The ABCs of Glamping

Do you want to enjoy the beauty of nature, without going through all the problems and all the drawbacks, leaving all the amenities of the modern world? If you choose RV instead of the camp, there are already two ways for the camp in elegance, there is a better way to enjoy the camp brand.

What is glamping?

Glamping is just a glamorous campsite. No one can really refer to the place where the idea has started, but the trend has become universally common in the last decade. To date, in the United States in the United States, there are more than a hundred “glamp” sites; There are thousands of things in the world.

If you are one of those people who do not like the burden of themselves to disturb the tents, sleeping bags and other camps, then shine for you. Thanks to this elegant way of the camp, there are no tents in service, there is no fire for construction and sleep bags will not be used either. It is literally well in fresh air in luxury and comfort.

How “do you choose”?

There are many sections of Glamp in different parts of the world. The “Latch” arrangement is simply likely to plan a typical vacation where you can book a hotel and all this. Just make reservations on the Glamp website, and everything is ready.

As in a hotel or a complex, glamp sites also offer different residence options – you can get a tent or one with a bed, two beds, a pigeon kitchen, etc. In addition, you can also register outdoors, such as walking over long distances, kneading, etc. on these sites.

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Advantages of “lock”

Glamping is delivered with very clear advantages. This includes:

• There are no service tents

• It is not necessary to bring the camp

• You are comfortable and comfortable to stay in a “modern tent”, which is complete with all the amenities and equipment at home – electricity, television, beautiful bed, etc.

• You can enjoy food, because you will have a completely furnished kitchen, and sometimes you have a restaurant

• No problem, you can only make reservations on the site, and everything is ready

You can see glamping packing list supplies in detail here.

Glamp is not for everyone

It goes without saying that glamping has a higher price compared to the traditional and somewhat traditional way to break. For this reason, there are still many people who prefer to break their tents or take the VR in camps.

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