Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Try Pilates

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Try Pilates
Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Try Pilates
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Pilates has risen as one of the top trending workouts recently. From Hollywood celebrities like Hailey Bieber to fitness influencers you see on Tiktok, everyone raves about this workout. Some would even say that it worked better than other types of exercise out there.

But how does it work? Is Pilates as effective as other people say, or is it all just hyped-up nonsense? Let’s go over the top reasons why you need to try Pilates, and what health benefits you’ll get from it.

Here’s why you should try Pilates

It’s low-impact yet challenging

Sometimes, pushing yourself to your utmost physical limits isn’t the way. An intense workout might feel energizing now, but it can drain your energy and put you at high risk of injury. It’s not fully sustainable nor healthy for anyone. 

Instead, try switching over to Pilates, at least once in a while. It’s a low-impact exercise involving a lot of postural adjustments and core work. You’re also encouraged to breathe deeply, allowing it to be your source of focus during each motion. 

One session of this workout doesn’t feel as straining as your standard cardio, but it still challenges your body. It can burn approximately 175 to 254 calories or more, depending on your fitness level, body weight, and the intensity of your Pilates class. 

Pilates is designed to relieve muscle pain

The inventor, Joseph Pilates, made this exercise to rehabilitate soldiers returning from the war. Compared to other workouts that might tire you out, this is supposed to feel good physically and mentally. 

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As he notably said before, “Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit.” It helps you connect better with your own body, increasing your proprioception and spatial awareness. Plus, it challenges your sense of balance too. 

In a study conducted back in 2015, researchers found that doing Pilates can relieve low back pain. It can also help with other types of chronic pain, as well as help those who are suffering from limited mobility. 

It can improve your posture and core strength

If you spend a majority of your day with your phone or your computer, you might have a bad case of tech neck and other postural problems. Even 38.3% of children nowadays are diagnosed with poor posture. 

Poor posture can lead to more severe issues, if not treated as soon as possible. And to make it worse, trying to sit up straight won’t be enough. If you want to fix up your posture, you better start by building up your spine and core strength. 

By strengthening the muscles in your back and core, your body will be able to support its weight. This is why most athletes have the best posture. They can carry their body weight, without hunching over or arching their back too much.

Aside from athletic workouts, what better way to improve your posture than to get into Pilates? Pilates is designed to rehabilitate your body and get you into proper shape. Every move will engage your core, glutes, and back. 

Time and time again, researchers found that doing Pilates, at least 3 times a week, can enhance your postural alignment. It also helps in improving your gait, so you can stand up and walk better than before. 

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Your flexibility and range of motion will improve

Aside from reducing body pains, Pilates helps you move better. It’s the holy grail for elite dancers, gymnasts, and former professionals who want to retain their mobility. Notably, ballet instructors often mix Pilates with their classes to strengthen and lengthen their muscles. 

For this reason, Pilates has gained a big reputation in the fitness industry. Some might assume that it’s only for dancers, which is not true. Everyone can benefit from this exercise, no matter their age, weight, or background. 

Pilates can improve and maintain your flexibility and range of motion. In fact, researchers even found that it can change your body composition, so you can carry yourself better than before. It also boosts your muscle endurance and athletic efficiency. 

The Takeaway

Pilates might seem like the talk of the town recently, but it didn’t appear out of thin air. It has a long history rooting back to its inventor, Joseph Pilates, and has long been used by soldiers, athletes, and eventually, people like us. 

With its tried and tested health benefits, it’s no wonder why a lot of people are now getting into this exercise. If you search it up online, you can also find different videos on Pilates, ranging from quick workouts to long, stress-busting sessions. 

In a nutshell, Pilates allows your body to build up muscle strength and recover at the same time. It can be a form of active recovery. It’s low-impact and doesn’t need a strict workout schedule.

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