Anonymous UnionPay Cards: Enjoy the Privacy!


Do you know that UnionPay system has more clients than Visa and Mastercard taken together? The Chinese payment processor is really expanding at a tremendous speed, offering convenient payment opportunities to its customers. It is currently accepted in 90% of US ATMs, which is impressive! At the same time, the fees charged are much lower than in other systems of a comparable size, which makes the product truly unique.

One of its products, an anonymous prepaid card, is truly indispensable if you need to keep your expenses secret. You may give this card to your child who is studying far away and reload it once a month or in case of need without your ex-spouse ever knowing about it. You can also hand it over to your employee who needs to make a sensitive purchase for your new business partner. There are situations when things just should not be associated with your name and bank account. If you see at this point of reading that you need more financial confidentiality in your life, order an anonymous UnionPay card by providing minimum information about yourself.

What is the difference between an anonymous and a debit card?

A debit card is connected to your bank account, while an anonymous card is not, and this is the basis of its anonymity and higher security.

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Otherwise, both cards work in a similar way: you top them up using a SWIFT transfer and spend the money as soon as it is charged.

What other peculiarities make the card anonymous?

  • It does not bear the holder’s name: you need just a PIN number to operate it.
  • The cardholder’s name is not embossed on the magnetic strip, either.
  • The card is associated with your account in the Chinese payment system and no other accounts. 
  • UnionPay system does not share your data with any outside organizations.
  • You can pay in stores or withdraw money at ATMs without your name being associated with the transaction.

This is the highest degree of anonymity possible in the present-day world of omnipresent technology where almost every move is automatically traced.

Things to keep in mind when you use your newly-acquired prepaid credit card:

  • This is a multi-currency card, which means that you can reload it with euros, dollars, or renminbi.
  • Purchases and withdrawals in other currencies are allowed, and the conversion fee is as low as 1% per transaction – a really good offer on the financial market!
  • UnionPay cards are currently accepted in more than 180 countries, which makes them a really universal payment tool. However, please check whether such cards are accepted before you make any transaction.
  • Compliance with AML requirements and tax regulations is the sole responsibility of the cardholder.

What are the limits set on the UnionPay prepaid anonymous credit card?

The limits on the number of transactions and their amount do exist. However, if you see that you need to process higher amounts of money, you can get more cards – as many as you want, in fact!

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One card allows you to process the following amounts:

  • No more than $20,000 a month
  • No more than 5 transactions an hour – or 20 transactions a day
  • Load the card by no more than $9,000 a day or $50,000 a month
  • Maximum POS transaction or transfer to another card amount is $2,000
  • Minimum reload amount is $200

What are the fees payable for different transactions?

  • Cash withdrawal – $4.15
  • Card balance inquiry – $2.75
  • POS transaction – $1.25
  • Top-up – $4.00 or 2.5% (the higher of the two)
  • Transfer to another card – $7.00
  • Monthly maintenance fee – $3.00

How can I acquire and activate my UnionPay prepaid anonymous credit card?

  • Use the above link to get in touch with InternationalWealth experts. Tell us how many cards you would like to obtain and provide the address where they should be delivered. If you order 3 and more cards, you will get them at a reduced price! Don’t forget to mention a phone number that the express company will need to find you.
  • Wait for us to send you the invoice.
  • As soon as your payment is complete, we will send your cards by express courier (as we do in most cases) or by registered mail (which is a cheaper option).
  • We will make the tracking number known to you for your convenience.
  • Also, we will send a letter to you by email with the instructions on how to load and activate your card.
  • We will also request some documents from you: a passport copy, a utility bill issued fairly recently, and a completed application form. We would like to emphasize that no personal information will be exchanged with any payment institutions, and your transactions will remain completely anonymous. We only need this data from you as the payment system is required to have it to comply with the laws.
  • Expect your card to be activated within one or two business days.
  • As soon as it is activated and you reload it, you can use it!
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I can get a gift card, which is anonymous. What is the difference?

Gift cards are sometimes called anonymous or prepaid cards as well, which leads to confusion. 

A gift card is anonymous, and we cannot deny that. But it can be used only once: there is no way to reload it.

The UnionPay card that we propose can be reloaded as many times as you want.

How can a card be legally anonymous in the era of transparency?

There is a loophole that made it possible to design the product: if a card has a certain limit, it is qualified as a prepaid one. Prepaid card products are officially allowed to be anonymous as they are designed for limited cash flow.

Is there any interest charged on the funds?

No, the money available on the card is not subject to any interest.

Is there any minimum balance to be kept on the card?

No, you can keep any amount on your anonymous card.

Some people are surprised to hear that UnionPay is the world’s leader by the number of transactions. However, it is true, and we invite you to join a large community of UnionPay anonymous card users who value their privacy as much as you do.

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