Small-talk about Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for Canadian athletes 

Small-talk about Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for Canadian athletes 
Small-talk about Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for Canadian athletes 

Today we will talk about the most popular and sought-after anabolic drug. Recombinant somatotropin (HGH), which is artificially obtained in the laboratory. HGH steroids for sale in bodybuilding have found wide application, providing, with the right dosage and systematic use, a quick set of muscle mass, a decrease in body fat, and a strengthening of the musculoskeletal system.

Athletes are prescribed a course of growth hormone during post-traumatic rehabilitation, it also helps in the treatment of atrophic disorders and joint diseases and has an immune-strengthening and rejuvenating effect.

In recent years, many types of drugs based on somatotropin have been presented on the sports pharmacology market, we will not list the characteristics of each but will focus on the general properties of the main active ingredient. In our article we will tell:

  • how is growth hormone used in bodybuilding;
  • what dosage to choose to speed up weight gain;
  • how to increase the effectiveness of training;
  • what are the benefits of somatotropin (HGH) and what are its side effects;
  • what is somatomedin (IGF-1) and why is it so important for athletes?

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How to use

For the first time, HGH steroids for sale in its modern form appeared on the market in 1981, when industrial production of recombined somatotropin from E. coli bacteria was established in bioengineering laboratories. After seven years, its use in professional sports was banned. But the athletes could not ignore the effective growth hormone, bodybuilding has become one of the disciplines in which the use of anabolic is still allowed. Unlike steroids, recombinant somatotropin does not cause serious changes in the functioning of the human endocrine system.

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Growth hormone in bodybuilding helps to achieve three goals at once:

  • weight gain;
  • drying and relief muscles;
  • weight loss.

The dosage is different. For example, for a noticeable anabolic effect, it is supposed to take 4-8 units of growth hormone per day (initial dose of 2 units), one cycle is about 20-30 weeks. The course must be interrupted in order to avoid addiction to the drug (tolerance is a phenomenon in which somatotropin ceases to act on the body). You can find a more detailed weekly program in the corresponding article on our website.

How to increase growth hormone levels

The basic concentration in the blood is about 1-5 ng/ml (peak during puberty – 10-45). Such indicators are considered normal, but with age, endogenous production of natural growth hormone decreases. As a result of irreversible changes, the number of peptides that affect secretion is reduced. This process can be stopped by prophylactic injections of somatotropin itself or by taking peptide drugs.

The anti-aging course is 2-3 units per day, but a dose of 1.5-2 units is considered a replacement for middle-aged and elderly people. In sports, things are a little different. HGH steroids for sale in bodybuilding are used along with peptide complexes, combined with a protein diet, and also combined with other sports drugs. And all in order to achieve natural muscle hyperplasia, when the fibers increase in mass, stimulating the appearance of new structural elements.

Insulin and growth hormone

It is important to note that it is not the natural growth hormone supplements themselves that are important for mass growth, bodybuilding requires endogenous changes, but the so-called insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) provides them. Under the influence of somatotropin, liver cells produce somatomedin, a biologically active peptide that, at the proper concentration in the blood, causes muscle hyperplasia (anabolic weight gain). Thus, the HGH drug is a kind of natural growth hormone supplement that starts and accelerates the natural processes in the body.

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Benefits and side effects

A properly selected course of growth hormones provides:

  • enhanced anabolic activity;
  • inhibition of catabolism;
  • reduction of body fat;
  • optimal energy regulation during active weight training;
  • normalization of fat and mineral metabolism in all cells;
  • increase in strength indicators;
  • accelerated synthesis of muscle protein, as well as immunoglobulins;
  • strengthening immunity due to the spread of macrophages and lymphocytes;
  • rejuvenating effect;
  • rapid healing of tissues after injuries, wounds, and surgery due to the normalization of nitrogen balance;
  • decrease in the level of serum cholesterol in the blood;
  • strengthening the myocardium;
  • positive effect on libido.

Given the impressive number of positive effects, it is not surprising that growth hormone in bodybuilding plays a key role. None of the other products of sports pharmacology has such benefits for the athlete.

Adverse effects include bloating, increased blood pressure, joint pain, hyperglycemia, soft tissue swelling, thyroid suppression, and in some cases, carpal tunnel syndrome. At the first sign of side effects, it is recommended to reduce the intake by 25% and administer a reduced dose within two weeks. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.