Sonu Sharma: Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Wife, Biography, Net Worth, and More

Sonu Sharma: Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Wife, Biography, Net Worth, and More
Sonu Sharma: Wiki, Age, Height, Wife, Biography and More

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Who is Sonu Sharma?

We all desire to succeed better in life by being motivated to work hard in whatever field we are pursuing. And that’s a very good thought. That’s why we take this opportunity to talk about a very influential man who has crossed the eyes of numerous individuals in his vocation. Sonu Sharma is a successful motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and an influential multi-level marketer.

Sonu Sharma
Sonu Sharma

Sonu Sharma’s Achievement:

Mr. Sonu Sharma who is the founder of the Dynamic India Group is an author, business consultant, educator, and successful entrepreneur. As the Youngest Inspirational Speaker, he is determined to inspire and encourage numerous people to realize their true potential in whatever they dream of. His 17 years of experience in research and understanding in the direct sales industry has put various organizations on a path of growth and achievement. Nearly 10,000s individuals have been inspired by the Dynamic Workshops in over 12 states in India and nearly 20 million have followed his steps on YouTube across 192 countries.

Sonu Sharma’s Wiki:

NameSonu Sharma
Nick NameSonu
Landed on Earth19th April 1995
BirthplaceFaridabad, Haryana
Age39 Years
SchoolDayanand Public School, Faridabad
College/UniversityDAV College, Chandigarh
ProfessionInspirational Speaker, Business Consultant, Blogger, Author
EducationChartered Accountant 
MotherNot Known
FatherName not Known
SisterNot Known
BrotherNot Known
Marital StatusMarried
Husband/SpouseSwati Sharma
ChildrenTwo Daughters
HeightIn Centimeters- 172 cm ,In Feet Inches- 5’6″,In Meters- 1.72 m
Weight76 kg
Body Size42-34-12
Eyes ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBrown
Zodiac SignAquarious
Food HabitVegetarian
Salary50-60 Lakh per month
Net Worth150 Crores
His inspiration   Sachin Tendulkar
Sonu Sharma Overview

Sonu Sharma’s Family:

Sonu Sharma lives in Faridabad with his father, mother, and wife. Interestingly, Sonu Sharma married a girl from Bhuvneshwar. Sonu Sharma got married to Swati Sharma on 30 Apr 2006. He has two cute daughters. Please scroll down to see the Sonu Sharma family in pictures.

Sonu Sharma’s Education:

Sonu Sharma was born in a middle-class family. He completed his education from Dayanand Public School.

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Sonu Sharma’s Personal information:

Due to weak studies. He failed in the 8th class and 11th class and also in his first year. But Accountancy has been his favorite subject. At that time he started giving coaching classes and after that, he also qualified CA exam. His family condition is not good even at that time.

Sonu Sharma’s Career:

Sonu Sharma‘s life has changed since he started networking and he got the heights of networking with Direct Selling / MLM which are very difficult. He started his journey from Naswiz from 14 September 2005 and ventured into networking.Naswiz is an initiative established by Sonu Sharma wiki where it is worked by a group of talented individuals with decades of cumulative experience in the IT industry and direct sales. Sonu Sharma is an Ambassador and one of the highest grosser in one of the leading network marketing companies in India. He has the best expertise in software development.

Video Courtesy: Sonu Sharma

Sonu Sharma’s Work Life:

Currently, Sonu Sharma has been residing in Faridabad with his wife and parents. Their identity is not yet disclosed on the internet. Sonu Sharma comes from a very ordinary family where he has also seen the face of poverty. But with determination and time, he also achieved very high success. At a young age, he started giving tuitions to earn a little for his family. He loved the subject of accountancy as he was good with numbers. Later in life, despite being a Chartered Accountant he decided to change his path and began practicing in the field of Network Marketing. Thousands of people came from far and wide to attend his informative seminars.

Sonu Sharma’s height:

Sonu Sharma’s height is in Centimeters is172 cm , in Feet Inches- 5’6″and in Meters- 1.72 m

Sonu Sharma’s net worth:

Sonu Sharma’s net worth is around 150 Crores

He strongly pays emphasis on the following principles:

  • Human growth can never be fruitful with goal setting.
  • One who doesn’t set goals, his life revolves round and round.
  • An individual who lives with his mind is never a seeker, but a man who lives with determination is a seeker.
  • Making money and handling it are both different things.
  • An individual always earns equal to his status.
  • An individual can never earn more by increasing time, they can earn efficiently only by increasing value.
  • Good habits have to be developed; bad habits are formed on their own.
  • You do not need to create your future; you can just develop your habits and habits make that future you dream of.
  • People do not lose because of being doubted, people lose based on their ability to make decisions.
  • Success comes from doing those material things which you do not feel like performing.
  • The earnings of an individual can never jump above his personalities.
  • One should never forget his status and past life, that person always succeeds in life.
  • You do not have to stop before reaching where you want to reach.
  • Every kite goes to the trash can one day, but one day before that one has to show by touching the sky.
  • An individual cannot do good even until the individual decides.
  • To achieve anything, one must first have the reason to get it.
  • The stage of your coming few years will decide your stage today.
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Personal development is the key to success:

According to Sonu Sharma income will not far exceed your personal development. He says that life has strange ways where if you take a lucky jump and if you work on your personal development you can achieve whatever you wish for.

Way to become global leaders:

Sonu Sharma has worked hard to provide featured services to numerous clients worldwide. He has created a hue for leadership and research in India and has introduced new programming to strengthen India’s corporate sector. He encourages attendance in executive education programs so that individuals have access to numerous industry leaders and a global network of top professionals.

Sonu Sharma’s Images/Pics:

Sonu Sharma
Sonu Sharma
Sonu Sharma pic
Sonu Sharma
Sonu Sharma  Picture
Sonu Sharma Photo
Sonu Sharma Image
Sonu Sharma

Naswiz Retails Pvt Ltd(Start Up):

This is an initiative founded by Sonu Sharma where there is work done by a group of talented individuals with a cumulative experience of decades in the IT industry and direct selling. Mr. Sonu Sharma is the crown ambassador and the highest earner in one of the leading network marketing companies in India. They have the best expertise in software development. The efficient team has with time designed software solutions for numerous corporate, government, and semi-government clients. The initiative procures products directly from the manufacturers with their own quality control mechanism. They also provide an amazing platform for numerous individuals who wish to work as budding entrepreneurs.

Sonu Sharma strongly believes that practice can help one individual overcome the biggest of challenges.

A mentor is somebody who observes more talent and ability within you, than you see it in yourself, and helps bring it out of you. Therefore, Sonu Sharma is a lamplighter for numerous directionless individuals. True education doe not consist merely in the acquiring of a few facts of science, history, literature, or art, but in the development of character and he is a master of making characteristic people by giving his education style.

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If you’re seeking a powerful way to develop and grow your talent, consider how many of today’s leaders have had the benefit of a mentor’s wisdom and experience to help them develop into their current roles, you will not get hardly real hero in the current scenario and, therefore, Sonu Sharma, 100% deserves a big applause for covering youth inspirations.

You can get inspired by following Sonu Sharma on various platforms:

Faq’s about Sonu Sharma:

What is the net worth of Sonu Sharma?

Sonu Sharma’s net worth is not known.

What is Sonu Sharma’s wife’s name?

Sonu Sharma’s wife’s name is Swati Sharma.

How did Sonu Sharma start?

Sonu Sharma is an Educator, Author, Successful Entrepreneur, and Business Consultant; he is a much sought-after speaker. He started his journey from Naswiz from 14 September 2005 and ventured into networking. Naswiz is an initiative established by Sonu Sharma Wiki. for 4 Million Subscribers on YouTube!

Which company does Sonu Sharma own?

Mr. Sonu Sharma is the founder of DYNAMIC INDIA GROUP (INDIA).

What does Sonu Sharma do for a living?

Mr. Sonu Sharma is the founder of DYNAMIC INDIA GROUP (INDIA) An Author, Educator, Business Consultant, and successful Entrepreneur, he is a much sought-after speaker. Today he is one of the Youngest Inspirational Speakers in India He inspires and encourages individuals to realize their true potential.

Is Sonu Sharma an Iitian?

No Sonu Sharma is not an Iitian.

Which company does Sonu Sharma work for?

Sonu Sharma is presenting a Life-changing Business Plan for India’s no. 1 Direct Selling Company VESTIGE.

Who is the God of network marketing?

Sonu Sharma is the god of network marketing.

What is the salary in network marketing?

Network Marketing salary in India ranges between ₹ 0.1 Lakhs to ₹ 4.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 1.2 Lakhs

Who is the owner of Dynamic India group?

Sonu Sharma is the founder of DYNAMIC INDIA GROUP (INDIA). An Author, Educator, Business Consultant, and successful Entrepreneur, he is a much sought-after speaker. Today he is one of the Youngest Inspirational Speakers in India He inspires and encourages individuals to realize their true potential.

What is the present age of Sonu Sharma?

Sonu Sharma is a 39 years old.

How can I join Sonu Sharma?

Call 8010691010 to Join Team Sonu Sharma.

What is the Sonu Sharma team?

The Team Sonu Sharma (TSS) is basically a team That is working to earn money and help others to make money Via Network Marketing. Team Sonu Sharma (TSS) Is founded by Sonu Sharma. Sonu Sharma is an Author, Educator, Business Consultant, and successful Entrepreneur. … TSS Basically targeted youth to add to this team.

Is team Sonu Sharma real?

Sonu Sharma is an Educator Business Consultant, A Successful Entrepreneur, and one of the Best Youngest Motivational Speakers of India Today. As a Highly Successful Trainer, he has Trained more than One Lac People across the nation. He works to inspire and inform people helping them to realize their true potential.







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