The 3 Most Deluxe Savini Wheels You Must Try Out!

The 3 Most Deluxe Savini Wheels You Must Try Out!

This post was most recently updated on May 18th, 2023

The 3 Most Deluxe Savini Wheels You Must Try Out!

There have never been any doubts about the aesthetic appeal that all original Savini Wheels possess. This is a company that manufactures bespoke rims for high-end vehicles. It follows that they have to be ridiculously attractive as well. 

In the last few years, Savini has introduced several models which can be termed ‘entry-level’ and carry lighter price tags too. It is a very savvy idea since a lot of people did not go for Savini precisely because they were too expensive! The company has also established several more outlets from where you can buy Savini Wheels.

That certainly might be a slight shift in strategy but Savini has stuck to the tried-and-tested formula of churning out some of the most impressive forged and cast masterpieces. It has now gone ahead and has partnered with some of the world’s biggest vehicle brands as well, ushering in a new era of exclusivity. If you own a premium car, now is the time you should probably start looking for Savini wheels for sale.

Here’s a preview of what you can expect.

The 3 most exclusive Savini rims

These models are not arranged in any order.

  1. The SV-F5 and the Ferrari F8: Of course, there is very little that is left to say when one comes to the Ferrari F8. It is one of the coolest cats from the Italian supercar maker. Probably one of the most powerful V8s in its colorful history, the SV-F5 rims go perfectly with the iconic car in its iconic red.
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The SV-F5 is a flow-formed wonder and is one of the most innovative rims yet from Savini. The flow-forging technology allows the rims to take on the toughest of roads and support the Ferrari’s boisterous nature all in good faith. It is available in several sizes and is carved out of a single block of high-grade aluminum, which is what Monoblock wheels mean.

All flow-forged rims like the SV-F5 can handle immense pressures and are more durable than their compatriots because the very technique used in their manufacture makes them so. If you come by a retailer where they have Savini wheels for sale, do have a look if they have the model.

The amount you pay for these rims will be worth each penny!

  1. The SV-F6L and the McLaren 720S

Ask anybody to name the top 2 supercar companies they like, and the chances are high that they will be Ferrari and Lamborghini. Of course, they are names that have reached the pinnacle of their fortunes, but the McLaren is often overlooked. It is such a pity as McLaren deserves a place at the high table like any other major brand.

Of special mention is the McLaren 720S, one of the most powerful street-legal supercars available currently. This is that sort of a car that you buy Savini Wheels for!

Even from a distance, the 720S looks slightly different from other big names in supercar stardom. The entire thing looks like a teardrop (which is intentional) and is one of the fastest amongst its ilk.

Naturally, such a monster needs Savini Wheels and flow-formed models! The dynamic and magnificent SV-F6L was the perfect choice for this beast.

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These rims are very similar to the ones adorning the Ferrari but have one major difference: they are slightly modernized and are a lot sleeker than the standard flow-formed Savini rims. There are also several color options which could best be defined as edgy.

The McLaren being slightly different too, this is a perfect combo. If you are looking to customize a set of SV-F6L rims, there are 2 ways to go about it. You can contact renowned retailers like AudioCity USA of California (in business for 33 years and going strong) or you can contact Savini direct and they will help you do the needful.

These rims are pretty expensive, bear in mind. But they are every bit as good as you would imagine.

  1. The Lucid Air and the SL1

Let’s turn to Lucid, one of America’s most luxurious EV manufacturers. While they are yet to reach the peaks of fame that Tesla has, their full-sized sedan ‘Air’ might just help them be there in a few short years. The Lucid Air is one of the most technologically capable manufacturers of EVs which can often reach speeds enviable even by supercar owners!

Because of the low-slung nature and the lower weight of the vehicle, the SL1 is the perfect set of rims for the Lucid Air. These are the flagship rims of the SL series that Savini manufactures and which is apparently getting a few new members in 2023!

The SL series is an excellent amalgamation of workmanship and luxury. All SL-series rims are made using the free-flowing forging technology that has become Savini’s signature – to an extent.

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The Savini Wheels SL1 allows you to replace the factory-fitted rims and help you keep the central cap on, letting people know that you are rising a Lucid Air and with excellent rims for that perfect combination too.


Whether you ride a Lamborghini or a Tesla Roadster, a lot depends on the rims you are using. That latter part becomes even more crucial once you actually use aftermarket rims from Savini Wheels or its handful of competitors. 

It is advisable to buy Savini Wheels from established retail outlets only. 

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