15 Small scale business Ideas in India with low investment

small scale business
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Small scale business Ideas in India

“Business” is not merely a word; it is an ocean of wealth and adventure in which today’s youth wants to dive in and extract the maximum out of it. But, here only a few survive as it requires commitment, courage, perseverance, humility and integrity. In a business game, one enters according to his time and choice but once in the ring, leaving it would be difficult even if one wants to. Everything from ‘What is a small-scale business?’ to ‘Ideas for business’ will be discussed in this write-up!

In simple words, Business means a trade or occupation and the sale and purchase of services or products to yield a profit. You can think of Coca-Cola, Ola, Uber and many such names as an example of business at a global level. And local shops, restaurants and others are examples of small businesses.

 Now, you would have got a fair idea about the business and small-scale business. So, let’s see what’s the next step to go into business.

Yes, it is true that starting a business is not easy but also it is not that impossible! In the 21st century, irrespective of circumstances, Technology, Networking and Internet have given a number of opportunities to start a business and become a master eventually.

You would be thinking of different kind of business ideas and how much to invest and how to turn your business into a million-dollar venture. Just remember, Facebook was initiated from an ordinary Dorm room, from garage Metallica grew!

What is common among these business ideas? You will find these big names had a very low capital budget but still they grew so big! Why? Because the businessmen were passionate about their work and wanted to make it big.

Well, here are few small-scale business ideas in India with low investment:


Over a decade, blogging has made a platform which is being used by businesses and people to spread opinion and knowledge with the help of online posts and contents.

The scenario has been changed, blogging is now considered as a profession and this profession not only gives you income but also respect.

Okay, do one thing, take a pen and a diary and go out for a survey, you will get to know that there is at least a blogger out of 10 persons you met or came across.

Apart from this, you will find out that every start-up or any new business which has just established and is running successfully, have a blogger who creates the content of services or products that business or start-up offers. In short, for a successful business, you are going to have a blogger for blogging as one of the backbones.

The world has seen how this blogger and blogging creates critical impacts in the field of politics, society and business. More or less, this blogging has become very popular. The bloggers are considered as an online influencer by the businesses and people.

Well starting blogging and become a blogger is pretty easy but keeping the pace and quality intact, sincere passion and dedication are required. Well, you can get a number of free guides online, which will assist you in creating a blog and starting it in a few minutes.

Here are a few tips to become a successful blogger:

  • Select the apt niche and know your strengths because having an idea of business is not enough, you will have to be dedicated to continuing it for a longer time.
  • Decide the right audience according to your niche.
  • Choose the right advertisement program to join up.
  • Stay tuned to the latest updates regarding the business niche.

There are different types of blogs you can choose, here are few:

  1. Enterprise Blogs- This kind of blog is created for an organization or a company not for an individual. A team of content writers comes up with relevant and accurate content to target the company’s targeted audience to increase their sales. This way the team is able to spread the company’s product and services among the potential customers and attract them.
  2. Rogue Blogs- The contents of these blogs are honest and sharp. It can be in favour of or against the issue. That is why Rouge blogs easily attract readers’ attention. A Rouge blogger is fearless as he/she always goes critical on the topic. The reviews are bold and sharp cut on the burning topics and thus attracts both haters and admirers.
  3. Crash Test Dummy- Yes, as the name suggests, these blogs reviews and tests different types of techniques, strategies and tools. For example, they unbox new gadgets like smartwatches or phones and this way the people get to know what is good or bad.
  4. Guide Blogs- You already know about guide blogs, there is nothing extra to tell about. A guide blog has contents that aid targeted people with their professional and personal lives. Topics like career counselling, personal development, educational guidance, life coaching and others, they choose to share their content for the audience.
  5. Homer Blogs- Any type of blog that has a word count of over 2500 lies under this kind of blog. The Homer bloggers focus on anything, it can be lifestyle & fashion, educational coaching, health and fitness, step by step guides, spirituality or like this one (Small-Scale Business Ideas in India) and so on.
  6. Tell-All Blogs: The bloggers who have experimented, explore and have garnered expertise in a field share their experiences. These are new facts and exciting for readers. Through these blogs, people learn lessons and collect the right pieces of advice.
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2.Educational Services:

Today, in this world of growing competition, technology, inventions, and knowledge, Education Service has emerged as one of the thriving businesses. Making a web of skilled professionals to train, guide and teach adults and students in different sectors is quite a popular and reliable option for a small-scale business which can further be expanded depending upon its success rate.

There is a number of coaching centres for different exams in every corner of India which is helping the students to acquire the correct knowledge and best trick to counterfeit the exams. Even online courses have started to help students with different kind of patterns.

Well, this business requires your skill, networking and knowledge to provide the students what they actually need and this business does not require much investment.

3.Human Resource Management (HR):  

In India, there is an abundance of human resource and labour force. And because of this reason, there is an increasing demand for Human Resource Management.

The requirement of labours and management of workforce have become very crucial and this helps in the allotment at the right job location of the workforce.

So, the thing is, by taking advantage of this situation, you can establish your own firm as ‘Human Recruitment’. Through this way, you will be able to provide services of recruitment to other firms or companies who are looking for the workforce. For this, you will have to establish good relationships with different companies and create good data of candidates who are in the market looking out for jobs. And then you will have to refer a person according to the requirements of the firm. With these steps, you will get commission or money out of it for successful outcomes.

Considering the scenario of India with increasing population and high competition among peers, this business is indeed promising and going to be a successful one.

4.Career Guidance:

As a student, you would have experienced how difficult it is to choose biology stream, maths stream, commerce stream or other streams. Even our parents are not sure when they are asked about the same for their children. A lot of questions come into mind for choosing one. Even after completing schooling, where to step next is another divergence which comes into a student’s life.

Which institute to join and where to go are some other small questions which a student always finds the difficult answer.

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So, what you can do is build a system of experienced professionals and counsellors. With the help of this network, you can open a career consultation firm to help those children in choosing the right and apt career at a very nominal charge. Further, this firm can be extended to provide the services online as well.


Photos are the memories which make people cherish their past’s activities which were filled up with joy, love, sorrow and what not. So, you see the importance of a photo! Now, you will understand the weight of a good photo.

Thus, choosing photography as a business is promising and exciting as well. All you have to do is to snap good memories i.e. photos and eventually, you will become a professional photographer.

A photographer is invited in almost every occasion, whether it be a wedding, seminars, receptions, book and music launches, exhibitions, workshops, concerts, and other business or individual occasions.

You have plenty of options as a photographer to go for. You can join a good photography firm or an organization, you can also do a job as a freelance cameraman.

Above all, you can create your own firm and deploy other photographers and they will snap photos on different occasions or wherever and whenever needed.

And this does not require huge investment, you will have buy gadgets which are required for the photography and a good portfolio.

6.Estate Agent:

Because of industrialization and urbanization, the demand has increased for good houses for a living and for more land. Some people take the house or land on rent and some of them purchase it.

Well, in both the situation, they will need someone who can assist them or advise them regarding house and land. And those someones are real state agent or an advisor. So, your business is clear, start an estate agency. What is the biggest advantage of this business is that everybody from a middle class to an upper class, is interested and up for investment in property.  Also, you will come across many interested people who are going to buy some good property.

But you will have to care about the frauds and scams as this business is very much prone to such kind of activities. You will have to establish trust and reputation among your clients as well as masses.

7.Advertisement Making:

Advertisement plays a major role in the company’s success as it helps in spreading the information about the type of services and products that are being manufactured or offered by it. This is why companies invest a huge amount in promotion and advertisement.

So, if you are creative and artistic enough, then you can think of becoming an advertisement guru. Different brands and companies often take help from these advertisement gurus as they have the ability to promote their products and services in the market in a unique way. This is the role of an advertisement guru which possesses creativity and uniqueness.


As a kid, you would have watched many animated cartoons and even movies also. We watch them now also!

And with developing technology, the role of animation as a professional is also growing with time. With the just apt software and basic hardware, you can make animated videos sitting at home or anywhere to be precise.

If you are an Animation expert, then you can establish your own centre for training to others who want to take up animation as a profession both online and offline as a business.

With these things, many companies, organizations and brands will approach you for making animated documentaries and videos for them, enhancing your credibility.


Our 21st century is also known as the “Age of Freelancers”. While being a freelancer you can work on any project of your choice completely and freely.

The plus point of this kind of business is that you won’t y compiled by any type of contract and you will be able to work on a number of projects that you wish for from different sources. For this business, you will charge accordingly from your customer depending upon your skill and delivery of the project. In short, you will be your own master!

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Here is a list of popular job roles as chosen by freelancers:

  1. Freelance Content Writer
  2. Freelance Photography
  3. Freelance Human Resource Management
  4. Freelance Music Composer
  5. Freelance Cinematography
  6. Freelance Video Editor
  7. Freelance Animation
  8. Freelance Logo Designing and Illustration
  9. Freelance App Developer
  10. Freelance Web Designer
  11. Freelance Graphic Designer

10.Tea Stall:

Tea is everything! How could you imagine a world without tea? What will we have in the evenings? The tea Industry is doing exceptionally well at the global level over the decades, but the small tea stall owners have also done great at the local level. Tea stalls outside colleges, offices, homes make sure we don’t miss the basic ingredient of our life.

You can have your teal stall at a very minimal investment. You will have to arrange space for the stall or rent a small room, few sitting chairs and tables along with the ingredients of the tea.

11.Travel agency:

Everyone loves travelling. If you can sit for hours and search the cheapest hotels and flight or train tickets then you should probably look at this travel thing as a business. All you will have to do is to book the best package for the tourists. Along with that, you can become a tour guide, guiding them through all the important locations.

This business requires investment over a small room and good internet.

12.Event organizing:

We all know how events are celebrated in India i.e., on a grand level. It has been seen that many times the people who are into this celebration could not plan the event due to lack of ideas, time and energy.

Now, this is where the business comes into the picture. By becoming an event manager, you can solve the above problems. But, for diving into this business, you will have to be creative and artistic. Along with that, you should have different and trustworthy contacts of suppliers of various kind of items related to the event.

13.IT Security and Cyber Security:

When it arrives at Social Networking, Internet, Social Media, Blogging and Finance, Cyber security is a crucial area that has to be taken seriously to stop a different kind of cyber-crimes. The crimes related to the Internet has increased drastically because of the advancement and rapid growth of the Internet.

You would have heard of many such activities like online hacking, online thefts these days and now they occur quite often. Because of this, many organizations and other departments like forensic are looking for good IT and cyber security experts.

Now, if you are an expert in IT and cyber security services, then this skill of yours can be turned into a business. You will have to make a good and reputed team by establishing a great network of IT professionals. In this way, your team may get a chance to work as an IT and Cyber security team for the organization or different departments.

14.Green Consultancy and store:

With each passing day, the concern and awareness regarding our planet, Earth and the environment are increasing. People will have to understand how our activities are harming the earth and how can we minimize these. There is an urgency to promote green products which don’t harm our environment.

The green products are manufactured continuously but they are not easily available.

Though, if you collaborate with some NGOs or environmental organization and start a store which sells green products, then you will be able to make these items available easily.

This can be a great idea for business as environment concern is an international issue. Along with this if you have knowledge and skills of eco-friendly and energy saving activities, you can give green consultancy to different companies and organizations. This will help the organizations and companies to make their plan for their green journey in future.


We use handicrafts to gift our relatives, friends and loved ones. We use it for office and home décor. We decorate our houses with figurines, vases, chimes and other things.

You can enter into this market as your business (because creativity pays well) by importing a different kind of handicrafts from various regions and sell them at best prices.

So, these were the few ideas for small-scale business considering the market of India. Before starting any business, make sure you take proper advice from the experienced people about your idea, what’s the future of that business, and whether you will be able to continue it or not.

At length, just remember the quote of legendary Henry Ford, “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”

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