The Art of Cold Brew Coffee

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Cold brew coffee with ice and milk , trendy refreshing drink
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If you want to master the art of cold brew coffee, you need to keep in mind some important variables to create the perfect recipe. These variables are coffee origin, grind size, style of roasting, brew time, and water temperature. The cold brew coffee producer and the style of roasting are at the centre of the coffee magic. Obtaining and roasting the right coffee will have the biggest effect on your cold brew quality.

Making a cup of cold brew coffee at home is easier as you require only a few ingredients and kitchen tools. Why should you pay for a cup of cold brew coffee if you can make one for yourself? Use this guide’s simple method and save your cash for other vital things.

If you’re new to cold brew coffee, keep in mind that it’s worth your money and time. The resulting beverage is naturally sweet, flavoured and less acidic compared to coffee brewed with heat. Let’s prepare your first-ever cup of cold-brew coffee!

Gather Ingredients

To make cold brew coffee, all you need is coffee grounds, cold water, a storage vessel, and a fine mesh filter or a coffee filter basket. Ensure the coffee grounds undergo medium coarse grinding. An alternative to a fine mesh filter or a coffee filter basket is a paper coffee filter or a paper towel.

Mix Coffee and Cold Water

Use a ratio of half or a third cup of coffee grounds with one and a half cups of water. You can double this if you want to make a three-cup cold brew coffee mason jar. Remember to stir well. The amount of coffee grounds you add to water determines the concentrate’s strength and the amount of additional liquid you’ll need to add before taking your drink.

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After stirring, leave the mixture for about twelve to eighteen hours to allow it to flavour well. Be sure to keep your time since less than that isn’t quite flavourful, and beyond that; the cold brew coffee becomes a little acidic.

Strain and Serve

Strain the mixture after the recommended time using a paper filter, cheesecloth, fine mesh filter or a coffee filter basket. The final product is a cold brew coffee. You can add extra liquid, which can be some milk. Serving it over ice is also advisable to maintain its cold temperature.

Do not spend those hot afternoons of summer and spring taking sugary drinks or a soda to keep your body caffeinated and refreshed. Make a three-cup jar cold brew coffee with minimal active preparation time and take it across the hot hours. You will be sure to enjoy all the health benefits that cold brew coffee provides, ranging from enhancing your mood to good heart health.

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