Suhani Shah: Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Biography and many more
Suhani Shah: Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Biography and many more

Suhani Shah: Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Biography, Boyfriend, Net worth, and many more

Who is Suhani Shah?

Suhani Shah is a famous Indian female Magician. Suhani Shah was born in Udaipur, Rajasthan in 1990. She left her school in class 2 to pursue her passion. She was home-schooled because of her constant tours all over the world., that’s when Suhani Shah comes into the picture to prove you wrong. Kickstarting her vocation at the tender age of seven, Suhani was aware that she didn’t want to pursue a profession that everyone else was following. With the backing of her encouraging parents, 31-year-old Suhani has performed over 5,000 shows across the globe.

Suahni Shah’s Hobbies:

Suhani always enjoys Traveling, Reading Books, Shopping, Listening to Music also prefers to be identified as an illusionist rather than a magician states that magic is very exciting for the soul. Every time she sees the spectators respond in awe; she’s always pleased. She loves being on stage. Her parents have always told her to do her best in whatever she does otherwise she shouldn’t do it. Hopefully, that’s what she’s doing.

The kind of magic she does comprises of fooling the mind. In her numerous shows, she has levitated cars, impaled swords through individuals, and more. She also stated that “She doesn’t do birthday parties. Her shows are not outfitted for children.

Suhani Shah’s Age:

Suhani Shah’s age is 31. When it comes to magic even a 50-year-old is like a 5-year-old. They get excited and are intrigued by magic.” Apart from playing tricks on the human mind, she actually helps encourage the mind.

Suhani Shah’s Career:

She has started the initiative of SUHANI Mindcare, a clinic in Goa, that provides therapies to nourish the mind. The clinic has many relaxation rooms, counseling, treatment of psychological disorders, and more. “We work on the human psyche. We even have artists who come here to work on creativity,” she adds. There are many sides to Suhani Shah’s personality. She is an illusionist and hypnotherapist.

She has authored five books and is a life coach and also a corporate trainer. She conducts workshops and seminars on controlling the mind. She works with individuals to rid them of addictions like alcoholism, chain-smoking, drugs, etc, issues that call for much more than just the wave of a wand. She never ceases to amaze and mesmerize her audience.


Suhani Shah: Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Biography

Suhani Shah ProfessionMagician, illusionist ,Mentalist and Model
Suhani Shah Height5 feet 4 inches
Suhani Shah Date of Birth29th January 1990
Suhani Shah Age31 years old
Suhani Shah BirthplaceUdaipur (Rajasthan)
Suhani Shah ZodiacAquarius
Suhani Shah NationalityIndian
Suhani Shah HometownRajasthan
Suhani Shah Educational qualificationShe left her school in class 2 to pursue her passion
Suhani Shah DebutAs a magician at the age of 7 when she did her first show on her birthday
Suhani Shah ReligionHinduism
Suhani Shah HobbiesTraveling, Reading Books, Shopping, Listening to Music
Suhani Shah Net worth30 Lakhs Indian Rupees
Suhani Shah BoyfreindNot known
Suhani Shah NicknameSuhani
Suhani Shah TricksTerrorist attacks, fashion shows, and video illusions  
Suhani Shah Pet’s nameSteve and xyro 
Suhani Shah’s Marital statusSingle
Suhani Shah’s Favourite festival Diwali
Suhani Shah’s Mother’s nameSnehlata Shah
Suhani Shah’s Father’s nameChandra Kant Shah
Suhani Shahs’ Clients ICICI, Microsoft, Tedtalks, Canvas Laugh Club,   the Cuckoo Club, Sardar Patel College of Engineering, sastra university, and   many more 

Suhani Shah’s Images/Pictures/Photos:

Suhani Shah
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Suhani Shah

Suhani Shah’s Personal information:

Suhani Shah grew up in a simple middle-class family and began performing magic from the age of 7. Even when she was a child, we always wanted to be different from others. She wanted to do things in a unique way that people her age didn’t. she was curious by nature which kept on inspiring her for new things. We always wanted to learn, explore and be the best at the things she did.

Suhani Shah’s Height and Weight:

Suhani Shah’s height is 5 feet 4 inches as physical appearance and her weight is 55 kg in kilograms and 121 lbs in pounds. Her inspiration to date has always been her father who always pushed her to bring out a positive change in her. She has always lived by the motto that “if you are not able to do something at its best then don’t even try to do it”. As a child, she was always intrigued by magic. She wanted to take up magic as a hobby so one day she went up to her dad and told him that she wanted to be a magician.

Suhani Shah’s Debut:

On her 7th birthday, she performed her first magic show in Gujarat which was kickstarted with the presence of Chief Minister Shankersinh Vaghela who loved the performance. She then traveled across major cities where she performed and became famous. She has also performed tricks on several stars including international cricketer Adam Gilchrist and our very own Indian legendary actor Anupam Kher.

Suhani Shah’s Family:

Suhani Shah with her Family
Suhani Shah with her Family

Suhani Shah with her brother

Suhani Shah with her brother

Suhani Shah’s Life Challenges:

She began at the age of 7 and now she is 31 years old with 23 years of experience. She has faced a large number of ups and downs in that period. So much traveling has always affected her education. There was one instance when she was required to go to the States but that’s when she faced the dilemma of either performing in front of 60,000 individuals or study in between 60 kids in class. But she decided to perform and was also supported by her parents.

Suhani Shah’s Education:

Suhani Shah left her school in class 2 to pursue her passion. She was home-schooled because of her constant tours all over the world. Suhani never had a formal education and says that “Experiences have taught more than what a school could or would”Her parents inspired her to keep up with the showmanship and complete studies at a later stage in life.

Suhani Shah with her Father
Suhani Shah with her Father

The other problem she faced in her field was that of language. She didn’t know English that well but as she stabilized her career, she began taking classes simultaneously to keep up. In no time she learned English and also published a few books. She had to follow a procedure of self-learning which was quite challenging for her.

Suhani Shah’s work life and career:

Everyone looked at her as someone who would never have a stable career, but with the passage of time, the scenario has changed and she has learned a lot about managing all aspects that her life demands from her. 

Video Credit/Source: Suhani Shah

Suhani Shah is a clinical hypnotherapist, corporate trainer, author, and counselor. Over time she has delivered numerous Ted talks on how magic and psychology are connected to each other. For her magic as a whole has always helped her to understand individuals better, which is what has led her on the path of helping them – whether is solving their problems or the path of motivation.

Suhani Shah’s Instagram/You tube/Facebook/Twitter:

Now, Suhani plans to benefit more and more individuals through the medium of counseling and therapies and writing more books than the five she has written authored on topics ranging from destiny to karma.

If you’re impressed by her tricks, you can follow or connect with her through various portals:

Faq’s about Suhani Shah:

Is Suhani Shah world famous?

She entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s youngest magician when she was seven. She has won several awards and has been conferred the title of Jadoopari ( transl. magic fairy) by the
All India Magic Association. As of 2019, she has done more than 5000 shows.

Is Suhani Shah a Gujarati?

Suhani Shah was born on 29 January 1990 to a middle-class Hindu family in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Her father Chandrakant Shah is a fitness consultant and personal trainer. Her mother Snehlata Shah is a homemaker. Suhani has an elder brother.

What is the qualification of Suhani Shah?

She left her school in class 2 to pursue her passion. She was home-schooled because of her constant tours all over the world.

What is the age of Suhani Shah?

Suhani Shah’s age is 31 years.

What is the net worth of Suhani Shah?

Suhani Shah’s net worth is Rs. 30 Lakhs Indian Rupees 

Who is the boyfriend of Suhani Shah?

Suhani Shah’s boyfriend is unknown.

What is the height of Suhani Shah?

Suhani shah’s height is 5 feet 4 inches.

What is the father’s name of Suhani Shah?

Suhani Shah’s father’s name is Chandra Kant Shah

What is the mother’s name of Suhani Shah?

Suhani Shah’s mother’s name is Snehlata Shah..

Is Suhani Shah from Goa?

No, Suhani Shah is not from Goa, she is from Udaipur, Rajasthan



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