Surfing in Fiji – An Awesome Experience!

Surfing in Fiji - An Awesome Experience!
Surfing in Fiji - An Awesome Experience!

Recently I went Surfing in Fiji. Fiji is an island located in the South Pacific. It has a beautiful natural landscape, offering great weather, hot and at the same time breezy. Fiji is like a paradise, and the view is breathtaking. Some call it heaven on earth. There are many activities to keep you busy and entertained and several 5-star hotels and resorts to stay in and make the most of your holiday. It offers luxury, and Fiji is the place to go if you love surfing or want to learn to swim. Surfing in Fiji would be a memorable experience and a great activity to keep you fit and busy; boredom will never strike you in the Fiji islands. Surfing experts dream to surf in Fiji, as it has the best tides in the world.

Fiji is a surfer’s paradise, with everything a surfer needs to enjoy the surfing experience to the maximum. The high tides and breezes make surfing a perfect and smooth ride on water, depending on how well you can catch up with the waves.

I went Surfing in Fiji and came back satisfied, relaxed, and not bankrupt, as it wasn’t costly to stay in.

Natadola beach is considered to be the most beautiful beach in Fiji. Not only was it a beautiful beach it also broke excellent waves, both high and low tides, suitable for both Mull and advanced surfers. I also managed to go to the Sagota dunes, where the consistent reefs gave me a fun surfing experience. As it said that most surfers prefer steady reefs, this beach had to offer just that. The reefs were slow and steady, and I stayed on my surfing board for a longer time. This was one of the less challenging reefs in Fiji. Certain islands in Fiji were ideal for great and advanced surfers, such as the Nomutu or Tavana islands. These islands are isolated from the world and provide a complete surfers experience, away from anything that may distract, not even the Fujian culture to experience here, just great challenging surf, ideal for surfing enthusiasts. However, it was really difficult finding a place at a resort nearby; the resorts are booked all year round.

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Surfing in Fiji offers unexpected turns and twists, which is excellent for those who love a challenge. The avert beaches have different reefs and wave tides, some are challenging, and some are easygoing and relaxing.

I’ve been to many surfing reefs around the world, but Fiji was one of the greatest. I’d call it surfer’s island rather than Fiji Island because it satisfied every want and need a surfer could pine for!

Fiji has clean water and great weather; it also has the third-largest reef in the world, allowing a great surfing experience. Surfing in Fiji is an experience like no other. There are several islands available that ultimately offer peace, as these areas are undiscovered. The weather is excellent and certain parts of the year are better for going surfing than others, coordinating with the weather is very important.

Three places in Fiji are available for surfing, and all these three places have different levels of wave currents, reefs, and tides. The wind directions differ, and all three give a different kind of surfer experience. The three places in Fiji that are popular surfing spots include a pacific island, Nadi and Kadavu. The Kadavu is the least populated area, with only a limited number of surfers visiting. If any, accommodation is readily available and cheap. Nadi area is lightly populated, with more surfers around. Although accommodation won’t be impossible, it’s always safe to book in advance to minimize any problems. The Pacific island is immensely populated with much life around the area, reserving a place to live is a necessity and should be considered a priority.

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The best part about surfing in Fiji is that the water is clean and clear, the sandy beaches and the clean water are like the cherry on the cake and offer an excellent surfing experience. Since unclean water and an unclean atmosphere can be a put off for anything, not just surfing, the Fiji beaches are kept clean, and surfing is made as fun as possible.

Fiji also has the second-largest reef in the world, making it a popular place for surfers to go. The large reefs maximize the surfing experience and make the surf in Fiji as fun and adventurous as it possibly can be.

Fiji is jam-packed with surfers coming and going all year round; however certain seasons are more popular compared to the rest, the climate of Fuji is a typical tropical climate; it can get wet and dry with no real predictions. The best season for Surfing in Fiji is November. The tides in this month are the strongest as the waves are built from strong winds on the south. In March, the waves are consistent, and also a good time to go surfing, but beware, this is also the time of cyclones.

Surfing in Fiji is enjoyable because different beaches offer different surfing encounters. The climate and the wave intensity need to coordinate to have amazing surf, and there are many different islands to offer this.

Fiji gives its visitors the time of their lives. And surfing in Fiji must be on top of every one to-do list, especially if you enjoy adventures, because that is exactly what Fiji has to offer, great fun and adventure!

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