Talkdesk – Startup Story | Founder| CEO | Funding | History | Competitors

Talkdesk - Startup Story | Founder| CEO | Funding | History | Competitors
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We take great satisfaction in providing the greatest CX people, digital tools, and consulting services to retailers all over the world as a global leader in next-generation CX. We will be able to provide our customers with the best technology possible thanks to the Talkdesk Retail Experience Cloud.

After collecting its third round of funding in early June, Talkdesk, which was founded back in 2011, is creating a stir in the cloud contact center market. The business makes bold claims, stating that thanks to its cloud-based architecture, it can set up a contact center in just five minutes. While the company’s reputation for caller ID capabilities may be a bigger asset, analysts say that its speed is still a compelling selling point.

About Talkdesk:

The AI-powered customer care solution designed especially for retailers, Talkdesk Retail Experience CloudTM, was unveiled today by Talkdesk, Inc., a leader in the global cloud contact center market for customer-focused businesses. To help marketers reach customers wherever they are, the specially created platform streamlines the customer journey across physical and digital channels. While “retail fluent” pre-trained AI speeds up the time to resolution, pre-configured retail workflows and scripts make sure value is added to every conversation.

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The strategic, growth-promoting importance of customer care in retail is highlighted by Talkdesk Research. Customer loyalty is now primarily influenced by an organization’s capacity to address customer service issues at the initial point of contact, according to recent global studies. According to other surveys, 72% of consumers claim that their favorite channel varies depending on the situation, and 86% of retail CX leaders predict that within the next few years, the development of customer relationships will become an agent KPI. Talkdesk Retail Experience Cloud, which was developed based on in-depth market research and knowledge, provides a wide range of advantages for retailers, their clients, and their workforces.

Talkdesk Founder & Team:

In 2011, Talkdesk was established. As of 2021, the company has been running and actively engaged for ten years.

 Tiago Paiva Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Tiago Paiva Founder & Chief Executive Officer (Image source: zoominfo.com)

Its main office is in San Francisco, California, and it was created by Christina Fonseca and Tiago Paiva.

Talkdesk History:

Untrained eyes frequently criticize hiring outside executives. Books like Good to Great do an outstanding job of demonstrating how harmful outside recruits can be, especially for leadership positions. The author, James Collins, comes to the conclusion that executive positions in well-established (20–30-year-old) organizations should only be filled by someone from within who is familiar with the company from top to bottom. Flashy outside leaders frequently enter the organization with a cold playbook of pre-made ideas that are not in the best interests of the business.

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But because digital firms are complex, rapidly evolving creatures, it may frequently be quite advantageous to bring in outside leadership. According to Shamia, there are two circumstances in which an outside executive can advance the business.

Talkdesk had raised almost $125 million as of June 2020, with a sizable $100 million Series B closing in 2018. Shamia joined the company, although it still only had a small staff, had only raised $3.5 million, and had a budding product. In actuality, Storm Ventures, the original seed investors in Talkdesk, introduced Paiva and Shamia.

Talkdesk wasn’t going to need to raise money, and any money the firm did make would be invested back into it rather than being sold off anytime soon, according to Paiva’s Warren Buffet-like vision. Shamia was bought because the industry giants were lagging behind, and the underlying cloud technology was already in place.

In 2017, Talkdesk had 12,000 business customers; this number has almost certainly risen since then. On average, each company adds 4-5 customer service representatives to Talkdesk for a total of around 50,000 seats at an average cost of $80 per seat. Talkdesk’s yearly recurring income was at least $39 million in 2017, and by June 2020, it is anticipated to have more than tripled.

Talkdesk Name & Logo:

Talkdesk Name & Logo

Talkdesk Highlight:

Company NameTalkdesk
FoundersChristina Fonseca and Tiago Paiva
Started at2011
CompetitorsNICE CXone.Genesys Cloud CX.CloudTalk.Five9.JustCall.UJET.Aircall.
Customer care Email-N/A
Customer care Contact details-N/A
Company Valuation-More than $10B
IndustrySoftware Fintech
HeadquartersSan Francisco, California
Talkdesk Highlight

Talkdesk Revenue:

The COO claims that revenues fluctuate from account to account. Talkdesk charges between $5,000 and $7,000 a month for a business with 50 active users, and the number of users per logo varies from 3 to 850. Shamia claims that on a per-user basis, however, it costs businesses between $65 and $125 per month to maintain each of their employees on Talkdesk, with an additional $30 or $40 per month in phone fees.

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Talkdesk Revenue

Talkdesk Funding & Investors:

Talkdesk, a firm that develops software to assist businesses in developing digital call centers that connect with their other internal business tools, announced that it had raised $15 million.

Talkdesk Revenue Model:

Talkdesk generates revenue by collecting license fees from users. Additionally, they bill the phone company for the service. They serve two different kinds of customers: those who require phone systems and those who require users for telephoning providers. Talkdesk does nothing more than cloud the intersection.

Services Offered thru Talkdesk:

Businesses set up call centers for clients to call for assistance and feedback using Talkdesk. These calls are linked to internal databases maintained by the organization, such as Salesforce and Zendesk, which bring up all pertinent data about a caller to aid a customer care agent in better resolving the issue or directing the customer to the appropriate party.

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For instance, when a consumer phones customer service and the call is routed through Talkdesk, the software immediately presents the customer service agent with information about the caller. Examples of this include order information, the average amount spent by a customer, their name, or any other details that help employees handle a problem more quickly.

Talkdesk Business-centric benefits:

  • Drives customer lifetime value and loyalty: Provides teams with the resources they need to forge stronger bonds with customers, boost sales, and foster brand adoration via every interaction.
  • Maximizes tech stack while cutting costs: Enhances time-to-value with a platform that is simple to install, keep up-to-date with, and monitor; out-of-the-box integrations provide quick connections.
  • Enhances visibility and real-time reporting: provides all organizational functions with proactive real-time information, dashboards, and insights from the customer service platform.

Talkdesk Customer-centric benefits

  • Increases the time it takes for a problem to be resolved by giving customers the option of contacting businesses at their convenience or using self-service voice and digital channels that have been pre-trained to handle common retail CX use cases.
  • NPS and CSAT are increased across all channels: Customers are connected with customer service agents who can best help them through smart, contextual, and priority routing, regardless of whether the agent is located in the contact center, in-store, or in another department.
  • Reduces customer frustration and effort: mixes proactive communication and automation solutions that foresee consumer demands with real-time data to use to determine the causes behind customer inquiries.

Talkdesk Workforce-centric benefits

  • enables teams to swiftly fuel customer growth with AI-powered solutions, such as pre-configured retail workflows, scripts, next-best actions, access to customers’ digital purchasing carts, and more. Reduces training, onboarding, and turnover.
  • Increases output and cooperation: provides all customer interaction history, order information, and all discussions (phone, video, co-browse, social media, messaging, and email) via a single unified interface to digital and in-store workers.
  • Enables and improves workforce performance: provides teams with tailored opportunities for development based on client feedback, transcripts, and KPIs to increase service quality, consistency, after-call activities, and compliance.

Talkdesk’s Awards & Recognition:

  • Fourth in a series of Talkdesk Experience Clouds engineered from the ground up to deliver customer experience innovation for industry-specific business needs 
  • Helps retailers drive brand loyalty and customer lifetime value by providing a better way to connect with, care for, and know their customers
  • Visit Talkdesk at Forrester CX North America, June 7-9 in Nashville, or Shoptalk Europe, June 6-8 in London, to learn more about Talkdesk Retail Experience Cloud

Talkdesk’s Competitors:

Top 10 Alternatives to Talkdesk

  • NICE CXone.
  • Genesys Cloud CX.
  • CloudTalk.
  • Five9.
  • JustCall.
  • UJET.
  • Aircall.
  • Avaya OneCloud CCaaS.

Latest News:

There is no data on it.

Talkdesk Future Plans:

Talkdesk has drawn interest from the industry since receiving its most recent round of funding, and Shamia claims he is not surprised. “Call center technology is in higher demand now than it was a few years ago. Previously considered a cost, call centers are now recognized as a way to upsell, cross-sell, and reward loyal customers in addition to helping customers with their problems. It was viewed as an ugly space, but that’s changing now, “He claims.

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Talkdesk has drawn interest from the industry since receiving its most recent round of funding, and Shamia claims he is not surprised. “Call center technology is in higher demand now than it was a few years ago. Previously considered a cost, call centers are now recognized as a way to upsell, cross-sell, and reward loyal customers in addition to helping customers with their problems. It was viewed as an ugly space, but that’s changing now, “He claims.

Vendors should be more concerned with how successfully they can supply solutions that are customized to the unique demands of customer firms than with how rapidly a deployment can occur. It will take a lot more time than five minutes to acquire an understanding of what that B2B customer is searching for, she claims. Therefore they are doing themselves a disservice. Fluss believes there is more potential for Talkdesk’s caller ID roots. “Without a doubt, client service is becoming more individualized. The importance of agents having access to the client journey will only increase, “She clarifies.

Some FAQs about Talkdesk:

What is Talkdesk used for?

A cloud-based call center service called Talkdesk aids enterprises in enhancing customer satisfaction. Costs associated with customer service were also reduced.

What kind of company is Talkdesk?

For small organizations, Talkdesk, Inc. offers a browser-based call center software solution. The company provides a platform that enables users to optimize calls before picking up the phone and gives a customer overview using data from the CRM. Talkdesk provides services to clients globally.

Is Talkdesk a CRM?

Talkdesk for Salesforce combines the strength of Talkdesk with the world’s top CRM to increase productivity, streamline processes, and give customers more tailored interactions. This empowers sales teams to close more deals and support teams to meet the always-changing demands of customers.

Is Talkdesk owned by Salesforce?

The managed package for Salesforce from Talkdesk is called Talkdesk for Salesforce. By offering native access to numerous Talkdesk capabilities, including agent provisioning, real-time reporting, historical call reports, and more, it offers Salesforce users a more thorough call center experience.


The business has changed since it was founded, now serving more than 3,000 clients worldwide. Talkdesk offers cloud contact centers today, but Shamia claims the business has no interest in being categorized as a telephony firm. “Traditional call centers come to mind as complicated. They are pricey. They are challenging to control. You can quickly deploy and configure it using our technology, “He adds. According to him, it takes 15 seconds to change an IVR provider or add a new phone line and number for a business.

Additionally, Talkdesk offers a number of post-call capabilities, which include the addition of call-related data to a user’s profile after a call has ended. Callers are asked to leave a message after a call is missed, and the message is subsequently transferred to the agent. Additionally, there are more than 50 connectors with other products, including Shopify, Zendesk, and Salesforce.com.

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