Story of the Manufacturer Agilis Jettenders

Story of the Manufacturer Agilis Jettenders
Story of the Manufacturer Agilis Jettenders
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A quality jet tender must not only fulfill its primary function, which is to transfer guests and owners between shore and yachts but it should also be tailored according to the needs and tastes of the owner. Agilis Jettenders GmbH is a company that specializes in customizing jet boats.

“A Jet tender should meet your needs”, Maxym starchenko is confident. Maxym Starchenko is the founder and owner of Agilis. He knows what he’s talking about.

Agilis Jettenders GmbH has its headquarters in Julich, Germany. The company now supplies luxury jet tenders around the world, but it all started as a small family business. Mr. Starchenko has been passionate about boats ever since he was a child. He created a company out of this passion, and with the support of his family, he built his company into one that is a leader in jet tender manufacturing.

Maxym Starchenko: “We strive to meet the diverse needs of customers, and adhere to world-class standards in quality. We use only materials and technologies from global leaders and leading suppliers”.

The first Agilis model 355C was unveiled at Boot Dusseldorf in 2017. Jet tenders quickly became popular and sold out thanks to their innovative technologies, high-quality and luxurious materials, small accessories that made life easier, and the soul they were invested with. These characteristics were then incorporated into all Agilis jets tenders. Eight models are available. The Configurator allows you to customize each model, from the compact Agilis 280 up to the luxurious Agilis 560D. This special Agilis app allows you to customize the teak, decks, hulls, and other boat parts. You can also choose from different types of lights, add devices, and accessorize.

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Agilis Jettenders was founded in the early 1990s, marking a new age in aviation. The company was founded by a group visionary engineers who were aviation enthusiasts. They wanted to revolutionize aerial transport through innovative technology. Their passion for pushing the boundaries and unwavering dedication to excellence set the stage for this remarkable journey.

“Custom, luxury, jet. Maxym Starchenko says that these three words describe Agilis’s tenders and product strategy.

Agilis now has six models, each designed to satisfy the needs of the customer. Agilis 355, the first model, was introduced in 2018 and quickly became a success at the Dusseldorf trade show. The small family business quickly became a leader in the market for jet tenders thanks to its innovative technologies, high-quality materials and little convenience features.

Agilis Jettenders gained a reputation quickly for introducing innovative technologies that redefined aviation norms. They were trailblazers for their focus on lightweight materials and advanced propulsion systems. They not only improved the efficiency of aircraft, but also enhanced passenger safe

Agilis, with its experience and Mr. Starchenko’s knowledge, has developed a product that is perfect for three main needs: the engine, the ability to customize everything to your specifications, and premium solutions using the highest quality materials. Agilis jets offer significant advantages to competitors. It is a powerful engine with higher speed and greater control stability. The engine design does not have external propellers, so being close to the tender will be safer.

Second, you can customize everything from the hull color to the gadgets. Some models offer engine options to meet client needs. The website’s Configurator section allows customers to select and remove any detail. Your tender – your design – your rules.

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Agilis’ third advantage is the high quality of each dinghy part. The Tenders meet the highest standards in the yachting industry and are made for yachts of first class. Agilis only uses materials from global suppliers of the luxury category. The tenders are equipped using innovative high-tech gadgets and techniques.

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Agilis puts the safety of its customers and the environment first. Thats why the company only works with reliable suppliers and selects the best components to use in jet tenders. Agilis is in charge of product quality. If you choose Agilis Jet tender, you can expect everything from trouble-free engine operation to a long service life for the tube material. Agilis history shows that success begins with passion and support from loved ones.

Summary: In just a few short years, the family-owned business Agilis Jettenders has become the world’s most renowned jet tenders manufacturer, which is synonymous with luxury, customization, and quality yacht tenders.

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