Surefire ways to grow Followers on TikTok


This post was most recently updated on January 13th, 2023

Engagement is the key to success behind every social media strategy. Remember the more engagement you get through TikTok likes and comments, the more followers you will gain both in the short term and long term! 

Today we are going to show you some of our biggest tips on how to grow your TikTok followers. So, let’s jump straight in. Here are some of the best TikTok tips:

Follow and Be Followed

This is the oldest follower acquisition strategy around. The basic etiquette behind TikTok is that if you follow someone, they will follow you back; otherwise, it becomes a one-way conversation. However, this isn’t a rule, so you don’t have to do this, but many people on TikTok still follow this principle. So, the first tip is to follow some people! As a result, you will start to gain followers. 

Moreover, find a couple of popular TikTok accounts in your niche and then start to follow their followers. For example, if you sell beauty products, search for a beauty related TikTok account. 

If you’re completely new to TikTok, you should start off doing this manually. Aim to follow around 100-200 people per day and space it out. Don’t try to do it all at once. If you attempt to follow too many people in a short period of time, it will raise a red flag and TikTok will lock you out in a period. To avoid such inconvenience, the safest way is to get more TikTok followers.


Like other posts and comments

Another great way to get new followers is to have your followers like your content or to comment on your post; it will give you high engagement. This is where the viral nature really kicks in but to get people to like you, just aim to provide useful and relevant content for your niche. Also, you will get higher engagement with your followers if you engage with them too. 

Organize TikTok Contests

TikTok contests are relatively simple to implement and are great for growing your following. The basic idea behind a TikTok contest is to get people to follow you and then to upload short videos about the contest to win a prize.

Make sure this prize is worthwhile by offering something of value. If the prize resonates as something people want and must-have, the whole contest will go viral. Imagine winning a brand-new Apple MacBook for about 1 minute worth of work. 

Paid promotion and Promoted Accounts

Whilst on TikTok, you may have noticed promoted trends, promoted accounts, and promoted videos. The great thing about promoted accounts is that TikTok also provides you with analytics.

Another version of paid advertising on TikTok is to contact the owners of TikTok accounts in your niche with large followings and pay them to promote your videos. With PayPal, it’s quite easy to do money transfers to anyone in the world so you could negotiate a rate with the TikTok account owner.

Well, there you have it, some of the tips on how to grow a large TikTok following. Have you got any other tips? We would love to hear them via the comment section below. 

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