Top 10 Student Record Management Systems

Student Record Management Systems
Student Record Management Systems

The student records management system holds and organizes the school’s main database. It helps track and manage student information including grades, admission records and other embedded data. In addition to organizing and simplifying your work, student management systems increase productivity, save time, and provide secure access to all scheduled sessions anytime, anywhere. In addition, they improve communication between teachers, students and parents. In this article, we will see the list of Top 10 Student Record Management Systems.

Top 10 Student Record Management Systems:


GoSchooler is a cloud-based school management system that provides an efficient record management system. It has an easy-to-navigate system for all its users. Teachers can access records of students in their classes. It allows them to follow their daily attendance and enter notes for each student. The interface of this software can be customized to meet your current needs. If you want to focus on tracking your signup rate, you can customize the interface to show this data.


With a user-friendly interface, Edmatix can be useful for students, teachers, administrators and parents. It manages and stores all student data, such as academic records, attendance, and disciplinary actions. Students can also request and reference official school documents, such as transcripts and certificates, through this management system.

Moving from one part to another is easy, even for those who are not used to this method. The icons are large and customizable, depending on the school’s preferences. It comes in the list of the best Student Record Management Systems.

Gradelink SIS:

As a cloud-based system, Gradelink SIS can support and transfer data to third parties. It meets the diverse needs of various institutions, from preschools and school districts to dioceses. Although it is a school-wide management system, Gradelink SIS has a robust records management system. This makes it easier for teachers to track attendance, because they can mark and work directly from the software itself. Each student has a dedicated profile page with a section for the student’s academic record and another section showing basic demographic information. It is one of the most amazing Student Record Management Systems.


My Student’s Progress:

My Student’s Progress is an all-in-one alternative school management system. It has a strong student enrollment management system and deserves its place on this list. This system is specially designed for private schools and high schools.

More than that, My Student’s Progress includes twenty modules or plans that can play a significant role in all school activities, from school registration to its communication network. Regarding its role in the communication network of the school, this portal allows the school administrator to send SMS to parents in matters of urgency related to their children. It is one of the top Student Record Management Systems.


Fedena is a record management system for large scale companies. Schools around the world recognize the benefits this system offers. For schools that use this system, each student has a personal page that shows their data. It displays reports on attendance, fees, and recent academic performance. Graphs comparing student performance to class averages are also available.

This system is not only convenient for school administration, it is also convenient for parents. As a parent, you want to know how your child is doing in class. In this app, you will find everything you need to know on one page and instantly. It comes in the list of the best Student Record Management Systems.


This system uses different modules to provide functionality. Each module is tailored according to the needs of the organization. Some modules or features include managing grades or academic records, monitoring attendance, and processing disciplinary reports. Navigating from one module to another is also easy since each tab is visible in the interface.

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This process benefits all stakeholders, especially teachers, administrators and parents. It takes a little time for the teachers to follow the attendees. Administrators can track and store personal data of their students. It is one of the most amazing Student Record Management Systems.


A cloud-based online records management system is perfect for residential schools. All its plans are free with certain limits. There are subscription plans available that will upgrade the software to premium versions. As a student record management system, feKara provides solutions for many school systems. It streamlines the admission process and this application will create a new profile and store new student data in a secure manner.

Students can use this system to view and make final changes to their class schedule. Teachers will post reminders about tests, events and activities. The main feature of this system is that it can support any kind of data that the school needs

Ellucian Banner:

Designed for higher education, Ellucian Banner increases visibility and collaboration across departments, simplifying day-to-day processes, integrated with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems ), and meets the needs of students and staff.

In addition, Ellucian collaborates with professional education organizations around the world on the challenges facing the global higher education community. It comes in the list of the best Student Record Management Systems.

Blackbaud Education Management Solutions:

A one-stop shop for student management, Blackbaud Education Management Solutions helps you track enrollment, courses, academic results, and everything in between.

From admission to graduation, Blackbaud helps streamline the application process; facilitate communication and collaboration between teachers, students and parents; and efficiently collects attendance, scheduling, and academic data through a single cloud-based system. It is one of the most amazing Student Record Management Systems.

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ScholarSYS is a reliable and elegant student record management system. It acts as a central database for all your students and related information. Also, it ensures seamless integration with MS Office and offers a customizable menu to change it according to your needs.

  • Features: 
  • Has a friendly and intuitive interface 
  • Manages all aspects of administrative work, including managing payroll, vacation records, internet access and more.

Top 10 Student Record Management Systems with their website:

S.no.Student Record Management SystemsWebsite 
3.Gradelink SIShttps://www.gradelink.com/
4.My Student’s Progresshttps://msp.mystudentsprogress.com/MSP/index.cfm
8.Ellucian Bannerhttps://www.ellucian.com/
9.Blackbaud Education Management Solutionshttps://www.blackbaud.com/solutions/organizational-and-program-management/education-management/k-12


What are the features of student management system?

  • Cloud-enabled Platform.
  • Student Data Maintenance.
  • Student Details.
  • Admission Management.
  • Attendance Tracking.
  • Grades Automation.

What are the types of student records?

  • Statutory and 
  • Non-statutory records.

What is the best way to record students’ progress in the classroom?

  • Curriculum based monitoring tests. 
  • Observation and interaction. 
  • Frequent evaluations. 
  • Formative assessment.

What are the disadvantages of the Student Management System?

  • User-Interface. 
  • Absence of good internet facility. 
  • User requirements.

What classroom management techniques will you use with your students?

  • Model ideal behavior. 
  • Let students help establish guidelines. 
  • Document rules. 
  • Avoid punishing the class. 
  • Encourage initiative. 
  • Offer praise. 
  • Use non-verbal communication.

What are the fundamentals of records management?

  • Records Creation.
  • Records Inventory.
  • Filing Plans.
  • Retention Schedules.
  • Records Storage.
  • Records Retention & Disposition.
  • Records Destruction or Historic Preservation

What are 3 advantages of storing recording information?

  • Easier compliance. 
  • Better workflows. 
  • Cost savings.

How to manage the classroom management strategies for difficult students?

  • Classroom management and relationship building. 
  • Strategies for building relationships. 
  • Building empathy. 
  • Admiring negative attitudes and behaviors. 
  • Leaving the ego at the door. 
  • Multicultural connections.


So, these are the list of Top 10 Student Record Management Systems. A student record management system is an important innovation today when almost everything is done online. From the registration process and document management to the distribution of grades and warning notices, the improvements and benefits are many and obvious.