How to Find the Best Wholesale Wig Distributor?

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A person’s crown is their hair. That’s accurate. But with time, our crowns erode. Instead of wallowing in the issue, business people use it to launch a multimillion-dollar hair industry that offers everything from perfect wigs to high-end extensions. This post is for you if you intend to join this industry. Continue reading to learn how to profit from the list of wholesale wig distributors.

What is a Wholesale Wig Distributors List?

As more people recognize the value and skill of hair styling, the industry grows to serve a more extensive clientele. The result is the creation of a list of hair vendors.

A list of wholesale suppliers for hair products and extensions is known as a “hair vendors list.” It is the top resource for businesspeople looking to save money by purchasing bulk hair products.

5 Best Global-Quality Wholesale Wig Distributors List 

There are many hair vendors in your area thanks to the wig and extension market’s rapid growth. They might be one of your local area’s best sources for hair sales.

But if you are keen on stepping up your game in this industry and competing globally, check out our top five list of hair vendors.

MIC Hair


Mic Hair is a premier customer-focused wholesale wig distributor that competes in domestic and foreign markets. Mic Hair is one of the most reputable hair suppliers globally thanks to its more than ten years of experience in the hair market.

The company maintains its global partnerships with entrepreneurs in the U.S., North and South America, Europe, Russia, Ukraine, the U.K., Italy, and France to serve its foreign markets.

With its top-notch and unmatched quality products, Mic Hair consistently meets the needs of its clients’ thanks to its strong position in the global market and strategic approach.

New Times Hair


One of the world’s best “full stackers” is New Times Hair. Click here to learn more. 

In contrast to other brands, New Times Hair manufactures, exports, wholesales, and retails its products to more than 200 nations worldwide. On top of that, they have custom-made services as well. 

Their products are composed entirely of human hair, catering for men and women of all ethnicities and age groups. Their customers include prestigious salons, skilled stylists, cosmetology schools, hair clinics, local distributors, etc., and individual wearers.

New Times Hair is your top choice if you sell hairpieces or wigs, are searching for hairpiece products, or if you wear wigs and want to pay as little as possible for high-quality products. They are among the top toupee manufacturers and wig suppliers online.

For both sexes, people of all ages and races, New Times Hair offers a wide range of items, including medical wigs, Jewish wigs, lace wigs, hair integrations, frontals, closures, hair replacement systems, toppers, and extensions. Along with high-quality stock items, New Times Hair also provides customization services so customers can have their hairpieces designed and manufactured just for them or place bulk orders for custom-made items. For a complete of their wig or hair extension collection, click here

NTH can assist you from the ground up if you want to create your items and have them manufactured. Additionally, New Times Hair provides all hair enterprises with a range of VIP services, including dropshipping, deeply discounted wholesale prices, low sample prices, OEM, etc. Get in touch with them immediately if you’re seeking a top-notch source!

J.C. Hair Factory

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J.C. Hair Factory reinvents the conventional sales approach to assist every aspiring hair vendor. They choose to sell their items directly to their customers rather than relying as much on mid-agency partners.

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Their company benefits from remodeling the conventional sales model. The 20-year-old Chinese hair business currently participates as one of the best businesses on the virgin hair vendors list.

Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, and Malaysian hair are all included in their area of specialization.

Cambodia Hair Freak

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The Cambodia Hair Freak is another international hair supplier on our list of hair suppliers. In contrast to other hair sellers, the Cambodia Hair Freak focuses on supplying Cambodian hair domestically and internationally.

Their high-quality, robust hair from ladies between 18 and 25 sets their hair and products apart from those on the list of hair merchants.

Private Label Extensions


Check out Private Label Extensions if you’re looking for a hair supplier that produces top-notch hair bundles, closures, frontals, or even wigs using a cutting-edge method.

One of the top hair retailers in North America is Private Label Extensions. This hair retailer has its headquarters in Georgia, and its clients adore its top-notch hair products.

They remain one of the top businesses that make up the list of the top wholesale wig distributors in the USA due to the exceptional value of the product.

How Much Does a Wholesale Wig Distributor List Cost?

When looking for an internet list of hair suppliers, Google may be your best research ally. But not all are accessible online.

Some businesses continue to conduct business the old-fashioned way and think something other than a website can increase their sales. In this situation, a “finder” is helpful.

A “finder” is a person who is familiar with all the hair salons’ addresses in a particular region. They will then sell the list to anyone with interest in the hair trading business.

What is the price? It varies. Some lists may cost under $100. Some are offered for sale for $1,000 or more. That’s too expensive. We consider that a reasonable cost for a comprehensive and instructive directory of hair suppliers.

For instance, if you ask the “finder” to provide you with a list of all New York-based businesses that sell raw Indian hair, they will do so, along with their most recent phone numbers. Suppose the businesses are raw hair merchants or are on a list of virgin hair vendors. In that case, they may additionally contribute information to the sheet. That implies that the cost is determined by the amount of information required. The list is available for as little as $50 or as much as $1,000.

Why should we use the hair vendors list?

Time is money, and you should always keep this in mind. Some people might not understand this, but imagine that you are competing in the hair industry with someone who is ten steps ahead of you and making money whether or not you take the first step.

To catch up with them, you must quadruple your speed. You need a qualified data researcher to beat your deadline and guarantee you get the most significant hair vendors to list available.

Instead of individually calling and requesting all the information you require from the vendors, you need their experience to provide you with all the specifics about a specific hair dealer. 

How do you find good wholesale wig distributors?

Before going the DIY route, here are some factors to consider if you are not into ready-made hair vendors.

Step 1. List down all you need to know.

Make a note of all your potential queries or all the information you need before looking for the best wholesale wig distributors in your area or worldwide.

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Make sure the list contains pertinent information to your hair and wig trading business, such as the wholesale pricing, the return policy, discounts, and the address of the hair vendor’s warehouse from which they will ship the product.

Step 2. Research the wholesale wig distributors in your area.

Excellent research is always the source of reliable data. Once you have all the necessary information, start looking for hair suppliers both locally and abroad. Only keep sellers who adhere to your rules and expectations.

Step 3. Contact the wholesale wig distributors.

Once you have the contact information for the hair vendors, start an email or phone conversation with them to see if they can meet your needs.

Throw out anyone who won’t comply with your requirements.

Step 4. Read the fine print, then sign the contract.

You must continually read the fine print provided by every business. The actual deal-maker or deal-breaker is these acceptable print clauses. When you place an order with the company, this is where all of the “catch” is hidden.

For instance, the vendor’s website may advertise a 100% money-back promise on the landing page. Still, the tiny print may read a 100% money-back guarantee ONLY IF you return the goods within three business days.

Look for another seller if you prefer something else to the fine print.

Step 5. Remember to ask for samples.

You can request a sample and have it delivered to your location if you are unable to visit the company’s warehouse or the closest store. That is the key to determining whether the vendor’s sales and marketing text accurately describes their offering.

Furthermore, you will learn about the problems with their couriers, shipping procedures, and packaging practices to maintain the product’s excellent quality.

Step 6. Flexible payment plans and channels. 

When building a list of hair sellers, you must consider payment options. Each vendor you believe would make the best trading partner for hair must have an adaptable or appropriate channel strategy.

Do you have to pay the total price upfront, or do they want a 50% down payment? Do they also take direct bank deposits in addition to online payment methods like PayPal, Strife, Wise, and others?

Be aware that the security of their payment mechanism must match yours. If not, you can run into issues with hackers and con artists. Once you have completed all these processes, you may begin working on your business plan or the documents required for your company to launch.

Honest Tips Before Using a New Wholesale Wig Distributor

Whatever industry you wish to enter, you must be at the top of the game. The materials, designs, quality, packing, and, most significantly, the shipping, handling, refund, and return policies must satisfy your customers. Here are some pointers for you:

Tip #1. Tell them your specifics. 

You must first explain your precise needs to a new vendor before using them from the list of hair vendors you discovered. Inform them of the hair’s length, size, and material specifications you intend to order from your new supplier.

Tip #2 Ask them if they will commit to the business.

In business, commitment is everything. Every business has a marketing schedule that the runners adhere to religiously. Your schedule will be intact if a vendor completes your order by a specified date. It will then start a chain reaction that will mess up your schedule.

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Tip # 3 Ask them how the products are shipped.

Shipping, handling, and packaging all need to work together. When transporting goods from one place to another, the packaging must be sound to endure unfavorable situations.

Tip # 4 Discuss the refund and return policies.

The main questions you should have for your new hair dealer concern their refund and return procedures.

Trust between you and the vendor is built through a transparent and comprehensive refund and return policy.

Additionally, it aids in the complete knowledge of roles and responsibilities by both parties, which is necessary to prevent misunderstandings and conflicts due to poor communication.

Are the Best Wholesale Wig Distributors on a List? 

The best providers of virgin hair are occasionally included on the list. Sometimes they are not. The hair trading industry operates too quickly, which is an issue. That suggests that the list is updated regularly.

Suppliers or wholesale wig distributors may sometimes pay the “finder” to include their company.

Therefore, whether you find new raw hair vendors, purchase a list of hair vendors, virgin hair wholesale wig distributors, or at the least obtain new vendors from a free list of hair vendors, you must confirm the integrity of the hair sellers.

Take New Times Hair as an Example. The company has been in the trade for more than ten years and always looks into the best ways and products to meet current needs. 

Take into account the company’s experience in conducting international wig trade. You can comprehend why most customers, merchants, and wholesale buyers hunt after New Times Hair’s inventories.

Things You Must Know About New Times Hair

They source the best-quality hair from ethical donors worldwide. They know everything about what hair is best for what purpose to figure out the best products for your specific customer group, keeping costs to a minimum while retaining quality. You won’t have to worry about your clients criticizing the value of their money if you have these attributes.

  • Quick delivery

Shipment delays are unknown to this company. They make sure that your orders are dispatched via DHL, FedEx, UPS, and DPEX within 3-5 business days after you make the payment.

  • Flexible payment

The business offers a flexible payment option. You can decide whichever is best for you.

  • Returns & Exchanges

New Times Hair has an excellent return and exchange policy. Click here to learn more. They will still accept returned products as long as it is within the 30-day timeframe from the time you purchased them. But, ensure that the products have yet to be used to qualify for the policy.

  • Affordable Prices

You can purchase their globally competitive products at a meager cost because they have a factory and new supply chain to keep every production stage under control and, in turn, reduce costs to a minimum.

You may reach them by phone at (+86) 18661939293 or by email at if you’d like to learn more about their procedure as one of the most outstanding hair suppliers on the list.

Final Words

A list of hair suppliers is advantageous, particularly if your firm is getting off the ground. To avoid complications, do a quick research on the company on the list before phoning and concluding the sale.

You can collaborate productively with any hair dealer using this technique, regardless of whether they are on a list of wholesale virgin hair wig distributors or free hair vendors. Check it once more, and then begin checking items off your list!

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