The Asscher cut Facts


One of the nicest types of engagement rings is the asscher cut diamond. You can purchase the asscher cut diamond ring from Rare Carat. This is popular place to buy diamonds and in fact, America has said that it is the very best place to buy diamonds for many different reasons.

The Asscher Cut
The asscher cut diamond has VS2 clarity and I color, you can’t go wrong with this beautiful diamond. Both the symmetry and polish are excellent with this diamond. It has more carats for less money. It has large step carats and a high crown and this will produce a total brilliance from the stone. It is a blend of the emerald and the princess cuts. The cut is very good and the girdle of this diamond is extra thick. It sparkles in the light. It is a great diamond that will be worth the price that you pay which is pricier than other cuts of diamonds. That is because it is more difficult for them to make into an asscher cut. You will get the best deal possible with Rare Carat.

All You Need To Know About Shopping With Rare Carat
When you shop with Rare Carat, you will be getting the very best deals on diamonds. You will want to pick the stone and the setting for which you will have plenty of great ones to choose from. Make sure that you also consider getting lab grown diamonds in the asscher cut. The lab grown diamonds look just like the natural ones expect they are grown in a lab. The natural ones are mined in the ground. You will save a lot of money when you order the lab grown diamonds from Rare Carat and that isn’t all. You will receive a lifetime warranty form the manufacturer and a 100% guarantee for your order. That is Rare Carat for you.

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The Prices Are Fantastic With Rare Carat
You will get fantastic prices when you shop with Rare Carat. Rare Carat has the deals that you are looking for because they have Al and the experts to get you great quotes from wholesalers and jewelers. When you order, you will also receive free delivery, resizing, and returns. This is because they really want you to have a great shopping experience. You are their customer and they want to treat you right. You will be impressed with them to sat they very least.

Get The Greatest Customer Service When You Shop With Rare Carat
The customer service that you will receive when you shop with Rare Carat will be the greatest. You will get the best advice from them and they will give you the answers to all the questions that you might have. Since this is important, be sure that you utilize them when you are dealing with the company. They will also deal with any problems or issues that you might be having with the ordering process. You will really appreciate how well they treat you because they want to make sure that you are a satisfied customer.

Since you are interested in the asscher cut diamond and you bought it from Rare Carat, you are going to love when it is delivered to your door. Always remember that the shipping is free as are returns and resizing of the ring if it is warranted. When shopping with Rare Carat, you want to take a look at the website. You can pull up rarecarat.com at any time of the day or night that you want to and shop in the privacy of your own home. After you look through the site, you will want to place your order safely and securely. Your information is always protected. 
If you need help at any time, there is a chat line on the site. Contacting them by phone can be done by calling 866-720-4858 and emailing them at help@rarecarat.com. It will be a pleasurable shopping experience when you deal with Rare Carat so make sure that you do so today. Buying your asscher cut diamond from Rare Carat is what you want to do right away for the best prices. Please visit rarecarat.com to see the great deals that you can get today on diamonds.


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