Social media statistics and key highlights for the year 2022

Social media statistics and key highlights for the year 2022
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Almost 20 years ago the world and its thoughts changed drastically. All this happened because of the advent of social media in people’s lives. Most of the leisure time of the world depends on social media sites. Social media sites also started to incorporate into people’s business and marketing strategies.

The competition in the world has increased as social media has connected the whole world under one roof. To succeed in this modern world, the study of social media statistics is very important. These stats give you valuable insights about various ways to customer engagement and other business strategies.

The main aim of social media marketing agencies is to use social media marketing platforms in effective ways to promote the business. The agencies study statistics timely which helps them to gauge your marketing performance and open new opportunities.

Social media usage statistics:

According to a report, almost 58.4% of the world’s population uses social media platforms.

Social media platform users have increased by 227 million in the past 1 year.

More than 93% of citizens log in to their social media sites every day.

Fast-growing social networking sites:

Social media marketing requires proficient strategies for the growth of the business. The business has very less period for marketing. Hence social media marketing agencies provide a major role in the growth of the business using marketing strategies.

The fastest-growing social media site these days is TikTok which has grown by 18% in the past year.

Social media marketing statistics and facts for business growth and consumers behaviors:

There are different marketing strategies that a social media agency uses for the growth of the business and to attract customers.

For example:

 There is a 6% more chance that the consumer will buy the product because the website is more image friendly and image friendly as it attracts the eyes of the customers.

Customers believe the regular product reviews made by the local people and trust the companies that have good reviews for the business. It is research that 37% of customers buy the product by daily user recommendation and 7 % of the customers buy the product by the influence of social media influencers.

Global social media growth insights:

The covid -19 has changed the user time related to the customer experience. There are different social media sites that businesses are using for the growth of their business. From 2018 to 2022 new channels and technologies are introduced in the market. This has created a place for the digital marketing agencies in Dubai to make a bright future for the business that are related to them.

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 Statistics of social media advertising:

Despite the negative reputation of the al media ads in the eyes of the users, these ads are a powerful tool for the ness.

  • In 2022, 173 million dollars were spent of ton social media ads.
  • 24 billion dollars were spent on the video’s ads.
  • Instagram and Facebook ads cost advertisers 60 percent more this year than they did last year in the first three months
  • More than 75 percent of B2C and B2B businesses use retargeting ads for Instagram and Facebook in their social media marketing strategy.

Facebook statistics:

As a result of the “meta” rebrand and a whistleblower scandal, Facebook has been extremely scrutinized. Yet, the pioneer social media site continues to be a marketing powerhouse with millions of users.

  • Facebook has 25.2% of the shared revenue with amazon in social ads despite the strict privacy policies of Facebook.
  • Facebook is used by almost 10 million people for advertising.
  • 31% of adults make the best use of Facebook for reading news making it a purposeful platform.
  • Facebook user statistics predict that by the end of 2022, 3 million people will be using Facebook messenger.
  • Facebook marketing is a great tool for the growth of the business.

Instagram statistics:

Instagram is a wide platform that has gained importance in the last couple of years. Business rush to increase the number of followers on their Instagram accounts to prove authenticity and value to their clients. Instagram marketing is a powerful tool for the growth of the business.

  • Instagram has been using ads also. Nearly 1.5 billion users on Instagram are using Instagram ads.
  • 92% of the user report that they came to know about a certain business with the help of Instagram ads which helps in the growth of the business and make Instagram a valuable platform.
  • According to Instagram user statistics, an average Instagram user uses Instagram for 11 hours approx. per month.

Twitter statistics:

The most popular place for users to discuss politics, view memes, and connect with brands is Twitter.

  • Twitter is used by approximately 5 hours by users every month.
  • 7% of the audience on Twitter is aged between 13-17 years.
  • Twitter revenue increased 22% in 2021 and surpasses 1.41 billion dollars.

LinkedIn statistics:

LinkedIn is one of the most used platforms for professional users. Companies from all over the world create their LinkedIn accounts to keep their users updated about new and upcoming releases.

  • More than 810 million users use LinkedIn globally.
  • In 2021 the ad revenue of LinkedIn increased by 37 %
  • More than half of the recruitments were done in 2021
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TikTok statistics:

TikTok was firstly not known by many users and was not popular. During the covid times, the application has grown and is used by millions of people globally making it the sixth most used app in the world

  • 62% of the companies think that it is important to make the videos collaborate in TikTok to make the brand more famous among the users. As the influencers on TikTok have a great influence on people.
  • In 2022, the social channel investment was noticed highest (82%) in TikTok.
  • TikTok influencers have the highest engagement rate and have almost 5k to million followers.
  • The most followed person on TikTok has more than 150 million followers on TikTok.

Pinterest statistics:

Pinterest are the best place to find new innovative ideas and connects the mindset of people from all over the world

  • The place is very amazing as it can help you to reach the companies as per your desire.
  • Account to the count that 400 million people use Pinterest monthly.
  • Pinterest marketing works best as it helps the customers to see what they have an interest in.
  • Users report that Pinterest is a source of finding new companies with innovative designs and markets.

Marketing update after covid-19:

According to reports, the use of social media and social media marketing increased drastically after the covid 19. People changed from going to market to online shopping and finding new applications for their searches. This increased the value of social media marketing. A few years ago, social media growth appeared to slow down.

Times which are most popular for the users to use social media:

Social media marketing is not only a task of advertising and the posting of captions. It is the ultimate study that what is best for the users and what attracts them. There are different times of the day when users are more available on social media sites. It identifies the ideal frequency of posts on social media. This process is known as social media optimization.

Every social platform has an optimum point for how many times a day/week/month you should post content and when customers are on social media.

Several businesses used to post content on social media sites multiple times a day, which was beneficial to them. A plunge in organic reach has changed the story, and now one Facebook update a day can be more effective.

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There are some social media channels where this is not true. Marketing for a brand can be boosted by more updates daily on LinkedIn or Twitter. 

It has been shown by experience that the most effective time for posting on Facebook and Instagram is around Wednesday at noon. To achieve the best results, we recommend that you publish updates on both platforms as closely as possible to these dates and times.

Social media engagement rates:

There are different bench makers through which you can measure the social media engagement rates.

Instagram engagement rates:

Instagram engagement decreased by about 30 percent between 2020 and 2021. Still, it has more engagement rates than Facebook. Thus, the top social media marketing agencies should study these engagement rates more.

Facebook engagement rates:

Post engagement rates tell how much the users are engaged with the posts. The Facebook post engagement was 0.0024% in 2021. The Facebook pages of lead influencers like the sports teams got an engagement of 0.27 %. Influencers got 0.23% of the engagements through Facebook which is the second-highest Facebook engagement. Tech, software, health, and beauty got the lowest engagement rates of 0.2%.

Customer engagement based on the media formats:

There are different ratios of customer engagement based on customer engagement. Videos of more than 60 seconds are known to get more engagement on Facebook. In the same way, the videos that are shorter and are in the form of reels earn more engagement on Instagram.

The social media marketing and management industries know by their strategies and studies what will best work for the brands and businesses that will help them to grow the business more rapidly. Social media engagement is the most powerful tool to grow your business exponentially.

The bottom line:

Based in UAE, Potensia media is a digital marketing agency that knows what is best for your brand. We work with you as partners and create the best strategies after listening to the story of your business and success. After listening to your story, we design a masterpiece of our strategies to ensure that the social media content designed by us gets the most customer engagement.

Our team generates more social media campaigns that help you to lead in this world full of competition.

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