifetime deal and then also for virtual events with scola. This is the part where you can run freely, gen events. So if you want to run free events, this is the upgrade that you’d like to have light and dark modes. Also,

I just showed you the help widget advanced tracking, surveys, polls, color, buckets, phone sync, and book import attendees. This is 67 dollars and then you’re going to also get access to the virtual event summit with Sam Becker himself. Now Sam is a top affiliate. He’s going to show you how you can easily swipe competitors’ product offerings in less than 10 minutes, how to clone competitors’ product offerings in less than 10 minutes, without creating anything, and rapidly deploy your own virtual event without paying a cent for traffic or creating anything. Yet, this is so cool, he’s going to show you how you can run a virtual event, basically with other people’s products, um, and yeah.

In my opinion, this is 297, if you’re serious about running virtual events. This is a no-brainer. So that’s the pricing and again, if you want to check this out, check out the link in the description of this video and you’ll get all the details. Also, uh, My extras that you’re going to get

If you purchase this through my link and if you have any questions, make sure to ask them in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. If you like to see future updates as well, hit that notification bell, and please hit that like button Comment below if this review was useful. I would appreciate that. Thank you so much for watching this video. I hope to see you in my next one soon.

Skola Groups Frequently Asked Questions

1- What are Skola Groups?

In 2022, there has been a huge rise in the number of online communities, mastermind groups, and group coaching.

Using our software, customers can sell and set up their own community, Mastermind, or group coaching with discussions, training, and live workshops.

With a simple link, you can connect “Groups” to any sales funnel or checkout software. Groups will take care of the rest if you give away or sell spots in your program.

It gives customers an amazing, beautiful, and engaging experience and gives you everything you need to deliver your product professionally, without any hassles, and with everything you need in one platform.

2-I’m new to this. Can I still use Skola Groups to make money?

Yes, you can use Skola Groups, and it’s very simple to do.

3-What devices can Skola Groups be used on?

Yes, both Windows and Mac can use Skola Groups.

4-I don’t like Skola Groups. Can I get my money back?

Yes. Our 30-day money-back guarantee for Skola Groups means that you have nothing to lose.

5-Is there a fee every month for Skola Groups?

No, Skola Groups doesn’t charge a fee every month. You only have to pay once for Skola Groups, and you won’t be charged again.

6-Do I need to have used Skola Groups before or know how to use it?

No, it’s very easy for beginners to use, and you don’t need any special skills for Skola Groups.

7- Does training come with Skola Groups?
The Skola Groups have made it easier for you to learn everything you need to know about it.

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