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Below are the Slingly OTO links. 1,2,3,4,5 Get The 5 OTO Links With A Sale And Huge Bonuses OTO Slingly You will start receiving Big There is one Slingly Front-End and five Slingly OTOs Editions.

Slingly OTO Links + Massive Bonuses

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Slingly OTO Links Above –  What is Slingly ?

Over $3.5 million in sales with the biggest e-commerce SaaS, which has a lot of testimonials and great copy.

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Product Overview

Slingly OTOs Details – All OTOs’ Links Above

OTO1 Pro Edition

Here’s a great deal for 50% off My Design CLUB. Plus: Get access to all of 2021’s designs for free! That’s 600 more editable, no-limit designs on us!

Build Your Tribe Edition (OTO2)

How to build your tribes so you can sell anything!!
Let Us Build Audiences for Your Business That Buy Everything You Sell!
Ricky Mataka and Timothy Johnson are giving training for a limited time.

The OTO3 Wc Recordings Edition

Webinar Secret Recordings of the Cartel
IMAGINE You came to our private mastermind and learned 7-figure webinar strategies from the best minds in the webinar industry.
This secret document has more than 200K pieces of private webinar material, including our own private funnels. Multi 6 Figure Webinar Sequences. Our PowerPoint slides, copy, and secret Webinar Traffic Tactics

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Slingly OTO Links Above

Video review for Front End only Slingly

Slingly   Text From This Video

Hey, guys, what’s up? My name is Ricky Mateka. I started and own the website Slingly.com. I and my team have spent many years working on Slingly and its automation platform. At first, we were just a simple cataloging system that helped people run their online stores.

It has turned into a print-on-demand service on Shopify, where you can print, ship, and deliver over 32 different products to your customers without lifting a finger.

We already have integrations with Amazon, Shopify, and Etsy, and we are working on a lot more. In our academy, we teach advanced business skills. Through Facebook and other traffic channels, experts have made seven figures or more selling e-commerce. The deal I got on this page is one-of-a-kind and can’t be found anywhere else.

You can get a regular deal at slinger.com, but if you want something really special, pay attention to this message. Slingy.com was made just for you. I’ve helped thousands of people live the life they deserve, quit their 9-to-5 jobs, and join the Shopify, Amazon, and Etsy revolutions. We have groups, coaches, and everything else you need to succeed, just like our girl Jennifer, who used Etsy and the platform to make $123,000.

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Local Slingly OTO

Now. Slingly is about a lot more than just making money online. Slingly is a tool for keeping track of catalogs. You could keep your own print in the man inventory.We can print on more than 32 different things, like t-shirts, tank tops, flip-flops, sneakers, jewelry, canvas art, and a lot more.

I’m proud of the fact that I’ve put more than $1.8 million into the platform, which gets better every day. We’re proud of our software, and we’re also proud of how well we help people do in the e-commerce business. We make it easy for you to get started in less than 24 or 48 hours. We tell you how to put together your Shopify theme.

We teach you how to sell on Amazon. We show you how to use Etsy to sell things. We teach you what you need to know and give you the tools and resources you need to get started right away. So, I’m going to turn away from the camera and go into Slingly, where I’ll show you how to use a Slingly Pro account. Okay, you guys, follow me. So let me show you what a Slingly Pro account looks like and how automating your e-commerce business across multiple platforms will save you a lot of time and money.

So I’ll show you the list of premium products. This catalog has more than 18,000 designs you can sell with just one click. We have mugs, hoodies, crew neck fleeces, and designs on both the front and back. We serve so many different groups, from Christians to people who own guns to people who are getting married. Okay, so there are pets for Christmas, Halloween, and a lot more.

To upload to your store, you only have to click one button, but let me show you something else first, like more products.

Okay, when you click that, if we upload more products for you, you will see that these are all professionally designed products that you can upload right to your store. The way it works is that when you click a button like “add the store,” a box will pop up where you can choose where you want to add. At the moment, you can add items from Shopify Groove, Etsy, and Amazon. It’s really, really simple in this video and as we add more platforms. You can sell the base course at any price you want.

So, if you want to sell this, all you have to do is click one button. In our training, we show you how to sell t-shirts for up to $29 each and make 16 of them to sell. So, I’ve set up my Shopify store. Okay, I’m going to load. I’ll choose anything I want for my demo store. You already know which collection I want to put it in, so you can now choose the variation.

This version is a black shirt that can be worn by both men and women. You can choose between gray, red, and maroon. As long as we support them, you could have a lot of different colors, and this is all taken care of automatically. You don’t even have to touch the item. We have deals with specific vendors across the US who print and ship the unisex shirts, mugs, hoodies, and any other products that we support in Slingly. All you have to do is click this one button, and everything is being sent to your store right now.

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Linka Slingly OTOs

So I’ll look at this as an admin to show you what it looks like, and you can see how you can start selling in literally one minute. So, if you just wanted to sell this shirt, you can see all the sizes and prices, and everything is already done. Okay, let’s take a look at how it looks right now in the shop so that you can even sell it. Follow this link to get our theme, which also works on mobile. We have a magnifying glass, and here are the prices. We have styles, colors, and sizes that we support. This is where you’ll drive traffic from Facebook, and I’ll show you something really exciting about that in just a few minutes. So let’s go back to our print catalog, and I’ll show you some other cool things you can do with Slingly.

We made deals with jewelry makers. If you click this one button, you can see that there are different pendants you can sell, and they look beautiful. All of this is printed as needed. You can put your own designs on the site. We give you templates that you can upload right into Slingly until you’re ready to sell dog tags, bracelets, and other things with the same ease. You only have to click one button to add it to your store. Right now, if I click “assets,” Slingly will give me mock-up images for my advertising.

We also give you other images that look great and will sell on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and many other sites. It has the same power as the catalog, and you can literally just click one button to upload it to your store. Let me now show you a cool thing about Amazon.com. It was larger than two.

A billion views in one month means you can directly upload to Amazon using Sling.So, let’s go back to the coffee shop. I want to post this mug, all right? I could just click this one button right here, and it would cause a problem if you wanted to upload it right away. Okay, I’ll just put it right on Amazon. So all I have to do is leave everything else the same and change my price. Then, all you have to do is choose the UPC and put in the code. In the training, we’ll show you how you can get unlimited UPCs and be exempt, so you don’t have to worry about a UPC at all. This is a setting in Slingly, but I can’t show you it live because Amazon stores take 24 hours to update. So I’ll show you what we have already done.

So, let’s go to our managed inventory, where you can see that we already have a huge number of mugs for sale on Amazon. All of the pricing and shipping is done, and this will be sent out automatically. I mean, you can go crazy here. You can upload mugs, t-shirts, clubs, sweaters, and so much more directly to Amazon, and we’ll show you how and train you. What does it look like? It looks like this is fine, and then all you have to do is come in and explain the problem.

We show you how to do that kind of thing, but it’s already done for you and ready to sell on Amazon. Isn’t that amazing? I showed you how to click just once. Okay, these products are now on Shopify and ready to be sold. I showed you how to use it on Amazon and get it ready to sell. So, I’m going to go to Etsy, which is our next platform of choice.

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Slingly OTO AI Upsell

There are about 220 million premium buyers who visit Etsy’s website every month.

a month, so between Shopify, Amazon, and Etsy, you’re really getting the power of e-commerce on autopilot, since Slingly lets you upload right to Etsy. So I’ll click this one button, make a change, and basically sell this on Etsy. So, I have shops on Etsy. I know the name of my shop.

I’m ready to go with my mug. Now that I know how Etsy is different from eBay, I’m going to click this one button to go live. This is possible in real time. Amazon. You can upload them, and we’ll let you know they worked, but you won’t be able to see them in your managed inventory for at least 24 hours. I just bought it, so I can see it in my admin now.

When you click that, you’ll see that it’s ready over here, and I’ll look at this on Etsy. Look at this. It’s up and running, so you can sell your title, prices, descriptions, and other things. Your shipping is already taken care of, and these are some other items I’ve put up on different videos. What you can do now is really incredible. I’m not going to stop there. I’m going to go back to my Slingly catalog and show you some more amazing things.

You can do the same things with our premium print catalog. Can we support backpacks, tote bags, socks, flip-flops, a backpack’s front panel, and kids’ boots? We made this for different buyer niches, like kids, high tops, low tops, leather tote bags, men’s canvas backpacks, and more. You can use Slingly to add these premium products to your store with the click of a button. They look gorgeous and slinky. You should know that we add new designs all the time so that you can use and sell the same thing.

You just press one button and tell it where to go. You choose which store to go to. You choose the variation, set the price, click that one button, and the store goes crazy. You’re now ready to sell in just a few clicks. Let’s take a quick look at that finished product and see what it looks like. Everything comes down to price, and all styles are added to the list. This is where you’ll get your customers to buy this kind of product, which just keeps getting better and better.

as you move through the system. As you can see, we’re going to let you have your own print-on-demand catalog. What does that mean, then? You have a control panel where you can make your own designs for different things.

This is your own personal catalog that no one else can see. You just have to click “create new product,” and then you’ll come here and choose what kind of product you want to make. Do you want to create a mug? You want to make a backpack, right? You want to make a bib for a baby, right?

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