The solution to common PDF problems

The solution to common PDF problems
The solution to common PDF problems

PDF FAQs include editing, merging, and converting PDF files. Today, we bring you a simple way to deal with these issues using online tools, which is very helpful for people who often work with PDF files.

Summary of Frequently Asked PDF Questions

First, let’s sort out the frequently encountered PDF problems; they include the following 6 points:

Change only part of the PDF (text, images, graphics, etc.)

Annotate PDFs.

Fill out the form.

Merge PDFs.

Editing to make text and images invisible.

Set bookmarks.

A solution to the problem

Change only part of the PDF (text, images, graphics, etc.)

You can add, change or delete text, images, graphics, etc., in the text of the PDF. Editing that changes only part of such a PDF is also called retouching.

Tools used: online pdf editor

The first step, visit the platform and click ” Online pdf editor ” to enter the tool page.

In the second step, select “Select File” and upload the local PDF file.

The third step is to wait for the system to process and click “Download” after completion.

Annotate PDFs, edit text and images invisible, set bookmarks

Comments can be added. Annotations come in many different types and can be overlaid with text or drawn with shapes or images.

Tools used: online pdf editor.

It should be noted that the online pdf editor can not only edit and modify PDF documents online, but it also has functions such as annotation, signing, and watermarking.

The toolbar is located at the top of the page, divided into “Text,” “Eraser,” “Redact,” “Highlight,” “Image,” “Draw,” and “Sign” Users use these functions to realize comments or add text, pictures, symbols, as well as eliminating text, the user can achieve various parts by selecting tools.

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If your current PDF converter doesn’t let you change parts of your file, merge documents or edit text and images, you should consider switching to DocuFreezer. This free offline app has built-in features which will allow you to forget the majority of the issues you might face while processing PDF files. 

First, you can merge or split files by choosing a corresponding option in DocuFreezer’s settings. By ticking the Make PDF searchable (OCR) box and choosing a language, you are activating an OCR feature to be able to edit the text in your document. 

You can also add images or texts to your pages via the Edit Operations tab. Add page numbers, dates, times, and names as watermarks, and modify each the way you want to. Set automatic or custom page rotation via the same tab.

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